falling beta
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jenno - April 27

I just got the results of my second blood test and it was a 5 (it was an 18 on Monday). So I am sitting here at my desk bawling my eyes out and not knowing what to do. My RE is having me stay on the Progesteron "just in case" until a follow up beta on Saturday. I am so sick of this happening to me when I do everything I am told and they tell me how great everything looks. He is going to want me to do another FET with our remaining three embryos but why bother? Sorry for the pity party!


WantsBaby2 - April 27

Oh Jenno,
I am so sorry sweetie. Just cry and be sad as long as you need to be. What a letdown. It breaks your heart to try sooo very hard to get to the pregnant stage only to have this happen. Maybe the doctor can tweak your protocol for next time to make your chances better.

Don't think about trying again now. You need to be sad for awhile and get your strength back. I hope you are feeling better again soon. Take care and vent to us all you need to. You can have as many pity parties as you like. My thoughts are with you. (((((Hugs))))))



Lynne - April 27

Jenno, I understand how much it's hurting, take some time for yourself before you make any decisions. You need to look after yourself now, get some rest, we are all wishing you well. Vent whenever yoou want that's what we are here for. Lynne


Fortyfour - April 28

Hi jenno, so sorry for dropping numbers. I had a chemical pregnancy also this last IVF. Did you have any hcg show with the other procedures? I think it is a good sign if you finally had a postive hcg level. Maybe the next 3 eggs will be the winners. I know it is hard to do again but if they are there I would use them. Take some time and think about it. Take care and I wish there is something i could do for you.


meridithhasfaith - April 28

I'm so sorry. Nothing I say can make you feel better, I know. I just hope you heal quickly and can start again. You deserve a baby like everyone here does. I pray it happens soon for you.



karriearm - May 3

My heart really goes out to you!



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