Could really use an IVF cycle buddy for early June
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Julie - Hoping - June 1

Hi ladies

Ifdrgnfly99 welcome and good luck! I hope everything goes great for you!

I had some really dissappointing news yesterday morning... apparently as soon as I got off the pill my body decided to make a follicle even on the Lupron. My doctor assures me that it is nothing I did and it doesn't mean the Lupron won't work in the future, basically that these things just happen sometimes. I still cried, not with him but in my nurses office. Yet another dissappointment in this never ending ride. I was really mentally ready to get started with this.

I took ovidrel last night, the doctor beleives that if I can ovulate the follicle I can start in two weeks. Unfortunately I found out that if I don't start in two weeks it won't be until late July because the embriology lab closes once a year for calibration and cleaning.

Risa I hope your appointment went better and I'll still check ina nd see how you ladies are doing. Please still write and let me know how the stims are going and if big ovaries really hurt. Talk with you soon good luck to everyone!


Risa - June 2

Ugh! I thought the stimulation shot (started yesterday) was very painful. What do you think? If yours does not hurt too bad, please share with me where your dh is injecting it. I guess it is also because it is sooooo much fluid being inserted. I am mixing all of my meds with 1 ml of the saline. I really am not looking forward to the Progesterone injection now since I know that will be a very large needle.
So how are your stimulation shots going so far? I guess you must have your next ultrasound on Sunday?
I am just praying that this works for both of us so we don't have to go through this again.


Wen - June 7

Hi there, this is my 2nd IVF cycle, but first time to this website. My transfer is scheduled for Thursday, 6/8. I am 37 and husband is 40, have been trying for 3 years now. I was on lupron, follistim and menopur. I found follistim and menopur to be most painful, no matter where injected and although the progesteron needle looks scary, it has been nearly painless. I find the key is to alternate cheeks and it helps to "mark" the injected site w/ a small bandaid so you don't zap it twice too soon. Also, have DH firmly pinch the area when the needle goes in, and try watching tv or something to try to distract yourself during the injection.

Risa, did you have your retrieval? How did it go? I just had mine on Monday. I feel very bloaty and cramped compared to the first time, dr. says this is normal. So bad that even though I am so hungry, I can barely eat because it's uincomfortable. My follicles were a little larger than last time, and developed more evenly, so this seems to be the reason for the bloatiness. I ended up w/ 20 eggs, but only 8 fertilized. 3 premature, 3 postmature. Some were poly-spermic. This is only the second day, so will wait and check back w/ dr. tomorrow. He plans to do a 3rd day transfer.

I am taking Medrol through Thursday, but it has a way of keeping me up all night - did you go through that too? That happened to me last time. It's making me anxious because I still have to go to work in 5 hours, but haven't slept at all.


Risa - June 10

Ok, I'm a little slow. I have been checking this thread since last week and thought no one has been posting anything because I didn't see there was a page 2!!
So I'm with it now and Julie (if your still on the site) I am so sorry about the news. I don't understand how a follicle still formed even when you were on the Lupron. It's terrible since now you have to wait until the end of July. I really hope everything works out for you and your husband and please keep us posted.

Hello Ifdragonfly and Wen. YOu both sound a little ahead of me. I started my stims on June 1 and anticipated that I would be getting ready for a retrieval soon, but it is still up in the air because at my last ultrasound, the doc said I had too few follicles that have developed. So he increased my dose to 3 Bravelles and 1 Menapur, which concerns me because I'm nervous about hyperstimulation. Yesterday, I started to feel like I ate at a buffet all day. I have an appointment on Monday to see if more follicles have developed and if I might be ready for retrieval on 6/14. I hope so.
Wen, if the follicles develop more evenly, then there is even more feelings of bloating? You are probably already in your waiting period already? Well keep us posted and thanks for letting me know that even though the progesterone needle looks horrible it won't be so bad. I think the stimulation injections are pretty painful too.
Ifdrgnfly99, did you have your retrieval yet?



Wen - June 11

Hi Risa, good luck, hope it's a "go" for you next week. Make sure you have your lupron with you the day you go for your next bloodtest. They might call you up in the afternoon after they get the results and tell you to take a shot "NOW"! They did that to me on both cycles. I wasn't prepared the first time and ended up racing home from work to get my shot.

I think the bloating is more related to the lining. I noticed this time my lining was thicker, which is good for implantation. The cramping went away, but dr says bloating lasts, especially if pregnancy is achieved.

