Experiences w/Repronex or Clomid?
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love2Bparents - March 14

Just wanting to know if anyone has had any recent experiences with Repronex & Clomid:
As for us: March has been our most active month by far. Day 3 I had an ultrasound done everything looked great! Day 3-7 I was put on 150mg of Clomid. Today (Day8) I had an ultrasound still everything good only 2 folicles. Dr put me on Repronex (2amps) for Day 8-11. And Day 12 I go in for another ultrasound and hopefully they will see lots of follies... :)


BabyBaba - March 15

I have been on both Clomid and Repronex in the past few months and can relate from my experience. Please note, that you may have a different experience depending on how your body reacts.

I took Clomid for 3 IUI cycles. I did not have any adverse reaction to it. There was no symptoms either.
On the other hand, I am currently on Repronex as well for IVF. My experience with Repronex is as follows.
Day 1 - Day 3 of injections: Lot of itching, Redness, Lot of discomfort, Couldn't walk, Lots of aches in the stomach area where I took the shots.
Day 4 - Day 6: The body seemed to get used to the medications
Day 7: Vaginal bleeding along with period like menstrual cramps. Read on the product label that this is a serious and rare side effect. Talked to the Doc and was asked to meet them the next day. Good news, is that the bleeding stopped.
I need to take the medications for another 3 days. Waiting to get off it.


love2Bparents - March 15

Well I took my 2nd shot of repronex (2amps) and this time it hurt going in and I had a little blood come out after the shot. And the 1st one I didn't have either of those two happen! Weird! I don't have any redness aching (yet.)

If I am on repronex when should I be taking the ovulation predictor tests on which days. I'll be on repronex until Friday.


shansy - March 16

I did two cycles of Clomid. One trying to conceive with only Clomid and the other Clomid + IUI. Unfortunately for me it didn't work, but I have heard of success stories for others. I had four follies the first cycle and then two on the second cycle.
I am now starting Gonal-F injections this Friday for another IUI. Good luck to you!! :)


blondye - March 16

I have not used anything other than Clomid, because I am ovulating on it, and we are using Donor IUI, I have had tons of symptoms with Clomid though.. I have never had acne in my life, and now all of a sudden, I am breaking out, I also have noticed weight gain, I honestly think it is from the clomid, not the depression at the first 2 cycles not working, did our 3rd IUI last weekend. so fingers are crossed again! I have no reproductive problems, so we thought it would be relatively easy, but my clock is ticking, and that stresses me out.


love2Bparents - March 16

I totally understand the feeling on clomid. My world definitley spins out of control with emotions! And I find myself always snacking! Which can be a bad thing!

3rd day of repronex was today and everything went way better than yesturday. I haven't had many symptons but I do have a lot of itching around my chest. Like alot of mesquito bites everywhere. One more day two more days till u/s.




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