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rena - November 18

Hi, Beau,

Just handing there. I will pray for you. I switched to Dr. Mersol-Bart on Oct, but I had not started IUI yet since I have cyst from Clomid that was prescribed from my previous RE. I was plan to do IUI on Nov. cycle but cancel it. I hope my cyst will go away on Dec. so I could do IUI. Could you tell me what's the dose of Gonal-F you used? My dr. gave me 75 Unit. My friend told me it's too low. My friend did IUIs with dr. Mersol-Bart as well and she had 3 babies. Keep positive! I think you will success. I understand what you went through as I am in the same boat. I had 1 ectopic and 1 MC before.
It's hard.


shansy - November 18

Rena and Beau-

I also live in Michigan and met with Dr. Mersol-Barg once. However, our insurance isn't affiliated with his office, so we could not afford to stay with him. I felt very confident with him- I also attended a RESOLVE of Michigan meeting (it has many dr.'s and experts in the field of infertility that you have dinner with and then can ask questions) and Dr. Mersol-Barg attended that so I got the feeling that he is extremely brilliant in this field as many other dr.'s kept referring questions to him. I am currently at U of M. If this next IUI does not work, we will be moving onto IVF and most likely going to IVF of Michigan since I have heard so many good things about it. Good luck to you both and keep in touch!


rena - November 19

Thank you for your info.Could you tell me more info about the RESOLVE meeting, such as the location and time. I would like to attend. Best of luck to you!


Souls - November 23

Hi Rena & Shansy,

BTW-I signed in so I wouldn't be a new name is Souls.
We actually waited until we could switch insurance and then I went to Dr. Mersol-Berg. Well worth it! I got a you may have read in my other posts.

I would try a few months if you can on Gonal-F...with the IUI-I obviously got great results...Clomid sucks! In my opinion I think it's worth it b/c IVF is so expensive with no guarentee. It's not just the money either...I just know I wasn't ready for it if I didn't get a BFP this month. Everyone is different thoug.
Good luck and keep me posted!


rena - November 23

Contratulations! I just came back from Dr. Mersol-Barg's office and the nurse told me that my cyst from last two cycle's Clomid is still there (it actually becomes bigger 38 mm). I can't do IUI this cycle again. She wants me to take birth control pill to get rid off the cyst. I don't know if it can help. Did you have cyst when you were on Clomid? I am so depressed. I have already delay for 2 cycles because of this cyst. I am 42 and I can't wait for too long sine time is running for me. But I don't know when the cyst will go away. I didn't take birth control pill last cycle for the cyst that the nurse gave me.
I am kind of frastructed that I only see Dr. Mersol-Barg once and never see him again. Always the the nurse talke to me about my problems. I try to talk to Dr. Mersol-Barg about my cyst but could not talk to him in the office. Do you have the same experience that you could not reach Dr . Mersol-Barg ?
Thanks and have good holiday!


shansy - November 23


I heard about RESOLVE through a friend of mine- I think they have a website and you can find out if there are any meetings, times, dates, etc. I just went to that dinner (in Aprilish?) and haven't been involved with them since, but it is a good resource of information.

Souls- CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP!!!!!! :) You give me hope as I did two cycles of IUI's- one with Clomid and the other with Femara. Our next one is with Gonal-F, so it gives me hope that we have similar situations...but who knows?? Enjoy your pregnancy! :)

Babydust to all


Souls - November 28

Hi Cindy,

Nov 30...I'm sure you are counting the hours for that appt. I also live in Michigan and like you I believe in positive energy. I just found out last week (BFP)...I've gone for two blood test and I'm on the high end of the HCG scale which is great b/c when I was pregnanct last time my numbers were at the low end and I had gone for 5 ultrasounds by week 9...m/c week 10.
My first U/S is Dec 8th and I'm told to bring my dh to see the heartbeat! or beats...
I can also see my uterus growing what seems to be at a faster rate than the first time. I'm thin so it's noticable...I also feel the pressure. Are you having this? I seem to be more relaxed about everything this time around...I don't know what it is...cross my fingers it stays that way.

I'm sending out my positive energy to all and Cindy keep us posted!



Souls - November 28

opps-sorry Rena...I was back a page and missed your post...I'm still getting use to this board...

First off I was still going through a lot of hormones with my m/c when I first went to Dr. Mersol-berg...and thought I was a little testy and emotional and sensitive to the fact that he was not around much.

So after having a totally unsuccessful round with Clomid I asked to talk to him...the nurse came in and she said she would try to answer all my questions and if I still wanted to talk to the Dr. she would set something up.
Well-she answered all my questions and calmed me down.
By the second month I was getting depressed on Clomid and asked to speak with the dr...he took over an hour to discuss again what was going on with me. He's a little different in my opinion but a very nice and caring human being. He validated that yes Clomid can make you depressed and took me off of it right away.

Oh-when I got a bladder infection on Clomid the dr also called me right back when I phoned with questions about the meds I was on. If you have any questions and the office is not open phone and someone will get back to you.

I think what I'm hearing from you and what I think the nurses are guilty of is that they are just telling you what to do and not giving you more explanations for everything or the when, when, when...on the flip side I learned that you really need to ask all your questions.

In my opinion. Deal with the cyst b/c it sounds like until that is taken care of you can't move forward...I understand it's hard as you look at the months past but all and all I think the Dr. is a good Dr. so let him do his job. I understand your age is of concern to you but think of this as a process and look at achieving the best outcome in the long run. (this is what I started to think rather than just looking at it month to month) I looked at the whole picture and focused on the end goal.
You will get there!



snindy - November 28

Thanks for the positive energy! I will also keep you in my prayers.
I'm so glad I have another p/g buddy, we can compare notes.

