Could really use an IVF cycle buddy for early June
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Wen - June 25

Hello ladies,
That's great news Honeybaby! I am so happy for you and your husband, I'll be hoping for the best w/ your next test on Monday.
Good to see you are back, Julie. Wow, 18 follicles, that's great. I really looked forward to my retrieval day because I was so curious how many eggs and how many fertilized, etc. It's the first time anyone can actually see the eggs. The unpleasant part for me was the IV. I have small veins that are hard to find so blood tests and IV are painful. They gave me a little heat pack to place on the IV tube, it helps warmed the fluids and took the sting out of it. The good part was they give me general anesthesia so I'm out in an instant and then in the blink of an eye I'm in recovery. My doc writes the number of eggs retrieved on the palm of my hand, you can ask your doc to do that too, so you know as soon as you wake up and don't forget. Because of the general anesthesia, I don't drink too much water too fast while in recovery. I did that the first time and I puked on the way home. But I did need to drink because they don't release me until I can pee on my own. I rested a lot in recovery, I would drift off to sleep and wake up like 3 or 4 times. I went back to work the next day. My lower abdominal area was still sensative - felt heavy and some tenderness, but it goes away. Just take your time when moving about, wear comfortable clothes and get as much rest whenever you want. I was on Medrol from retrieval day to transfer day and it kept me up all night - that's how I happened upon this website. Could not get to sleep so I was surfing the web at 3 a.m.
Not sure if Risa has left for her family visit, but I totally hear you about the comments! I also heard from an aunt last month that my cousin is expecting after trying for just 1 month. I was happy for her, but at the same time it made me feel even more unhappy for myself. I did mention to my aunt that we were going through our 2nd IVF cycle only because she happened to be telling me about some genetic test she took to screen for cancer and she was trying to encourage me to check it out because she tested positive for the gene. Well, I basically told her thank you for the info, but our priority is trying to start a family and I would have to consider how this gene test would affect our chances of having a baby. Not only that, but she said her other daughter will remove her ovaries to reduce her risk for ovarian cancer. So that's when I felt compelled to tell her we are still trying to start a family. I just want her to lay off telling me about cancer risks. I really miss my mom, she passed away 13 years ago. I have no sisters. It would've been so much of a comfort to be able to share this with her. I have a wonderful step mom now, but it's not the same. No one in our family has ever gone through IVF, so they just don't understand. My dad is so supportive, but emotionally there's only so much I can expect him to understand. You guys are great, I hope we will all have babies in the near future!


Julie - Hoping - June 25

Hi ladies
Honeybaby you're living our dream congratulations on the positive test results! It's just good to know that after all this it may work finally - the IUIs were just disappointment after disappointment I'm really trying to keep a level head about IVF.

I've been up since 5 my retreival is at 10... I just made lasagna, sauce and all - who makes lasagna at 6 in the morning on a Sunday? I just can't wait for this to be over so maybe I'll sleep better tonight - I dreamed of the retreival ugh. Thanks for all of your information about retreival I just want it over with now, I'm uncomfortable enough to be glad they're taking them out, but certianly a bit terrified about the eggs fertilizing properly... what if my eggs are bad? What if that's the reason all of this never worked? I'm so tired of not knowing why but terrified they'll find out why all at the same time... such stress.

I have to say I have a sister and sister-in-law both, and my sister's pregnant again (only tried for 2 months) and my sister in law just had her second in May, pregnant the month she started trying... I may have sisters and mothers to talk to but it's still awful and they absolutely don't understand nor know what to say. My mom actually told me that if it had been her and she had to go through this to have a family she likely wouldn't have! DH's mom and my mom could both have kids the month they decided to try, atleast now that it's gotten to this level they've all finally stopped telling me to "just relax" it will work. I hate that line.

I started grad school in the winter to keep busy and try to productively keep my mind off all of this, it's really helped with the extended family baby questions... they think I'm all career driven now - in reality I just bought myself 2 years of question free time while I'm working and in school.

I just want to be on the other side of this so badly, although I wonder how long it will bother me that this is what it took to get there. I hope that bitterness fades with the happy news it worked. What are your thoughts?

