Counting days until January!!!
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sblanton2 - August 25

Hey all, I have been put on hold...again. :-\ I know it is for the best but this time b/c DH has been taking supplements such as creatine and a few others to put on mass so the doctors are making us wait. They said given the expense and pain we are going through it is best to err on the side of caution and wait until he has been off supplements for at least 74 days. I agree, it is just hard being in Limbo.
All my testing is complete and all came back great, so now I have nothing to do but daydream about the possible little(s) ahead and plan nurseries...LOL I know it is early and all but I think that is the only thing keeping me going. I actually bought a tiny little t-shirt and pair of socks the other day to look at occaisionally to remind myself why I am putting myself through all this. Has anyone else done something similar?
I am so happy for all of you who have managed to get pregnant while I was unable to get on. It truly gives me hope!

Take care ladies and hope to hear from you soon.



silli_kitti - August 25

Hi Sylvia,

Waiting is the hardest part for me. Time ticks by so s-l-o-w-l-y and there's nothing I have found to make it go faster except sleep LOL.

Of course, the only waiting I've done is the 2ww. Except for now, when I'm waiting for this current unviable p/g to dissolve. I'm doing everything possible to help it along too - I've gone back to my strenuous work-outs, mountain biking, and I even went SeaDooing ALL DAY Tuesday - that ought to shake things out. No luck yet though.

As for incentives, I started with a set of 3 wall-hangings. They are of teddy bears, and they were the cutest things I'd ever seen and I LOVED the colors. So, I decided on a teddy-bear theme for the nursery. I picked out colors for the wall, I found the perfect fabric for drapes but I didn't buy them cuz I figured that was getting ahead of myself. I picked out the furniture and even the bed-coverings. I clipped pictures of baby rooms and baby things out of magazines that I thought I liked and kept them in a box to give me ideas later. (Hubby bought me a subscription to Parenting magazine last X-mas).

That was more than a year ago. Everything has long since gone into the trash as I had a meltdown about 2 months ago and threw everything away.

The more time that passes, the more I'm convinced its never going to happen and I feel really stupid for hoping and dreaming. I'm so hypersensitive that I even change the channel when any baby-related commercial comes on. And that idiotic woman at the baby store keeps phoning me up and giving me updates on the furniture I picked out (the price is going up, they've introduced a new color, we're selling the floor model for 40% off do you want it, etc.)

Boy I sure know how to bring a conversation down, don't I?!!

You keep on dreaming and hoping Sylvia, don't let some stupid woman ranting on the internet bring you down!


sblanton2 - August 25

silli kitti
Sorry to hear about your unviable pregnancy. But there is a silver lining. You know you CAN get pregnant. I know it must be hard right now, are you going to try again?
My husband and I set a limit before we started this process, and now that scares me a little. We decided we would only try 3 times and if it doesn't work then we will be content with my daughters from my previous marriage. I guess in that respect I am lucky, I have experienced being a mom, but I want to do it with my husband.
Keep your head up and let me know how things go!



Karen123 - August 25

Sylvia, I wish you the BEST of luck in January! You are stong to wait and it must be excruciating but like you said, it sounds like it'll give you the best chance. I sure hope it works out for you! I too bought some baby blankets before I even started IVF. I too felt that it was the "something" that I looked at to give me strength and keep my hopes up. I know that everyone is different but for me, keeping my hopes up and looking at those blankets and then the pic of the embryos after ER helped me endure it all. Now, I've been bleeding for days and I'm absolutely terrified. My daughter had a major car accident Monday night so I'm stressed out beyond belief. She's ok and so far my babies are ok too. And still, those pictures and those blankets keep me going. I say, if it helps you, it's a smart thing to buy something. I truly hope you can use that t-shirt and those socks some day soon.

silli kitti - your pain must be unbearable and again, I'm so very sorry that you are suffering. Baby dust to you....I hope to read a happy post sometime soon.



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