Could really use an IVF cycle buddy for early June
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Wen - June 18

I think 2 is good too. Sounds like the dr believes you have good chances w/ 2. I'll be hoping for the best for you.

I didn't have good news yesterday. It is so frustrating. I don't know what problem, if any I have. I am feeling like a hopeless case. We will meet with dr when I get my period and discuss where to go from here. ICSI, hatching, PGD? I don't know. I think it's time for a 2nd opinion. I really like my dr, but wondering if he's too conservative? The next cycle is going to be w/o insurance, so I might as well get a 2nd opinion from a dr I otherwise would not have been able to see under my insurance.


Risa - June 19

Wen, I am so sorry about the disappointing news. The second opinion sounds like a very good idea. It is good that you insurance has helped with two IVF cycles, but maybe another opinion may be all the difference. My husband and I have gone through a lot this year with my mother commiting suicide, my father going blind and infertility problems for the past 3 years. And you going through all the infertility treatments and your own personal obstacles, it really makes me think that this is all in some sort of plan to make us that much stronger. It is very frustrating and I do wish you the best. I'm sure it will happen for you, hopefully sooner than later. And crying sometimes is a great help when that is all you know what to do. I wish you the best.


honeybaby - June 19

Hi Wen and Risa,

So sorry about your bad news I am with you in the frustration boat buy don't dispair if you are positive your dream can still come true. About your question my dr., ask us about hatching as a possibility at first he told us that because of my age it wouldn't be necessary (I'm 32) it almost sounds as if he really is looking for positive results. My two embies were 2nd grade but the biologist said that they are right below top and again my age is big factor and the 2nd grade is almost insignificant. Well lets see. I have been going for blood tests to check my progesterone and estrogen levels and both times they didn't have to increase it so I hope this is a good sign.
I am not sure if it was you Risa that asked about the progesterone shot, actually my brother in law is a RNurse so he was pretty good I did feel the soreness but now is as if never happened. I am still using progesterone in capsules and 1 estrace pill and 1 baby aspirin, my first pregnancy test is this Wednesday my husband and I are hoping big times. So exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time.

Well lets keep in touch and Wen don't give your hopes up I will be saying a prayer for all of us. Take Good Care.
Mommy of 1 honeybabyboy :)


Wen - June 20

Thanks you guys for your support, it really means a lot to me that you understand and are so hopeful. My husband and I are still somewhat in disbelief, I am having a hard time accepting this, especially because I have no idea what the problem was. I made an appointment to see another RE for a 2nd opinion. At this point I don't have any intention of switching, I just need another perspective for some peace of mind in deciding what to do next. I feel kind of bad at the same time, I've never went through getting a 2nd medical opinion on anything before, I'm not sure how to approach the subject w/ my dr. but I definitely want him to know that I need to do this - do you think it's no big deal for them and there'll be no problem getting a copy of my medical record from them? I know they're professionals and all that, but I can't help wondering if they take offense to that. I should just not care what they think, huh?

Risa and Honeybaby, when do you get your test results? I really, really hope to hear good news from both of your tests.


Risa - June 20

Hello Wen and Honeybaby,
I have never done a second opinion either. But I have worked in the medical field (with ophthalmologists) and they never seemed to be offended when people wanted another opinion. The doctors always looked at it as a good thing because the patient was trying to get as much information as possible and if they are truly a good doctor, they would want the best outcome for you. Even if that means going to another doctor or just getting another doctor's views. Some doctors will even get on the phone and converse about the possible options and explain why or why not they couldn't or wouldn't do certain procedures with other doctors.
I know it can feel like you are betraying your doctor, but it is for the best and if you can find out why or what would be the next best step it is for your family's benefit, not the docs. I don't think getting the records is a problem, the office staff usually takes care of that.

Honeybaby, you are getting bloodtests done during your two week wait? How about you, Wen, did you have tests during the wait? My doctors don't have anytype of monitoring process going on for this time period and it concerns me. I am curious to know how everything is going inside and I think there should be some sort of way to make sure everything is okay. I don't have my pregnancy test until June 30th, which is forever away!! I think honeybaby has her test tomorrow, right? We are wishing you the best!


honeybaby - June 20

Dearest Wen,
I really don't think that your dr., will be offended if I was you I would do research before going to another dr., I don't know where you live and if your insurance is helping you on this. One more thing I don't mean to be nosey but what is your problem exactly and has your husband been tested for sperm quality?
In my case my husband and I went through a series of check ups, of course I have the problem with my tubes. Don't give up I feel you are going through a very emotional time but you have already been giving the first steps of faith so just keep up on that path and I hope you can soon find happiness.


honeybaby - June 20

Hi Risa,

Well since my implantation I have been going in for progesterone check ups twice and both times they didn't have to increase it. Wednesday is my first pregnancy test but I will not be hearing from them, and then on Friday I have another test.
I heard from the biologist and We have to blastocyst embies frozen, I am a nervous wrecked and I can hardly wait I know how you are feeling, I go to work but my mind is absent from my body.

