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pj - September 16

that's amazing! congrats, congrats, congrats!!!
here's praying it's smooth sailing (as much as possible with triplets) from here on out!
waiting to hear all about those heartbeats . . .


baby4us - September 16

You must be so ecstatic! How exciting that you get to see the heartbeats next week.. keep us updated!


Karen123 - September 17

Sue, OMG!! How amazing!!!!! A HUGE congratulations to you and DH!!! Karen


Fortyfour - September 17

Holy smoke girl. What a great surprise. I hope they all stay healthy. Keep in touch.


SMS1129 - September 23

Well, I got to see and hear the heartbeats today...all 3 of them!! It was pretty amazing and dh and I are still in shock. Dr. said the heartbeats are really strong and the babies are doing well. I will be seeing him for another 2 weeks and then moving on to a high risk OB in my town. I made that apptmt today, so I will keep praying that things continue to progress.

Thank you all for being here...dreams do come true!!

Baby dust to everyone!!



caroline - September 23

Congratulations! That's such great news. Do you feel nausea?

I'm 3 days past my BFP. My beta was 88 (I only had one embyro transfer, so I know it's not twins) the date I tested for BFP. I'm going back for my second beta tomorrow (4 days past BFP). I'm nervous since I don't feel nausea yet and I have history of multiple m/c. I hope I'm as lucky as you.


SMS1129 - September 23


I haven't had any nausea..knock on wood and I am a little over 6 weeks. I don't think it is required for a healthy pg.

Take care and congratulations!!



justme - September 23

Yippee for 3 heartbeats!! That is great news. I can't wait to go see mine next week!!!!!!



SMS1129 - September 24


When do you go next week...Monday?



hopeforbaby - October 21

:) that is soooo great... to hope for one and get three... wish you and dh the best of luck... kristy



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