Did you guys freeze embryos? If we're lucky enough to have extras we're going to... I'm a little releived to think that I might not have to go through retrevial again ever. My doctor has had all 4 of his kids this way - he atleast truly understands what we're going through and it makes me think - hey maybe I can still have a big family too.

I want to sleep.... guess I'll get to at 10. This board is such a sanity-saver - thanks for writing ladies it's a huge help.


honeybaby - June 27

hum I am mad, I just typed up this big message and it didnt post. go figure?

any way I was saying to all of you that I had a scared on sunday, i woke up and i was spotting not bleeding called the re's nurse went in for blood and my hcg level had double so that was a good sign. Yes I am anxious still and nervous I don't want anything bad to happen.

I am hoping to bring you more positive news tomorrow when I will be going back for more screening.

I definitaly understand your frustrations and the insensitiveness of our loved ones...they truly don't understand. I have my mom but at times she says the most foolish things like my aunt but at the end is my deepest desire to have more children and only God knows my heart after all I don't listen to their comments.

Lots of blessing for you Risa, Julie and Wen be patient and remember to ask about hatching, ICSI and blastocyst after your 2 fails, that angel is coming to all of you. Take care and God bless.

Brenda your new friend in the distance


honeybaby - June 28

So sorry to say that my hcg level is only 74.7 I was told to stop all meds and most likely will be getting my period I feel normal except for the backache. after receiving the bad news felt numbness in my arms and chills we were not expecting this, i was pregnant worry for 5 days, i am only looking forward to being a good mom to the beautiful boy that I have I guess this time it may not happen.

So sad thought I let you know only a few knew that I was pregnant, my mom, in-laws and grandmother and you gals.

By friday one more test and possibly aborting.

God bless


Julie - Hoping - June 29

I am so very sorry to hear that, it's so sad I don't know what to say. I wish I could give you a hug and my shoulder to cry on. You will be okay with time lean on your DH and let it out. You are a good mom and sound like an amazing and strong woman.
I'll keep you in my prayers,


Wen - June 29

I'm so sad to hear that, so sorry. Don't lose heart, take some time to grieve and maybe get together with your RE for a consult when you're ready. You and you're husband went through so much, I'll be hoping and praying for you both.


honeybaby - June 29

Hi Julie and Wen,

Thanks for your words of encouragement, at times I feel terrible. I will keep you posted and hope everything goes well with you.

Take care


bridgetlr - June 29

Hello everyone,

You all have amazing stories and I think you are all incredible and brave. I am new to this site and I just started reading all of your entries. I am in the process of starting IVF and I am very, very nervous. My sister lost her baby at 24 weeks due to severe preeclampsia and she was heartbroken. She had had IVF to concieve her baby. I was also pregnant at the time and delievered a healthy baby boy. After being told that she should never try to become pregnant again I felt that the only right thing to do would be to do the IVF procedure and have the baby for her. We are starting the Lupron shots next week and hopefully all will go well.


Risa - June 30

Hello everyone, I am finally back. I thought about all of you while I was gone and wondering how you are doing. Oh Honeybaby, I am so sorry. I know you believe us, when we say we feel your pain and disappointment. I know you already have a great son, but I can really relate to wanting to have a larger family and maybe oneday, if you are willing and ready you can try again. You will have more knowledge about all the shots, signs to look for all the procedures. I am so sad for you and your husband and I wish you the best on whatever you decide to do.
Julie, how did the retrieval go? How are you feeling? I hope everything went well and they were able to freeze a few for siblings later. That is great to know your doctor has gone through this and can relate to his patients.
Wen, did you ever see the doctor for the second opinion. Did they give any additional information that your doctor didn't?
And welcome Bridget! What a wonderful gift to give your sister. If I had a sister who could not conceive, I would love to do that for her too. The Lupron shots don't hurt very much. I did a few of them on my own, when dH was not around.
I broke down and bought a pregnancy test last night. Two lines means pregnant and my stick showed two lines and they were bright and clear! I think my dh and I were in such shock, we didn't even know what to say to each other, just stared at each other in awe. I woke up this morning and 2 lines again, but they were not as bright and clear. I had my blood test this morning and now waiting for the doctor's office to call. I just hope I did not do something wrong to get the positive results on the home pregnancy test. I am still not trying to get my hopes up until I get the results from the doc and then another bloodtest on Monday to verify. So I'm here waiting for the call. I'll let you guys know.


bridgetlr - June 30


Congratulations! You must be so excited! Also, thanks for the welcome!!!


honeybaby - June 30

Hi Bridge,

Its great to have someone like you around. What an amazing gift of life you are doing for your sister, that shows how much you love her. IVF is not painful but time consuming and later you will feel the discomforts but nothing puts a prize to a healthy child.

