Donor Eggs
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nclimousine - April 20

God has blessed me with two beautiful children, my sister however, has gone through numerous fertility rounds and IVF twice. I recently did some donor eggs for her. They retrieved a number of eggs, however there were just 10 that were good quality. On day 3 they did the transfer with 1 grade 1(best) 8 cell embryo and 1 grade 2 8 cell embryo. This was this past Sunday. The Dr. was hopeful that there would be 7 to freeze. Well, we got the call today, that there were none to freeze. I am very hopeful that this will work, however, she said that she would only do it again if there were some to freeze. The process was not difficult at all after I got over the fear of the needles, and I really wouldnt mind if I had to do it again. If this does not work, should i continue to ask her if she wants me to do again, or wait until she asks? I never want to hurt her feelings , nor do I want her to think it is a big deal to ask again.



WantsBaby2 - April 20

Bless your heart for the kindness you are showing your sister. We should all be lucky enough to have a sister like you. Did she say why she would not want to do it again? Maybe she feels like she does not want to inconvenience you.

I would have a long talk with her and let her know it would not be a problem for you to give her more eggs. I can't imagine anyone getting upset over such an act of kindness. I hope that this works for your sister and she gets a +++++ on her test after the dreaded 2ww! Good luck!



nclimousine - April 21

Thank you for your advice!! She has been through so much already, I would never want to hurt her feelings!!

I was so amazed at all the support you all have for one another on this site, it is great!! Another thing that amazed me in this whole process is how terribly complicated we as americans make everything. We had to travel to another town from NC to SC in order to even do donor eggs. Also, if there were some to freeze that she didnt want, I could not legally just donate them to someone who needed them. I also noticed in a recent magazine article how inexxpensive the ivf process was in Israel and other places. It is terrible to know that if people dont make enough money that they just have to go without.

Good Luck to all of you and I will keep you in my prayers.


Fortyfour - April 21

Hi there and what a doll you are. I wish my sister had been so kind for me.

I would wait and see what happens. She could get pg and nothing to worry about. If she doesnt I would wait a month or two and then let her know what you would like to do for her. I know for me I feel like I am being a bother by having a donor. Take care and god bless you.


ElizabethS - April 21

nclimousine - I was so touched by your message. The world needs more of you.

I agree with 44's message. Sometimes when you are in the valley of disappointment, you can't imagine having to go through something like that yet again. Plus, if your sister is as sweet as you....she probably thinks it would be a burden. Once time as run it's course...she might reconsider.

God bless you and your sister, and hopefully she will have those babies very soon.


cassandra - April 21

Hi! I think that is so wonderful of you to be doing this for your sister. You sound like a terrific lady. I hope this last round of hers went well. Good luck...cassandra



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