Risa is this your first ivf and if so are you using progesterone caps or some other medication I hope I am not asking too much...I will be in touch with you and lets pray for each other.
I am in NY and you?


honeybaby - June 20

One more thing before I leave it is great to have found you since we can understand each other. thank you for sharing.

My ovaries hurt once in a while I wonder if it is because of all the medication and my back hurst too I gained about 6 pounds what are your symptoms?

just thinking out loud, bye for now


Risa - June 21

My doctor did not recommend any type of bloodtests during the 2 week wait. They just told me to increase the progesterone dose 5 days after the transplant. This makes me nervous, with all the technology you would think they could tell us the progress of everything as the embryos attach.
Don't worry about asking me any questions. Whatever you want to ask, I don't mind. I live in Tallahassee, Florida which is a fairly small city and so I have to drive 2 hours to Jacksonville for my RE visits. We have gotten very used to the drive. And this is my first time doing any type of fertility treatment, IVF with ICSI was really our only option. I am taking progesterone injections intramuscularly and I wish I had a close family member to do it for me because the areas are becoming a bit sore. I gained about 5 pounds since the stimulation began and it is all in my stomach so I look pregnant already. I was having a lot of discomfort near my ovaries too, but after the retrieval I was much, much better.
Honeybaby, I can't believe they won't give you any news after the first bloodtest today. I guess they just want to confirm the results 2 days later.
Wen, tell us how the request for the second opinion goes. I'm sure it will be fine. I will keep you two in my prayers.....keep in touch.


honeybaby - June 21

Hi Risa and Wen,

just to update you today I went to the dr., and had 1st blood test, I received a call about 1pm and I was told to have a shot of progesterone because it seem a bit low, and I am going in Friday for 2nd test. I am so anxious to go buy a home pregnancy test. I am getting discomfort that it almost feels as early cramps but the nurse said that it could also be a feeling for early implantation.

I don't know I wish I can have good news soon.

Wen hope you are holding strong we can understand you. Take good care alright

Risa you too stay strong and best of all!


Wen - June 22

Hi guys, I feel better about getting a 2nd opinion after reading your messages, thanks! I called the dr's office and they were very helpful and will be sending my records to me soon. My appointment w/ the dr is next Tues and then on Wed I see another dr for the 2nd opinion.
After my transfer I received the 1st blood test 4 days later to check progesterone levels, which were ok, so I continued at 2cc's per day. 9 days after transfer I had my first blood pregnancy test. If it was positive, I would have had the 2nd blood pregnancy test on the 11th day after transfer. It sounds like there are some differences between our clinics, but I think overall it's the same - just nerve racking when you have to wait! I chose not to do the home pregnancy test because I wanted to be absolutely sure of the result. I guess I felt like there was a slight chance I would mess it up and my results would be incorrect.
I had a blocked tube on my left. After 3 failed IUIs, my dr performed a hydrosalpingdectomy - to remove the fluid filled sac in my left tube. Doc said during the operation he found a little endometreosis, but was able to "take care" of it. After I healed from the surgery, I began my IVF. My husband's sperm is fine, a little lower than most, but the count and the quality are not factors. My eggs seem to be the trouble -just not sure what kind of problem.
AFter this 2nd IVF I gained about 5 pounds, but my weight has gone back to normal.
I hope this doesn't seem like a downer, but more and more I have been thinking of adoption. My husband too. We know we would love an adopted child as much as if it were our own child. But I can't help thinking I am giving up on the hope of having our own baby without one more try. I hope to find out a lot from my visit with the other dr and also another IVF cycle.
Everyday is important for you two, so please take extra good care of yourselves. Good luck to you both!


Risa - June 23

Hello Honeybaby and Wen,
I just found out one of my closest cousins is pregnant and I am happy for her, but can't help but feel a bit jealous that my husband and I could not have had it that easy. Well, hopefully by the end of this month we can get some good news too. I have been having slight cramping today, almost like period cramps but not really. I still wish they could take a look to tell us the progress.
Honeybaby, I know your are anxious and I would want to take a pregnancy test also, but like Wen said, I would hate to mess it up and get a false positive. How are your cramps doing now?
Wen, you are very strong. It sounds like you have gone through a lot emotionally. I really hope the doctor can find out what to do differently for the next time. And I understand what you mean about giving it another try. We are really praying and hoping this one time is all that we will need, because I don't know if we can do it again, emotionally and financially.
Well i'll keep in touch and I'll try to take it easy (although this is very hard for me to do).
Wishing you the best,


