egg retrieval set for tomorrow AM!!!
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LisainAK - May 26

Hey ladies - I am off in seattle and have the night to myself and feel like i need to get some of this anxiety off my chest.

This is my first IVF - all meds went well - little side effects for me - i guess i am a lucky one.

I have potential 9-10 follicles that may give me good eggs. I am bummed it isn't more - but know it only takes one. I was hoping for this 10 day travel and great expense maybe we'd have some to freeze - i guess on a positive note we wouldn't need any.

My sister flew up from Ca to be with me since Sunday when i arrived. my DH is due to arrive this evening and we need to be at SRM at 8am tomorrow - i am freaking out a little since he just called from the airport and is flight has been delayed which now doesn't put him in until 1am - gosh cutting it close with only one other flight in tonight. i called and it is not mechanical - it is running late is all - there is only a little comfort with that.

i am surprised with my many follicles ranging in size from 13-24 on mondays ultrasound that i am not more uncomfortable - i expected to be and if course worried a little cause i am not.

HCG shot IM last night not too bad - but my sister is a med tech so that helps - i am sure the progesterone will be worse - since it is so thick and a bigger needle.

i was also disappointed to learn that unless 8 good eggs get fertilized they will not take it to day 5...although, as i have read many women get preg with the day 3 embies.

i have tried not to stress or obsess about this whole thing. i have tried not to get my hopes too high. i must say though, i am a person who believes in 'signs'...and i have to say there have been many in a good way for me. started with me getting the process scheduled with ease over the mem day holiday as DH and I have limited time off, followed by my sis being able to come up and help me out. Also, she works at Travis AFB and somehow I was able to fill my meds there for free (my DH is retired AF) - and the clinic discontinued those meds may 20th - so i made it just in time. DH and I have talked about names - Grace or Jack.....i grabbed a book in the airport, in a hurry, on the way out - Grace and Jack happened to be the main characters names!!!! My sister and i made it to mall our first full day and it was huge - wouldn't you know it, the entrance we went into, the first store smack dab in the front of our faces was a maternity store....later, we shopped at sephora and there it was this line of lotions with a scent called grace...and then a baby version - named, you guessed it - 'Baby Grace'.

So there it hodge podge of thoughts and stuff out there to share. Please send lots of baby dust my way and thanks all for listening to my crazy babble!!!


JenniferS - May 26

I will be thinking & praying for you tomorrow! I'm a big believer in God throwing signs your way ---- it sounds like He's definitely bombarded you with them! ;D

Good luck tomorrow & let us know how everything goes! LOADS & LOADS OF BABY DUST TO YOU!!!!!!!!




Karen123 - May 26

BEST WISHES, Big time!! I wish you a very happy outcome. Wow, those little signs were great to read about. Good luck to you!


meridithhasfaith - May 26

Good luck, Lisa!!

I am a huge believer in signs like that! I love when they happen. Hope everything goes well. Update when you can!!



Fortyfour - May 26

LisainAk- Good luck with your cycle. I sure hope it works for you. I was pg the first time with 3day transfer so it can work. I will be thinking of you and praying for you. I think you will feel better once those little critters are nestling in your uterus. Take care during the 2ww and keep in touch with us.

Buckets of baby dust to you.


shaz - May 26


Both my pregnancies were 3 day tfr's. Im praying for you and sending tons of babydust...



sblanton2 - May 26

Good Luck to you, I hope all goes well. I too believe in signs and hope that all yours add up to a beautiful baby/babies......Keep us updated!!!!!!



SMS1129 - May 27


Good luck...I will keep you in my prayers!!

Keep in touch!



bethann - May 29

Good luck!!! You are in my thoughts! Can't wait to hear from you!


WantsBaby2 - May 29

I will be hoping and praying for you. Please take care of yourself and try to remain stress free. P.S. I love the name Grace too. It was my grandmother's name and I have always wanted to name my little girl after her. (If I am blessed enough to have a daughter someday!)



LisainAK - May 30

Thanks to all of you for your babydust....
I don't have computer access much away from home. We travel back to Alaska tomorrow.
We ended up having 6 follicles, we did ICSI and all 6 fertilized. They did a day three transfer and put two excellent quality ("8 cell compresses' - need to read more to see where that fits i the regular grading). I was shocked as they even had 3 to freeze (which i doubted was an option) - two cells and 1 5 cell. We aee very excied and optimistic - with caution of course. I get to do the preg test on the 10th.

Another 'sign" - when i told my mom - turns out the 'conceive date" was her mothers birthday and the positive date (june 10th) would have been her fathers birthday.

The only tough part for me was the full bladder for the transfer. i have avery weak bladder and the pressure from the ultrasound and time was difficult. My cervix is diffilcult to get through (they had to clamp it once for the IUI) so she had to go 4 times before she got there - 45 min - full bladder, legs in stir ups andpressure from the u/s - although i know if i am preg i will need to get used to that. It will all be worth it. Progesterone shots have not been as bad as i thought - but i think today the tiredness you all have mentioned is showing up.

DH has been great and loving through it all - makes things great.

Now the 2ww is on. thnaks again ladies for your support. I have been dying to get on line and give an update and catch up on my chat reading fofr you wonderful people.


laura - May 30

Hi Lisa,

It sounds like thigs tured out very promising for you!!
We are not that far appart in our cycle. I had my transfer when you were having your retrevel. My 2WW ends on June 8. They transfered 5 embryos on day 3( one 6 cell, one 5 cell, and three 4 cell). Dose your 2WW end on June 11?

baby dust laura


meridithhasfaith - May 31

Sounds great, Lisa! I will be thinking positive thoughts and praying and crossing everything I can for a BFP for you. Have a safe trip back!



TTC in SoCal - May 31

wonderful news lisa... i hope there is a positive for you june 10. i will have retrieval on july 15 and transfer july 18... it is my first ivf... so i am very nervous...
i will then be on complete bedrest for 1 week per the doc's office. no housework (darn!!) or anything.
good luck and keep us posted!!


cassandra - May 31

Lisa, sounds like you had an excellent response to your stims! Congrats on the transfer! June 10th will be here before you know it!

Trish, bedrest sounds like a terrific idea. I attribute our pregnacy to taking an extra 2 days off after transfer. Something we didn't do on out last 2 before. Good luck with your stims and retreival. cassandra


shaz - June 1

good luck, Laura and Lisa.......I will pray for a BFP for you both.




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