I had my transfer on Thursday. We transferred 6 total. 2 A's, 2 B's, and 2 B/C's - "A" being the better quality ones. Since last time we transferred 4, we decided to be more aggressive this time. We did a 3 day transfer. Dr said 5 day transfer is ideal, but not always possible. He said because of the way the embryos were developing they decided to do the 3 day transfer, said the body is a better incubator than the lab. Did you have a chance to discuss this with your dr? What were his thoughts on that?

I think the hardest part for me now is to try to stay positive. It's easy to worry about all the things that could go wrong and then try to "plan". I envy people who get pregnant so easily and can celebrate each stage of their pregnancy. For me each step has been more a sigh of relief and then anxiousness about how the next step will go.

Being able to read everyone's postings has helped me. It's not easy to talk about this with others who haven't gone through it.

Keep me posted on how you're doing.



Risa - June 11

I had to go back to the RE today (Sunday), because I was very scared after having lower pelvic pain since Friday. I was freaking out that somthing happened to my left ovary (where the pain was) or the follicles. Since I only have 7 follicles that have developed and they are not expecting more to show, I was very concerned. Well, the doc says everything looks okay and that I may have undiagnosed endometriosis. I am just so relieved that everything is okay with my ovaries.
Please explain why I would need the lupron based on what they see on the blood test. You had to do an additional shot of lupron prior to your retrieval??
Wow, 6 eggs transferred!!! That's great. How do you feel besides anxious? I know what you mean about the worrying, we can't help but do that when we are putting so much emotion and care into everything we are doing right now. I'm usually a big pessimist to prepare myself for the worst, but I have been trying really hard to think and plan positively. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you hear a positive result in a few weeks. As for me, the doctor discussed doing a 4 or 5 day transfer depending on how the embryos are developing. So we'll see. Thanks for being on here, so great to have others to talk to about this.


Wen - June 12

Wow, I am glad your ovaries are okay and had the RE check it out, I'll pray that the rest goes smoothly for you.

I'm not exactly sure what they found in my blood test, but since lupron is used to suppress the LH surge, my guess is that as the retrieval day got near my body must have been kicking out its own LH. If my LH surged on its own then the eggs could have released on their own. So I had a total of 3 lupron shots that day instead of the usual 2.

To tell you the truth, before I stumbled onto this this website I had no idea how much information other women were getting about their results and progress. I never thought to ask about so many these things.

This is the hardest part for me - waiting. Up to the transfer things feel like they are moving - taking the stims, going for u/s, getting ready for retrieval, etc. But once the transfer is done, I can't do anything but hope and pray.

I'll be thinging of you too and hoping you have a successful retrieval and transfer day.



Risa - June 13

Well, my appointment today showed everything looking okay and the retrieval will be on Thursday morning. I am anxious about the larger needle tonight though. But like you mentioned before, the stims hurt alot and hopefully this won't be as bad even though it looks so big. I also have learned a lot from this site and just reading everyone's experiences. What date do you have your blood test to see if you are pregnant? I'll count down the days with you.


honeybaby - June 13

Hello ladies,

I just wanted to say hi to you and to share with you as well that I went through all the meds and even though it was overwhelming day after day now that I had my retrieval and transfer of two embies I am hoping for the best results.
I do feel that I am playing God with this procedure IVF in the long term all I want is a healthy child to love. I also read that emotional rollercoaster that it is to you when you have health complications but if I would tell you that my dr., could not find a reason why my tubes became clogged after my first baby it makes no sense. We waited 6 years trying naturally until we took it upon other ways, so ivf was. Hold on and get as much support from your partners. God bless.


Risa - June 14

Welcome Honeybaby, thanks for your good thoughts. When did you have your transfer? And how old are you if you don't mind me asking? I am just curious about your doc only transferring 2 embies. My RE thinks they will only transfer 2-3 for me also. I just am curious how this all works, because Wen just had 6 transferred. I too sometimes feel like we are playing God, but then my dh reminds me that God placed these doctors here to help us.
I have a question, because I am uncertain I did this correctly and am worried. Last night I did the hcG injection, since my retrieval is tomorrow. However, I pinched the area firmly while my husband injected. After doing this, we realized it was supposed to be intramuscularly and by pinching the area, isn't it only going in the fat??? What are your thoughts on this and have either of you pinched the area where you are doing the intramuscular shot? I just hope the medicine got to where it is supposed to go.