Julie - Hoping - June 23

Hi Risa and ladies
I figured I'd check back in although now I am quite far behind the rest of you... I have 18 follicles ready and will be taking Novarel tonight for a retreival on Sunday. At this point I'm nervous about retrevial but glad they're taking them all out, today's the first day I've really felt very uncomfortable but last night I didn't sleep well either, laying flat just sort of makes me ache. Such an odd sensation to have your ovaries be sore. Please share your retrevial stories if you don't mind too much... does it hurt a lot? Is the post retrevial cramping bad? I'm so glad to be done with the belly shots - 3 a night was getting really old... I suppose it's my butt's turn now. DH has still been dedicatedly giving me all the shots, but ugh he may be sent to China for work meetings when we'd get our pregnancy results back if everything from now until then occurs as planned. Good luck to all and I hope to hear from you - thanks


honeybaby - June 23

Hi Ladies,

I am taking a quick look at your messages and I just want to share that everything is positive for now, I am schedule to go on Monday for more blood test. I did have cramps like early period symptoms now i am very tired and feeling sleepy. Thank goodness school is over and I will be staying at home with my boy.

is good to read someone new in this space just take it easy and try not to be to active from here till sunday, you might feel blow it and constipated just eat reasonable and drink gatorade my dr., recommended that and after your retrieval you might have a slight staining and pain but ask your doctor for care instructions you will be fine. I had 16 follicles retrieved and I felt so ache and sleeeping was horrible.

Don't give up your chances and ask the 2nd dr., abouth hatching and ICSI and the possibility of blastocyst.

I have to go but I will be checking in later


Risa - June 24

Hello everyone,
Honeybaby I am so happy for you. Positive test results, that's great!!! I don't have my test until next Friday and I forgot to ask if they would give me the results that day or after the second test, like you. But again, I am thrilled for you and I pray we can all join you soon.
And Julie, welcome back. I can't believe how quickly your retrieval has come. It seems like just a few days ago you were on here with us. I only had 7 eggs to retrieve so my experience is probably very different from you, Wen and Honeybaby. But I felt the same way, nervous about the retrieval but so anxious for it to occur. I have never been under anesthesia and was nervous about that. But apparently my doctors have you awake enough to talk to you but I don't remember a thing. It was crazy, one minute the nurse asking me how I was feeling and the next minute they're telling me that my dH is bringing the car around. I only had slight cramping about 3-4 hours after the retrieval and took regular Tylenol. I felt like all the bloating and discomfort was completely gone after the retrieval. Then I was anxious about if the eggs would fertilize okay, which they all did. And then the transfer, which didn't hurt at all. I was just so nervous the embies would fall out somehow. I still wonder if they're in there.
I'll be away, visiting family until Thursday, which is good it will make the wait go by faster. But then I have to hear comments like, "when are you two gonna have a baby?"
I'll check in with you all when I get back or maybe before if I can. Good luck Julie with the retrieval and transfer and best of luck also Wen and HOneybaby.



Wen - June 25

Hello ladies,
That's great news Honeybaby! I am so happy for you and your husband, I'll be hoping for the best w/ your next test on Monday.
Good to see you are back, Julie. Wow, 18 follicles, that's great. I really looked forward to my retrieval day because I was so curious how many eggs and how many fertilized, etc. It's the first time anyone can actually see the eggs. The unpleasant part for me was the IV. I have small veins that are hard to find so blood tests and IV are painful. They gave me a little heat pack to place on the IV tube, it helps warmed the fluids and took the sting out of it. The good part was they give me general anesthesia so I'm out in an instant and then in the blink of an eye I'm in recovery. My doc writes the number of eggs retrieved on the palm of my hand, you can ask your doc to do that too, so you know as soon as you wake up and don't forget. Because of the general anesthesia, I don't drink too much water too fast while in recovery. I did that the first time and I puked on the way home. But I did need to drink because they don't release me until I can pee on my own. I rested a lot in recovery, I would drift off to sleep and wake up like 3 or 4 times. I went back to work the next day. My lower abdominal area was still sensative - felt heavy and some tenderness, but it goes away. Just take your time when moving about, wear comfortable clothes and get as much rest whenever you want. I was on Medrol from retrieval day to transfer day and it kept me up all night - that's how I happened upon this website. Could not get to sleep so I was surfing the web at 3 a.m.
Not sure if Risa has left for her family visit, but I totally hear you about the comments! I also heard from an aunt last month that my cousin is expecting after trying for just 1 month. I was happy for her, but at the same time it made me feel even more unhappy for myself. I did mention to my aunt that we were going through our 2nd IVF cycle only because she happened to be telling me about some genetic test she took to screen for cancer and she was trying to encourage me to check it out because she tested positive for the gene. Well, I basically told her thank you for the info, but our priority is trying to start a family and I would have to consider how this gene test would affect our chances of having a baby. Not only that, but she said her other daughter will remove her ovaries to reduce her risk for ovarian cancer. So that's when I felt compelled to tell her we are still trying to start a family. I just want her to lay off telling me about cancer risks. I really miss my mom, she passed away 13 years ago. I have no sisters. It would've been so much of a comfort to be able to share this with her. I have a wonderful step mom now, but it's not the same. No one in our family has ever gone through IVF, so they just don't understand. My dad is so supportive, but emotionally there's only so much I can expect him to understand. You guys are great, I hope we will all have babies in the near future!



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