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shansy - April 2

Hi everyone,

Well, yesterday I received some pretty bad news and I am feeling really down today. We were scheduled for an IUI on Monday after doing the Gonal-F shots all this month...we went in yesterday for u/s and blood...u/s showed 1 follicle as opposed to 4-5 the day before...then RE called me later in the day to give me my E2 levels and confirm the IUI date, then he told me this-I ovulated on my own the night before! I was shocked. The RE said he was so sorry that the follicles had gotten away from them, that they were waiting for my follicles on my left side to grow a bit more, but they waited too long. Of course DH and I had been abstaining due to the upcoming IUI, so there's no way the follicles were fertilized. :(
I am so upset, I have been crying all day and night. I just feel like it will never happen for us...we were going to RE everyday this past week- how could that happen?? RE said to try again next cycle, but who is to say this won't happen again? I can't believe it. Everything looked so great this cycle- my lining, the follicles, my E2 levels...

Feeling hopeless,


justme - April 2

I am so sorry this happened to you. This too happened to me on my last cycle of IUI with Gonal-F. I had only one out of three cycles where we actually got to the insemination.

I hope this all works out for you. Best of luck.



baby4us - April 4

Shansy I am so sorry.. This actually did happen to me on my first IUI.. I thought the exact same thing.. I was being monitored every day.. how did it happen?

I guess even science can't completely predict our bodies. I know this is devastating an dyou ar eworried about next cycle.. but you've got to think positively.. andmove on to that next cycle. Can you sit down with your doc and RE and ask how to ensure this won't happen next month?

Were you prescribed a needle for inducing ovulation.. I was able to do that with my 2nd IUI.. so just as they saw things were maturing nicely.. I gave myself the needle and went in for my IUIs on the next two days. Are y ou going to do two IUIs in subsequent days.. I kno wthey onyl say you need one.. but I alwasy did two... and well.. hopefully it increases your chances...
Gooc Luck


Kris - April 4


I am so sorry to hear about this I cannot imagine how you must feel. You are in my thoughts.



shansy - April 6

Thanks justme, Baby4Us, and Kris for your thoughts and kind words. It means a lot to me to have support from those who know what this is all like.

I am doing better, got the crying out of me (for the time being) :), and moving forward into my next cycle. We are going to a new Dr. next week and will try an IUI with him with the Gonal-F injections. We are trying to be positive and look ahead... DH has been wonderful- he is ALWAYS optimistic and brings me up when I allow myself to doubt our chances.

Kris- how are things going with you?

Baby4Us- Yes, we did have an Ovidrel shot at home to induce the ovulation...the Dr. said to go ahead and do the shot and then try naturally even though it appeared I already we did, but we aren't getting our hopes up. Also, they only offered 1 day for the IUI instead of 2 days. We are hoping our new Dr.'s office offers 2- even if it doesn't scientifically increase your chances, it has a huge psychological effect on the patient (in my opinion) :) that it might be up your chances.

Thanks again everyone for the support- it really makes this difficult process a little bit easier!

Take care.


baby4us - April 6

Shansy I am so sorry you are going through this.. but a new doctor... hoepfully that will mean a new and better chance at success.

Tell your new doc right away you'd like the back to back IUIs.. as you said.. even if it is pshycological reassurance... it's better than wondering.. what if.. only if? I swear I had conceived on the 2nd day of our 2nd round of IUIs... so that is why I always say to push for that 2nd day. Sure you only need one... but heck.. in for a penny... in for a pound I say!

Good luck with the new doctor.....sending lots of baby dust your way!!


Kris - April 6

I have my beta next Wednesday and am a little nervous but have been staying busy a BFP would be nice though. How are you doing have you had any follow ups with your doctor?



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