Wen - June 14

Hi Honeybaby, did you have a blastocyst transfer? Risa, my dr recommended transferring 5, but there were a total of 6 embryos w/ potential so my husband and I decided on 6. The night before the transfer we discussed what would be the maximum we would be comfortable transfering just to prepare ourselves. We also have to consider my age (37) and how that affects the quality of the eggs. My dr said that they would not do a 4 or 5 day transfer w/ my embryos because there were only 2 A quality. He said that waiting to 5 days could result in no embryos to transfer. Embryos that make it up to the 5 day transfer stand a much better chance of resulting in pregnancy, so fewer (like 2) are transferred. I was really hoping to be able to have a 5 day transfer too, since this would reduce chances of multiples. I've read some pretty strong remarks from the dr on this website about how he firmly believes in only doing 5 day transfers. But it seems there is no clear evidence whether embryos do better in the uterus or the lab from day 3.
Sounds like you did the hcg fine. You pinch the area to reduce the pain, but once the needle goes all the way in you let go - you'll do the progesterone shot the same way. You hit the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks and make sure the needle goes straight in, not at an angle and you'll be fine.
Yes, I have the same thoughts about playing God, especially the first time around. But seeing how the odds are still against me, God still plays a huge roll in the outcome of this. Your husband is right, we can thank God that we have this technology, how far it has come along, and that we are even healthy candidates for IVF.
I am nervous about my blood test which is Saturday. I want to stay home that day when doc calls w/ the results. Last time we were out shopping for my husband's bday golfclubs when he called and I wanted to cry, but was to embarrassed to make a scene.
Your transfer day is right around the corner, I am really excited for you and your husband. I felt really excited before my transfer date, couldn't wait to get the fertilization report the next day.
Hope to hear from you soon!


Wen - June 14

Oops, I meant "retrieval day" is right around the corner.


Risa - June 16

So, honeybaby, you had a 3 day transfer? I hope after all of this, our blood test will show positive results.

Wen, you only have one more day to wait. I would want to be at home also. It is such big news that home would be the best place. Be sure to give us the news, I'll be hoping for the best for you and your husband tomorrow.

I had my retrieval yesterday and will not be hearing from the office until tomorrow about when the transfer will be. I don't feel as bloated anymore since they took all of those eggs. My body only produced 7, so I could not even imagine how 20 must have felt. Although I can only help but wonder if any of those 7 will be good enough. We are also doing ICSI, due to male factor infertility. I hope everything went okay. Wen, you mentioned something earlier about a call after the retrieval informing you of fertilization? Should I call the office to ask?
Thank you guys again for being here. We have so many emotions about this and it is hard to share with anyone who has not gone through it.


Wen - June 16

Honeybaby, I was wondering why your dr decided to hatch the embryos on your first IVF attempt. Was it due to something they knew about the embryos or was it just an option you chose to take? After my first failed IVF on a 3 day transfer, a thought crossed my mind that implantation could have been the problem. Hatching was not presented to me as an option on both cycles, so I figured it was something decided by the dr.
Risa, you should definitely call your dr and ask for a fertilization report. Tell them you would like to check back each day if you want to, to find out how they are progressing.
My bloating is still there, but has gone down a lot, so I am more comfortable now. How are the progesterone shots going for you? I have to say that the progesterone injection sites are bugging me now. They feel "tough" and some places get tender and my upper thighs are feeling a little numbness. I wonder if walking around more helps? I don't recall the numbness happening the first time. Maybe I am too much of a couch potato. I am having problems w/ constipation which I read can be a side effect from the progesterone. So I drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies, which helps only a little. Yesterday I had a really bad cramp all of a sudden, but it went away as soon as I used the bathroom, so hopefully it was just gas or something. At first I panicked thinking it was a prementrual cramp.
I am anxious about tomorrow. The lab closest to home opens at 6 am, so I plan to be there bright and early. By the way, do either of you have trouble with blood test? My veins are hard to see, I get drawn from different places. I don't like when they draw from the top of my bony hands.


Risa - June 17

Well, I just received the call this morning that the Dr. would like to transfer 3 of the embies tomorrow. He said that we could reduce it to 2 embies if dh and I do not want the 33% chance of having triplets. I think that we have decided on the 2 rather than the 3 embryos and hopefully one of them will attach.
AS for the progesterone shots, I just started them today and it is not too bad. Maybe activity would help to distribute the medicine better, but I'm not sure. I am just nervous about the lumps that could occur if your don't massage the area afterwards. Do either of you have lumps in the area?
So...... Wen..... results yet???? I'll keep you in my thoughts today.


Wen - June 18

I think 2 is good too. Sounds like the dr believes you have good chances w/ 2. I'll be hoping for the best for you.

I didn't have good news yesterday. It is so frustrating. I don't know what problem, if any I have. I am feeling like a hopeless case. We will meet with dr when I get my period and discuss where to go from here. ICSI, hatching, PGD? I don't know. I think it's time for a 2nd opinion. I really like my dr, but wondering if he's too conservative? The next cycle is going to be w/o insurance, so I might as well get a 2nd opinion from a dr I otherwise would not have been able to see under my insurance.



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