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Chrissy35 - December 19

I am married and have tried to get pregnant for 3 years. My husband lacks motivation to have sex. We also found out over a year ago that he has no trace of sperm production. He would like for me to look into sperm donation. I am not sure how I feel about sperm donation, but I do know that I so deparately what to have a child. At least one. I plan to adopt as well. Do you know of anyone who is married and used a sperm donor?


MCRONIN - December 20

:) Girls... I had my ultrasound yesterday, its TWINS! Oh my gosh! we still can't believe it.. what a miracle.. we feel like this is truely a blessed Christmas.

about who to tell, we told everyone we could think of when we were first pregnant in aug.. then we lost it.. its hard to give the bad news>>>so this time only people at work and close friends and family knew our test was positive.. then after our u/s we told a few others.. its so hard not to. i feel sooooooo relieved since the u/s.. i know this is going to be wonderful!
thanks for helping me so much .. and hope for more advice down the road.

((re reading the first line is still so crazy to see.. twins!)) oh goodness! :)


snindy - December 20

Wow, that's great news! We have so many girls right now that is pregnant w/ either one child or twins on this board. This is too amazing! Is this the year that our dreams come true?

Congrats again!


snindy - December 20

I'm not too familar w/ sperm donation but there is a section called Surrogates & Donors in the Shared Journey Community that might be able to help you out. If they can't, then I would ask a fertility Dr if they have any info on this.

Good luck,



Souls - December 30

Congratulations Malissa!!
How truly exciting!!!! Twins!
How is everyone making out?

I'm just getting back into the swing of thing after the holidays. We stayed at my mom's which was truly relaxing...loved every minute.
Well everything seems to be going along different from when I was pregnant this past summer.
The constipation has subsided...thank goodness...the acne on the back is clearing up. I was tired over the holidays b/c we were so busy but I'm just trying to go to bed early and get naps in if need be.
I have been getting up very early lately as my stomache is growling and I am so hungry...believe me...I eat so it's the wee one's appetite. I have mild headaches at times. I still think my stomache is sticking out more than should be for 10-11 weeks. We go for another u/s on the 6th and then I will be released to my reg dr.

Keep me posted on your progress!


Alana - January 16

Hi Ladies-Congrats to all the bfp adn the twins!! I saw your post because I did a search on Dr. Mersol-Barg. I have my first appt with him on Wednesday. I am 28 dh is 34 we did 5 failed IUI's with a different RE. I think our next step is IVF but I wanted a second opinion first and had heard good things about him. So far we have unexplained infertilty so it is very frustrating.

Do the ladies that go to him like him?


rena - January 18

I am with the same doctor as you. I did IUI with him with not luck. The doctor is ok. Even though he did not find my problem by a simple u/s at the the first visit before IUI and caused the delay of the time, I still feel he is good. However, I don't have good experience with the stuff. When I did first IUI the nurse could not insert the cathether several times and caused a lot of pain and later she had to change the chatheter. I think my failed IUI has something to do with the changing of chatheter and lose some sperm sample.
The stuff is not very nice to me and it seems to me they are just doing an usual business. However, in my opinion, this type of business is a special type of business and it requires a caring stuff to run. Also, the price is higher than other clinit. Where, each person has their own experience and you might want to find out yourself.
Good luck with you!


Lani - January 19

Rena-Thanks so much for your opinion. I was fairly impressed with him yesterday. He sat with us for almost 2 hours goign over our history and next steps. He seems very thourough and loves what he does. I did notice that his prices are a little higher than the previous clinic but not significantly. He does do more monitoring during an IUI cyle than my other RE. We are going to be doing IVF...after 5 IUI's that didn't work I am not doing any more.