I have a pressure type feeling in my right side or stomach area, I notice it more when I wear jeans and when I lay flat on my back. I'm more comfy when I wear sweat pants. I think it's too early to buy maternity pants.

My boobs are really sore when I'm wearing a bra, when I'm not wearing a bra, they feel a little tender but nothing too painful.

I look at food and feel green under the gills but some days I'm eating like a pig.

These are the only signs that I have so far.

I'm still on estrogen pills, estrogen patch, Progestrone shots and suppositories, hopefully they will end some of the drugs. I can't stand the shots anymore, I've been getting shots since October.

I don't have a job so it's easier for me to lay around the house all day.

I have been scared and living each day with caution, I'm afraid that I will miscarry again. I have a bigger fear that on Wednesday they won't find anything. I think it's all in my head so I don't think I should worry that the baby stopped growing. My dietician said to think positive and to stop thinking that way, she said if I'm going to miscarry, there is nothing I can do to prevent it, it's usually a sign that something was wrong with the baby anyway.
I know that she is right so I have been trying to get a little excited, I think once Wednesday comes, I'll be more excited.

I'll keep you posted,


bugdiddle - November 28

Dear Cindy and Souls,

I am looking for some positive signs myself. I go in for my pt tomorrow morning. I just did my 1st IVF cycle. I am on progesterone shots and was doing suppositories, but had some kind of reaction and they just doubled my dose of the shot and took me off the other. I don't feel anything. My boobs are really sore/tender and I've had some minor cramping every now and then. Any ideas? Should I feel something by now? I don't want to get my hopes up, but yet I wish someone could share their experience. Is it really too soon to actually "Feel" pregnant? How far along are each of you? Any advice?




snindy - November 29

Feeling like your going to get your period is a big sign that you could be pg. They say that when you have an achy feeling from time to time that the embryos are attaching to the wall.

I started getting the achy feeling here and there about a week after my transfer and my boobs started to be tender a couple days before my pg test and my back pain was a couple days before pg test also. But other than that I was feeling fine. Oh yeah and my sense of smell was unbelievable.

The day before my pg test, I started spotting but I guess that was implantation bleeding so don't panic if you start to spot. Some girls won't have bleeding or any pg signs.

From the sounds of it, you might have a happy ending!

I'm 6 weeks pg. I'm lasting longer than before.

I can't wait to hear your results! Keep us posted and I will keep you posted about my Wednesday results on how many babies I have.

How many embryos did they put in you?

Talk to you later


rena - November 29

Dear Souls,
Thank you very much for your reply. It really helps.
My cyst is getting bigger. I am on birth control pill now for 14 days. I will be back to the office on Dec. 7 to check if the cyst is gone. If not, I have to do surgery to remove it. I have asked a lot of questions to the nurse but it seems didn't get answered. I might need to schedule an apportment wiht Dr.
With you happy 9 month!


bugdiddle - November 29


Thanks for the words of encouragement. They were able to transfer 2 embryos. 1 grade 1 and 1 grade 2. We had two others that were supposed to make it to get frozen, but for some reason they didn't. I hope that's ok. Maybe I won't need them. I will definitely let everyone know the results tomorrow. Thanks again.



Souls - December 5

Good day All,

I agree with Cindy about the pregnancy signs...I thought I was going to get AF...I had different signs but I couldn't decifer them from AF and what I thought the gonal-f was contributing. Acne was a big one with me...b/c I don't usually get that...oh, and I had started...and still do have acne on my BACK!!!! I've NEVER had that before...I'm told it's the pregnancy hormones.

I am soooooooo trying to just think positive this time. Last time I was a nervous wreck...mind you there was a reason to be. I vision our future family and me months pregnant...I know I'm not out of the clear (6 weeks) but I'm not trying to look at this any other way.
It's amazing how we as humans can put more thought into negative images/thoughts than positive...I'm working on those positive ones.

Cindy-I can't wait to hear your Wed results and how everythig went!
Our u/s just got pushed back to Dec 16th...(it was suppose to be this Thurs) that's fine...hopefully more to see. This weekend I started getting tired...taking naps...which I don't usually do. I'm just going with the flow and really trying to listen to my body...also started having orange cravings.

Rena-yes I would schedule an appt with the dr if you are still not getting reasonable answers...especially if the cyst is not gone on Dec 7. Keep your chin up...I'm thinking positive thoughts for you.



Souls - December 5

BTW-Congrats! Cindy-I just read on another board that you ARE pregnant with twins!!!!!...ok so it was last Wed and I'm a week behind on your post...forgive me...I'm having computer issues so I'm sharing a computer right I'm limited here.
So you saw that in week 6 or 7?
Do you think you had any signs that you might be having twins??? I read about mother intuition? What's your thoughts? Obviously ART contributes but I'm still curious.


snindy - December 6

I had no clue that I was having twins, even right now I don't feel like I'm having twins. The only thing that I'm noticing is a little spotting here and there, which they say you bleed or spot when your having twins. I had a dream that I was having girl twins, but I have a feeling I'm having a b/g. So we'll see.....
I was 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I went in for the u/s. I thought I was 6 weeks but to my surprise I was farther along. Which made me even happier.
This pregnancy is smooth sailing so far, I've had headaches and I'm hungry all the time but other than that I'm not having any other problems. Hopefully it won't hit me in the next couple of weeks.
But I'm still a little scared and I'm praying everyday that I can carry them to term.




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