Could really use an IVF cycle buddy for early June
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honeybaby - July 3


Your HCG should double every 48 hours, so lets say that Friday was your last visit, you know the routine they call you and tell you what to do, but in my case I went in on a sunday and three days later I went back. Asked as much as you can. Well by now you know that I have an ectopic pregnancy, what did I do wrong I don't know but please dont do any streneous work, or heavy lifting. rest as much as possible ask your DH to help you carry laundry bags and even with the chores around.

I wish I could back 2 weeks ago when everything was wonderful news to my ears and heart. I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy to you take good care.

Brenda this is my name.


Risa - July 5

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a relaxing holiday yesterday. I am feeling pretty normal except I get tired around mid-day and occasional cramping. I constantly worry that something will go wrong and I am trying my best to take Brenda's (honeybaby) advice and take it easy around the house. I am very concerned though because my doctor has switched me from the progesterone injections to another med called prometrium which is being inserted vaginally 3 times a day. I just feel like everything is going so well and why would they want to change anything. They say that my body is producing enough of its own progesterone to do this switch, but since my last bloodtest was 7/3 how do they know what my body is doing today?? I called the doctor's office and the nurse says everything will be okay, but I still wish they were monitoring me every few days incase they need to change something. Okay, that felt good to get all that out, but I still can't help bet worry.
Brenda, I know you are hurting and I am so sorry. The pain will get better with time. Does your doctor have any idea what might have caused the ectopic pregnancy? And is there a chance to try again if you decide to?
Wen, my doctor also limited my caffeine to just one a day, which I did until the transfer. After the transfer I have had one caffinated drink every other day. 2 week bed rest is a lot and I would think your body would need more circulation in order for everything to function properly. Are you going to do another cycle with Dr. #1 or with Dr. #2? I wonder if Julie was required to have 2 weeks bedrest since we haven't heard from her.
Bridget, how are you doing? Have you started your shots yet?
Well, take care everyone and I wish everyone the best.


Wen - July 9

Hi Risa,
I was reading the protocol from my RE, had I gotten as far as you, it says that progesterone would continue via shots or suppositories - so perhaps this is standard with your RE too. I read on the chats here that some women have reaction like itching from the suppositories and then request to switch back to injections. So I guess if you don't have any side effects and you can stay with the suppositories it will give your butt a chance to rest.
I talked w/ RE#1, he said that we were doing the same 11-12 day stim, just that this last time I was two days early. And menopur is the same as repronex, but a more purified form. He agreed w/ the zero caffeine advice, but said 2 weeks bedrest didn't sound right - come to think of it maybe RE#2 said he keeps the patients at home for 2 weeks - so not necessarily on bedrest, but out of a stressful environment - such as work. I asked both RE's about accupuncture - they said that although research has indicated it's positive effects, it was poorly done research. It can't hurt, but it doesn't guarantee a better outcome - so I scheduled an appoinment on the 20th w/ an accupuncturist who specializes in infertility. The idea is to improve circulation to the uterus and ovaries which will help my body respond better to the drugs, possible improve egg quality and prepare the uterus for the transfer on the next IVF. I am sticking w/ RE#1, but gotta wait until he returns from his trip in late August. In the meantime, we will try our luck at getting pregnant on our own. I bought ovulation kits but am wondering if I will even have a period and may be throwing money down the toilet. Well, I'll give it a shot.
Hows everyone doing?


Risa - July 10

Wen, I have read articles of acupuncture and different types of massage to help fertility and many people using these techniques with IVF. It makes a lot of sense and I hope that it helps you especially while waiting for doc to return. Like you, the entire IVF and aspects of it were constantly on my mind. I thank you all so much for being here for me. This site has saved my sanity and has helped me so much. Thank you Wen for letting me know about your doc's protocol of switching to the suppositiories. It is great to give my butt a rest from shots, the sites are still itchy, and the suppositories are not as messy or as bad as I thought they would be.
Please keep in touch and I wish you all the very best.


Julie - Hoping - July 10

Hi ladies!
I survived the 2WW and I'm pregnant! That was honestly the worst 2 days of any 2WW so far and I can't remember ever in my life being so scared and stressed (both not good!!). We went for the bloodwork at 5 AM - the earlier you go the earlier they call. I was light spotting on Saturday and sobbing convinced it didn't work. I couldn't sleep last night I was so excited but now I'm a little worried again because I go back for blood work tomorrow and hope everything is doubling as it should be. The spotting has mostly stopped and very faint now... I have cramp twinges and my boobs are a bit sore. I am relieved to have made it this far but still so scared I'm not out of the woods yet... when can we just relax and be normal?

My DH had to fly to China this morning (he skipped this trip 2 weeks ago just flat out refusing his Director b/c we were mid-cycle) so my mom came up from NC to stay for 9 days and is giving me the butt shots now. Sometimes they really hurt other nights I barely notice... I'm so glad Risa you mentioned the itchiness I thought that was just me. My RE said it's 2-3 weeks on the progesterone shots after pregnancy confirmation but after 2 weeks if I don't tolerate them well they'll let me change to suppositories (sp?) Are those much better?

