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snindy - December 6

I had no clue that I was having twins, even right now I don't feel like I'm having twins. The only thing that I'm noticing is a little spotting here and there, which they say you bleed or spot when your having twins. I had a dream that I was having girl twins, but I have a feeling I'm having a b/g. So we'll see.....
I was 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I went in for the u/s. I thought I was 6 weeks but to my surprise I was farther along. Which made me even happier.
This pregnancy is smooth sailing so far, I've had headaches and I'm hungry all the time but other than that I'm not having any other problems. Hopefully it won't hit me in the next couple of weeks.
But I'm still a little scared and I'm praying everyday that I can carry them to term.



MCRONIN - December 7

Well, Monday i took HPT and it was + .. today i had bHCG done and it was + and #'s were 298 .. we go again on fri to see the #'s doubling (we hope) so say your prayers.. 298 is good right??

Malissa :)


snindy - December 7

I will say lots of prayers for you. How many embryos did they put in you?

Keep us posted


MCRONIN - December 7

Hi, they put in 2 eggs the 28th of Nov.. without IVF i had an ectopic PG before so, after my 2nd hcg testing on fri, they want me to do an early U/S on the 19th to make sure i dont have another ectopic.. i think i'm going to ask the drs here what the chances are of that happening.. i want to be more excited, but i am scared too.. so even if #;s fri are doubled, it doesn't mean i wont have tubal again. so 19th will be my special happy day.. wish us luck
How is your pregnancy going sofar?? how far along are you exactly.. when you had your miscarriage did they give you much explanation? .. how far along were you then.. today i'd be.. 4 weeks..



snindy - December 7

It's smooth sailing, hopefully the sickness won't kick in any time soon. Right now I'm 8 weeks and 4 days.

They told me that it was probably a bad embryo, they ran all these blood test and they came back negative.

I was told on a Wednesday that I was pg, that Saturday during the afternoon, I started bleeding and then the cramps started. It was the worst experience ever. So I was about 4 weeks pg. We were so crushed!

So I'm going longer this time and we saw the heartbeats so that's a good sign.

Being scared is normal, I'm not sure about the whole tubal experience so I don't know if it could happen again. I bet that was a painful experience, how did you know? Did you have a lot of pain on your side?



MCRONIN - December 7

You should be fine .. heathly heartbeats are a great sign..

with me , AF was due on a Wed.. (i was an every 26 day girl) thurs i took 2 HPT both had faint + lines... Fri had bloodwork.. it was positive!! we were so excited.. since i had tubal surgery 3 months before this to open my tubes, they wanted to do an U/S right away when i saw the dr. so we went in for what my husb and i thought was to be good news... had U/S, saw heart beat thought things were fine, waited for dr .. he sd pg is in tubes and we had to rush to emergency surgery right away... ( i had NO SIGNS) at all... he opened me up to take tube and found my tube had ruptured and i had nearly a pint of blood pooling in my body. NO signs mind you! he said it was a blessing we did the u/s when we did and went straight to surgery or i could have bled to death.. So this happened at 6 1/2 weeks pg.. we had 2 weeks of happiness, and then this horror! I am much more positive right now there is small % of another tubal (per the wonderful internet) and my uterus and ovaries are heathly just probs w/ my tubes. so no reason i can't carry to term. I have good beta HCG#s at 298 so hope they double on fri..
thanks for listening.. and good luck with the pregnancy & hope to talk to you friday with good news.


MCRONIN - December 9

Hello.... its official! beta's are up to 682! so thats great! whoohoo!!


Souls - December 14

Congratulations Malissa-that is awesome news! So happy to hear about another BFP.

I'm currently 8 weeks.
I m/c last time at 9-10 weeks. This time it's been very smooth-except for this constipation which is new to me. :o)
My first u/s is Friday and last time this far into the pregnancy I had 4 u/s...ahhh.


baby4us - December 14

Congrats Malissa, Souls and Cindy.. such exciting news!!!!