I have an appt with IVF of Michigan in Rochester Feb 1st so I am going ot keep that appt as well for another opinion and then we will decide who do move into IVF with.


snindy - January 19

I went through IVF of Michigan in Rochester. Wonderful doctors and staff. I will tell you that you may sit in the waiting room a little longer than normal doctor offices. So be prepared to sit awhile.
But my doctors were Dr. Abuzeid and Ashraf, they are very professional and knowledgeable.

Good luck on making your decision. I did have a happy ending and I hope you do to.



rochestermi - January 20

Dear Lani,

Would you mind telling me your current RE? I have failed IUI and I am moving on to IVF in couple of month. I am looking for a good clinic. I did some reasearch about it and found IVF Michigan has the highest successful rate in Detroit.
Good luck and thank you!


Lani - January 23

Thanks for the words of encouragement. My appt with Dr. Abuzeid is next wed Feb 1st.

I went to University Women's Care Dr Puscheck for about 7 months. I had 5 failed IUI's. I decided to switch doctors because i really didn't like the office staff and my doc was more interested in research than her patients.

So I went on a search for a new doc. I had heard good things about Dr. Mersol-Barg in Birmingham and I just had my appt with him last week....and I also have heard great things about IVF of Michigan in Rochester which is the appt i have on feb 1st. After that I will decided who to do the IVF with.

Good luck to you.


Souls - February 12

Dear Lani,

I had a friend go to Dr. Abuzeid and I believe she had a good experience with him.

I went to Dr. Mersol-Berg and unlike Rena I have had a good experience with them. Yes in the beginning it seemed a bit uncomfortable but then you get to know the staff and they are really good. The Doc. as you may have seen is a little bad on his humour side but he is a caring man. He was also very agressive with regards to my experience. I was on Clomid for two month which did nothing but cause depression...he took me off of it and started me on Gonal-F. It helped out right away and I concieved that month.
Let's face facts. Non of us are truly thrilled to be walking in their offices in the first place. Then having to go there week after get tiresome. I can't say I had the best attitude every time I went.
I had concieved and m/s that same year. There was no reason why I couldn't concieve-like you unexplained and we had tried for almost two years too.
I also had no bad experience with the catheter. As far as any of the IUI's husband and I had no bad experiences what so ever.

By now you have already met with both dr's and made a decision. I just wanted to give you my experience.

Best of luck


Lani - February 14

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have chosen Dr. Mersol-Barg and so far have been pretty happy. I am most impressed with the doc himself. I do think you have to wait a very long time for u/s and b/w today I was in there today for an hour and the nurse taking my blood was horrible, I think she is probably retired and she said she only does it a few days a week but she couldn't decide which arm to use and then was visably nervous..she ended up getting the blood no problem but it was more work then I am used to.

We have our IVF consult with the dr tomorrow so I am looking forward to that. He also had me do a Clomid challenge test which I should have the results of tomorow when we meet with him.

I feel very good about my decision to go with him. Hopefully it will be successful.

Maybe I will see you in the waiting room :)



Souls - March 1

Hi Alana,

It must have been someone new taking blood...I haven't had that happen to me...usually there are only two who have taken blood from me. We chat and it's a quick process. I think you'll like Dr. M-B.

Wishing you all the best...actually hope I won't see you in the office b/c i am due with my baby boy in July and I hope you concieve before then! I will be bringing him in to visit there!

After you concieve and have your 11-12 week u/s you will then go to your regular ob/gyn.

Sending some positive energy!


Alana - March 3

I am so glad things have worked out for you. I hope they will for me as well. We are getting ready to do the IVF unless AF stays away this weekend (although I am trying not to get my hopes up) I am so scared of the IVF but I trust the Doc and the nurses so I hope it will be okay.

I hope you continue to have a happy/healthy pregnancy.



fiso - March 3

Alana, no need to be scared about the IVF. I had it done twice. The retrieval can be kind painful afterwards for a little while. You need to rest as much as you can. and always think positive. Once you have the transfer done, think that you will have done everything you can, you just have to wait...the infamous 2ww! Come back see us during those 2ww!



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