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snindy - November 10

Well as of now I'm 4 weeks pregnant. I'm still in shock! I want to thank everyone for the baby dust and prayers. I truly believe in the power of prayer.

I find out Nov 30th on the number of babies I will be having.

Thanks again, I know you guys will soon get your wish too!



baby4us - November 10

OMG OMG OMG.. Yeah.. Congratulations.. you must be soooo happy...

I am sure you are anxius to have November 30th here to confirm # of babies!!!!!


WantsBaby2 - November 10

Wow! CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful news! Here's to a happy healthy nine months!



snindy - November 10

thanks guys!

I'm just a little scared, last time it only lasted a couple days, I hope this time I carry it to term. I just have to take it easy and think positive thoughts.

I'll keep you posted



rena - November 11

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I know how you feel. Just hand in there and keep positive.
I reside in MI as weel. Would you might telling me which RE you are seeing. I am looking for a good RE since my previous RE is not good at all. I live in Detroit area.


hopeforbaby - November 11

that is soooo wonderful!!! i am soo happy for you... i hope we all get soo blessed... i hope you have a very uneventful 9 mths... CONGRATS!!!


shansy - November 11

Wow!!!!! Congratulations to you!!!!! May your 9 months be all that you expect! :)


justme - November 12

Woohoo!!!! That is such fabulous news!!!! Congrats!



snindy - November 12

I go to the IVF of Michigan located in Rochester Hills but they have offices in Flint, Saginaw, Ann Arbor and I think Southfield. They are very good doctors, I would recommend IVF of Michigan for a fertility clinic.



rena - November 12

Dear Cindy,
Thank you very much for you valuable info. I live near Rochester Hills and would like to go there. Would you mind telling me the name of the Doctor?
Thanks again and wish you have happy 9 month!


Meg - November 13


Congratulations on your BFP :) I am wishing you a healthy, happy, and uneventful 9 months :)



snindy - November 14

My doctor's name is Dr. Abuzeid. IVF of Michigan is located at South Blvd and Rochester Rd.

At first, you have to have a sit down with him and go over your history and then he will go further and tell you what he needs you to do.

I will warn you that this is not a in and out office, you might have to wait awhile in the waiting area to see the doctor for the actual consultation.
But once you see him, you won't see him again until your procedure, all the ultrasounds are handled by the nurses, which they are wonderful.

Good luck!


rena - November 15

Thank you very much for your info. I was seeing dr. stringer at near SummerSet. He let me took Clomid and I have it for 2 cycles. It ended up with total disaster. My period studdenly stop after taking Clomid and I found out last month that I had an overian cyst. I was told to take birth control pill to get rid off the cyst but I didn't take it since I am afraid of the side effect. I hope the cyst will go away this month. Did you have the same experience? I am thinking to change Dr. since Dr. Stringer refused to do moniter for me and he refused to do IUI or IVF for me since he thought it is not male factor. My friend introdued me Dr. Mersol-Barg in Birminhan to me but the charge is high. My insurance is not covered for IUI or IVF. Do you know this Doctor? How is he? If he is really good I would not mind the high cost.
Thanks again for your info.


Beau - November 18

I am currently with Dr. Mersol-Berg. I am in my 2ww for the third month of IUI.

I started on clomid which did nothing for me fertility wise (didn't create any more follicles than I was making on my own). What it did do was cause me to go into a bit of a funk (depressed). He took me off of it right away.
I am praying right now that I am pregnant. I actually took an early test and it came back negative. I however really had positive results with Gonal-F this month. So I'm still trying to think positive. The nurses were positive that this was the month...very optomistic. They wanted me to know that there was a chance of having quads and still asked if I wanted to move forward with the IUI...with two IUI and no results I figured this would up my husband and I have been through a lot over the past two years and figured we could deal with whatever comes our way.

I believe he is a pretty agressive dr. If I am not pregnant I am still optomistic to try again b/c of the number of follicles this month and how strong they are...but still crossing my fingers.

I know it is a bit costly but I see it as worth it. I can't compare his rates b/c I never even asked for other dr's rates. My girlfriend said he was more expensive than what she payed with her dr when she tried IUI. Insurance doesn't cover the actually IUI and sperm washing.

I hope my babbling helps.


baby4us - November 18

well Beau.. it is nice to see that you are being so optimistic.. I think that is a huge step towards a successful treatment!

But quads.. wow.. how many follies did you produce? I thought teh risk of multiple pregnancy wasn't as high with IUI as it is with an IVF? But perhaps I am wrong!

Let's hope.. if anything.. you have twins!

Good luck


Beau - November 18

Hi baby4us,

I'm trying to be optomistic but I go through stages. I think they just wanted me to know that there was definately a chance we could have multiples...up to four.
They said the reason being that even though I produced more than four follicles-four of them were very husbands swimmers are strong too. I'd have to check my numbers for actual odds but they aren't that high.

Basically I felt as if it was a definate this month...but I feel like a crack addict must feel but instead of crack I'm using e.p.t.'s. I never have used them before but it worked for my girlfriend last month so I've used like 4 of them and I can't believe they are all negative. So today I'm not feeling as optomistic but I'm not going to take another test until after day 30.

I thought with IVF they had a bit more control??-from speaking with my girlfriend who had this done...she could have had potentially three but she had one.

Yes, twins would be awesome. I was very sick this month with a bad cold and I wonder if that will have anything to do with it if I don't concieve...see I'm thinking neg now. All I know is whatever hormone is working on me this week is causing me to break out like a teenager and I've never had an issue with this.

I just came to this board to try and connect with others that can relate to what I'm going through. Sometimes I feel like I"m not getting all the answers from the dr's but the truth is sometimes nobody knows them but time.

BTW-I"m 35, TTC for 2 yrs, MC in June '05, and third month of IUI.


rena - November 18

Hi, Beau,

Just handing there. I will pray for you. I switched to Dr. Mersol-Bart on Oct, but I had not started IUI yet since I have cyst from Clomid that was prescribed from my previous RE. I was plan to do IUI on Nov. cycle but cancel it. I hope my cyst will go away on Dec. so I could do IUI. Could you tell me what's the dose of Gonal-F you used? My dr. gave me 75 Unit. My friend told me it's too low. My friend did IUIs with dr. Mersol-Bart as well and she had 3 babies. Keep positive! I think you will success. I understand what you went through as I am in the same boat. I had 1 ectopic and 1 MC before.
It's hard.



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