MCRONIN - December 14

Souls : Its so funny you mention the constipation.. i am having that too and real bad.. i have called the dr 2 times on it because at first i was so scared the pain was something bad w/the baby..i had a tubal at 6 weeks in aug.. i never had anything with my son (yet it has been a long time since then) haha right now i am 5 weeks.. and having my first ultrasound the 19th.. i'll be more relaxed and be able to enjoy the fact of being pregnant a little more, and not scared something bad will happen all the time once i have that.. I analyze every little twinge and cramp and pain. let me know how the u/s goes.

baby4us : i am so glad things are working out for you this time! that is great. ill write again monday after u/s ;)


snindy - December 14

Just a little note, my dr said the prenatal vitamins could cause constipation so he said to switch to a prenatal vitamin that has stool softner, it has helped.

But maybe your situation is different so maybe eat lots of fruits and bran cereal and drink lots of water! Water will get everything flowing.

Just thought I would add my 2 cents in.

Take care,


MCRONIN - December 14

Thanks snindy I've been trying.. yes they sd the iron in the prenatal vits can be a partial cause.. they sd i could take metimucil (yuk) or this stool softener that starts with a c.. i dont remember off hand the name.. i even made a huge pot of chili last night for supper! haha still didn't work. i been eating raisin bran every day.. staying away from cheese.. drinking as much juice and water as i can.. its a small price to pay though for the end result!


i can't wait til the u/s on monday!


snindy - December 14

Sounds like your doing everything you can, it's just one of those things you look forward to when your pg I guess. hopefully it won't last to long.

I would take constipation over a headache any day. I had a stupid hormonal headache all last week. The only thing that finally took it away was a heating pad on the back of my neck.

I've also noticed that when I eat, I can only eat small amounts, I get really full. I think it has something to do with me having twins, maybe there is no room for my stomach to enlarge. Maybe this will be a good thing, maybe I won't gain 25 lbs. I can only hope!

I can't wait for your u/s either, you will be so amazed on what you will see.....



Souls - December 17

Hi Mommies to be,

I've been on my prenatals since the beginning of the year so I can't attribute the constipation to them. So ya, just the hormones...fruit and prunes and hot water with lemon or's been helping...occasionally my natural drink that is like metamucil.

Well it's been a long and blurry day to say the least. I had my first u/s today. The dr was prepping us for multiples b/c of my high hcg numbers...infact it was very nerve wracking b/c everyone in the office just wanted to many????
Well-we are happy to say we have one very healthy heartbeat! We saw the wee one! We are very happy and blessed and it is such a relief. I was nervous with anxiety waiting this week for the appt. There was another sac which means there was another possibility that just never the sac was small.
We are very happy but at the same time yes we did wish for more than one once we knew there was a possibility...this will be our first. Quite funny, the dr actually told us that he truly said a prayer hoping there wasn't more than two b/c he was stressing there might be 4.
I slept 2 hrs this afternoon after hearing...which isn't like me.

Back in two + weeks for another u/s.
I am excited to show my picture to family and friends over the holidays. Right now just my sis and mom and couple friends know. It's hard to know when is the right time to tell everyone. We are just going to tell those close to us we see over the holidays. Now that we saw the heartbeat we feel more confident to share our news.
What's your thoughts on this?--timing


snindy - December 17

First of all, Congrats! You feel so relieved after seeing the heartbeat, it makes you want the baby now.

I told my close relatives after I saw the first heartbeats and then told everyone else after my 2nd u/s, I just wanted to reassure myself that I still had 2 heartbeats. I wanted to wait until 3 months which would be at the end of December but I figured I couldn't hold a secret like that at the Christmas gatherings.

For some people they tell everyone at 3 months, other people tell everyone right away, so I guess it's all up to you.



Chrissy35 - December 19

I am married and have tried to get pregnant for 3 years. My husband lacks motivation to have sex. We also found out over a year ago that he has no trace of sperm production. He would like for me to look into sperm donation. I am not sure how I feel about sperm donation, but I do know that I so deparately what to have a child. At least one. I plan to adopt as well. Do you know of anyone who is married and used a sperm donor?



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