I think my due date will be 3/18/06 but I'm going to let them tell me. Anyone know when you find out if it might be twins?

Just a quick update the retrieval got 11 eggs (I was a little dissappointed I thought there would be 20) 4 fertilized (I am still scared why so few...) and 2 made it to Day 3 transfer both were 8-cell both Grade 1 and one the embriologist said was near to the most perfect 8-cell cluster he had seen. (made me feel a little better) Did they give you guys pictures? Not sure what to do with those - not thinking you put them in the baby book. The whole transfer experience was bizarre and kind of amazing that they can do that.

I'll keep you all in my prayers I have read this post and so many on the 2WW analyzing everyone's experiences and symptoms - you are all such a help through this. Please keep writing!


Julie - Hoping - July 10

Sorry for the 2nd post... I forgot to mention that I was told to do NOTHING for the 2 days after the transfer. I didn't just stay in bed but I took them very seriously I wouldn't even stand too long. After that I took it slow until Sturday before my prg test when I was spotting and didn't think it worked to I cleaned the house (didn't vacuum.) I'm back to taking it very easy, I walk my dog but slow and not far and that's it.

I was told NO caffeine, drugs or alcohol from the time the Stim drugs started and absolutely no sexual activity until they clear it - not sure when that will be exactly. (Which I find funny but of course I'm following - not hard with DH in China)


Risa - July 11

Congratulations!! So happy for you and I hope your second test shows the levels doubling. My first hcg level was 300 and the next test showed it was 1050. I wish the bloodtests continued, because I haven't had any tests since 7/3, which seems so far away and each cramp worries me. I have been urinating a lot more than usual, tired, have tender boobs, and the lower abdominal cramps. My next appointment is next wednesday and I am very eager. I am assuming that it will be this day that they will tell us if we are having twins or not, since they will be listening to the heartbeat.
My doc switched me from the progesterone shots to the suppositories just 2 days after the second blood test. I prefer the suppositories, although the butt shots were not nearly as bad as the stomach shots. The suppositiories are just a little messy, you have to wear a liner.
What symptoms are you having? Just be sure to get lots of rest.


Julie - Hoping - July 11

Hi Risa (and ladies)
I just learned something fun this morning... my first blood test showed 105 and she said they are happy with anything over 50. I aked about twins and she said because mine was over 100 that it's a possibility but not a strong one and that usually those with twins show between 200-300 the first time! Wow you really may have twins how exciting! Keep us posted!

How's everyone else doing? I just can't wait until I get this afternoon's result I know I'll relax more. I go back in a week after this for bloodwork and an ultrasound.
Hope to hear from everyone soon!

Bridget - how's everything going?


Wen - July 11

Congratulations to you and your hubby! And good job w/ making it through the 2ww, glad that part is behind you now. Please continue to take it easy and keep us posted on how you're coming along.

Risa and Julie, wow, the possibility of twins is so exciting, you are fortunate you are still at a young age, your bodies sound really healthy. I'll be checking back on this post to hear good news.

I will probably start my next cycle in mid September. RE is out til late August and I have a busy time at work in early Sept.


Julie - Hoping - July 11

HI Ladies
I got the call my HCG level slightly more than doubled! It's now 215... Yay and Phew are my two emotions right now. I'm going to try to just relax and not worry since I don't go back for a week.

Wen - waiting until Sept is a good plan we had already decided we'd try this 3 times and the 2nd would be in October (I didn't put much faith in it actually working as you can tell.) That gives you summer to relax and no more needle and bloodwork marks. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope you check in here and there and certainly when you're getting started again.


Risa - July 12

Hello everyone,
So glad your levels doubled, Julie. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and really hope that it goes well for all of us. I, too, did not have much faith in it working this first time but I don't think we could afford to do it again anytime soon. $13, 000 is something we would definately have to save for again for another few years.( I still don't feel like I am in the clear.) Wen, you are fortunate that your insurance has helped through some of the IVF costs. I think waiting until late September is great, it would mean a summer baby!
As for the possibility of twins, well we'll find out next week I hope. My husband is so nervous of that possibility and I am anxious about my appointment next week. And to think the doc wanted to transfer 3 embies! I'm glad you asked that question, Julie. Ever since the transfer, my doctor's office has not been very informative and almost seem short with all my questions. I filled out a comment card regarding this since the transfer felt like I was in an assembly line in a factory. So whatever information you can share with me that you get from your doctors and nurses, I would really appreciate it. You guys have all been so great and I am so glad you are here. Keep in touch.



honeybaby - July 15

Hello everyone,

just a quick pass by to wish everyone the best, for sure to you Risa and Julie i am happy for you. I am not out of the game yet I will be trying once again, my concern is that i only have one frozen embie that made it to blastocyst. I am more relax and trying not to ovelwhelmed myself and my DH besided my little boy needs me in a healthy frame of mind.

We will be celebrating with you upon the arribal of your early spring babies!!!

Love to all,



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