Did you feel pregnant?
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justme - September 4

Before you found out you were pregnant, did you actually feel pregnant??? I have my bloodtest in the morning and I just don't feel pregnant. I know that doesn't mean much, but I want to be pregnant! I wish I felt something, my breasts are swollen and sore, but they have been like this every round of injections etc. I have done. I am sure the proj injections just adds to the bloatedness for me.



sussie88 - September 4

I didn't and still don't feel pregnant. Of Course, I have the hyperstimulation thing going for me, so I feel and felt like crap!! I was caught off guard when Doc told me I was pregnant because it was not time for my blood work yet, but the fact that my hyperstimulation went away for a few days and then came back with a vengance was a clear sign to the Doc that my HCG was rising.

Good luck to you with your test - keep us posted.

I have my u/s on tuesday - can't wait to see what is going on in there!!!


Karen123 - September 4

Justme - I did not feel pregnant in the beginning. Like you, I was hoping that every single feeling I had was a pregnancy feeling but my breasts were swollen and sore from the injections too and I couldn't pinpoint any specific pregnancy symptoms. And here I am pregnant with twins. So don't worry about that! I feel sick all the time but sometimes I think "am I sick enough or is there something wrong?" The worry never ends!

I truly hope you get great news......I'm so looking forward to reading your posts. Karen


SMS1129 - September 4


I know how you feel. I go for my blood test on Tuesday and I don't feel pregnant either. Some women don't feel anything for a while, so try not to worry...easier said than done, I know.

I am very impatient about my test. I feel like last cycle in June was an ok cycle and I got pg (m/c at week 5), but this time appears to be better, so I am really praying alot and trying to be patient for two more days...

I can't wait to see your post tomorrow. What time will you know?



Fortyfour - September 4

The only thing I felt before my blood test was a need to pee all the time. Otherwise, nothing. Take care and good luck.



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