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SMS1129 - September 6

I waited all morning for the phone call, psyching myself out that it wasn't to be and then....I got a BFP!!!

My beta was 136. Much better than last time, so I am feeling good. I am still anxious to see what it is on Thursday. The RN said it should rise between a 66 - 100% increase.

Thanks so much to you ladies for your support and to GOD for making it all possible. Now, if I can remain calm for the next few months....

Take care all.



tinkerbell - September 6

Sue, oh sue!! a BIG HUG and warm CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!! I am happy beyond words!!!


justme - September 6

Yippeeeeeeee!!!!! We did it!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Good news 2 days in a row. Congrats!



Fortyfour - September 6

Congrats Sue and happy growing.

Baby dust to all and no m/cs for anyone.


meridithhasfaith - September 7

Congratulations, Sue. That's just wonderful! :D



Meg - September 7


Congrats and wishing you a happy and healthy nine months :)



WantsBaby2 - September 7

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you. I am wishing you a healthy little bundle at the end of your nine months! ;D You deserve it! Take good care of yourself.



baby4us - September 7

What wonderful news.. keep us all posted.. you must be so happy.. and now you have that lovely glow!! I only hope the rest of us can experience it soon too!!!


SMS1129 - September 8

My hcg level was 319 today!!! I go for u/s next Thursday, 9/15, to see what's going on. I am nervous after last time when the doctor saw nothing in numbers were not doubling then though. Now they are more than doubling. I hope that is a really good sign...although I think the worry goes on until the 9 months are up....

Take care and baby dust to all!!



Juniper - September 9

Congratulations!! That is EXCELLENT!!!


sblanton2 - September 9

Congrats!!!! I am thrilled for you!!!!!

Best wishes,


WantsBaby2 - September 9

Wow! Those are good numbers! Congratulations! I hope your tummy keeps growing and growing. Maybe you can rest a little easier with this pregnancy!


Karen123 - September 9

Sue, From what I've learned on this board, the numbers sound great! I'm so very happy for you! Karen


SMS1129 - September 9

Thanks everyone. I don't really feel pg yet, I guess (or hope) that will come. I know the numbers sound good, I can't help being nervous. Maybe after the u/s next week, I will relax a bit. I have been off from work this week on vacation and it's weird, but I look forward to going back on Monday...too much time on my hands. I do appreciate being able to go through this process without added stress though.

Good luck to everyone of you on your journey. I'll keep posting...



silli_kitti - September 9

I"m a little late but CONGRATULATIONS!!

Wishing you an uneventful pregnancy!
Wishing the rest of us BFP's SOON!


SMS1129 - September 16

Well, u/s today revealed 3 sacs!!! My dh and I are still in a fog.
My hcg is 7259 and prog is over 40, so all appears to be good so far.

Next week we are supposed to hear the heartbeats, so we'll see.

Thanks everyone for their continued support! Baby dust to everyone!!



pj - September 16

that's amazing! congrats, congrats, congrats!!!
here's praying it's smooth sailing (as much as possible with triplets) from here on out!
waiting to hear all about those heartbeats . . .



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