Risa, I am happy for you and just be skeptical and wait for your dr. to give you the news.

As far as me goes, I am in a wild rollercoaster where I haven't landed yet I went to the dr once again and my beta is 146 last wednesday 71 it doulble with no meds, but my dr suspects ectopic pregnancy or bio-chemical. No matter what is a risky one an a miscarriage is what he recomends or risking too much. I for now confide in the Lord I might of being riding this one on a fog now I need to fully depend on the Almighty. I will be thinking of all of you have a nice weekend.


bridgetlr - June 30

Hi Honeybaby-

Sounds like a crazy ride! Hang in there and keep your faith!

Thanks for the words on encouragement. I'm not too worried about the pain of IVF I guess. I think I'm more worried about the side effects of all of the medications. It's all just seems very scary but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! My sister and her husband are very excited and they have been so sad so it is nice to see them looking up! Thanks again and stay strong!


Risa - July 3

Hello everyone,
The lab results on Friday were positive and now I am awaiting the second tests results today. I keep praying that the Hcg levels will increase. Honeybaby, after your second blood test, when did they have you come back for the next? My doc will probably give me more information today hopefully. Julie, did you have your transfer yet? How are you doing? Sorry for the short message but my father is visiting and I don't want to be rude on the computer. Will keep in touch.



Wen - July 3

Hello everyone, I've been keeping myself busy this past week, so I just caught up on the messages. Risa, I am so happy for your positive results! You sure waited what seemed like forever for that test. Does your body feel any different?
Welcome Bridget, you are such a wonderful sister, what a special gift you are giving them, the hope of having a family! I would be heartbroken if my doctor told me to never try to become pregnant. But you are giving them the chance to see their dream come true. The shots may seem scary, but you do get used to them and although a little painful when they go in, the pain doesn't last long. After the egg retrieval, there aren't as many shots. I know what you mean by the possible side effects being scary too. Ask your doc a lot of questions about anything and you should also be able to call them ANYTIME you have a concern.
Well, I went to see RE#2 for 2nd opinion. There wasn't much difference in protocol. He normally does a 11-12 day stim, with Follistim and Repronex. He said they get good results with Repronex. I remember I used that for my IUI's, so I'll have to ask RE#1 about it. He said they also recommend 2 WEEKS bedrest following transfer. WHAT??? I don't think I can do that. There's no way I can take off that long. But I have to admit they are very successful. He also said ZERO CAFFEINE. Well, for me he would test my FSH level again to determine if the same protocol is right for me, and also do a hysteroscopy to see if things are okay in my uterus. I think it's okay, RE#1 said my lining is great. I did have a hysteroscopy last July too when they removed my left tube. I will discuss this with RE#1 and go with his recommendation, then go for IVF again. I am going a little nuts. I feel like an obsessive person, this is all I think about.
Julie, did you have your transfer? Maybe you are on bedrest now? WRite back and let us know how you're doing - you too Honeybaby. I am wondering too what those lab results mean for you.


honeybaby - July 3

Hi everyone,

I don't have anything but bad news. It looks like I have an ectopic pregnancy, now I am starting to bleed even though my HCH levels went up. I feel very discouraged about the whole process and I am trying to keep myself busy but my heart is we have to terminate what is in me. Sorry girls got to go, and best of all to you.


honeybaby - July 3


Your HCG should double every 48 hours, so lets say that Friday was your last visit, you know the routine they call you and tell you what to do, but in my case I went in on a sunday and three days later I went back. Asked as much as you can. Well by now you know that I have an ectopic pregnancy, what did I do wrong I don't know but please dont do any streneous work, or heavy lifting. rest as much as possible ask your DH to help you carry laundry bags and even with the chores around.

I wish I could back 2 weeks ago when everything was wonderful news to my ears and heart. I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy to you take good care.

Brenda this is my name.



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