Drug Reactions and Help with Hormones
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lindyford - March 24

I just went through an IVF procedure due to male infertility (previous vascetomy and reversal failure). Everything looked great at the start (lining ect), but I didn't get pregnant. I used donor eggs.

Here is what I need to know. ABout 2 weeks after implantation, I had a terrible drug reaction. I was only on 1 CC Prog in Oil daily and 0.2 CC Del Estrogen every 3rd day. I started experiencing panic/anxiety attacks and felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I have never had a panic attack in my life and don't have a history of anxiety. Three days after I went off the drugs and started a detox program, I was fine and back to my normal state of mind (which is good).

Has anyone experienced this or am I a freak of nature? I want to try again (frozen embryo), but I'm scared to death of these attacks. Does anyone know about using bioidentical hormones instead of synthetics? I could use any advice. . . Thanks, lindy


Red7 - March 24

Hi Those hormones can do that to you.Usually it would not be the progesterone oil shots, Unless you allergic to the sesame oil in the Progesterone oil shots, And if you are allergic to that, Than I have herd of women getting Big red welts at the injection site , You can tell your RE to give you Progesterone oil shots in olive oil instead of Sesame oil. But I really think the problem is the Delestrogen oil shots.That is what happened to me before. It was horrible I had to switch to 2mg of Estradiol 3 times a day in pill form instead of the Delestrogen oil shots.Than I here from some women that they only take 2mg of Estradiol twice a day in pill form.Etsrogen excites the neurotransmitters in the brain that can cause panic attacks, I was put on valium, for the 2 week wait , Than I have to get a Blood beta to see if I was pregnant or not.If I turned out I was pregnant or not than the Valium was stopped.But That was how bad it was for me.But I am Still waiting to get pregnant again. Been having Chemical pregnancies.But That has nothing to do with the valium . I was having chemical pregnancies before ever taking the valium. I have Immune issues. I hope this helps you and Good Luck to you .



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