August IVF Cyclers
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WantsBaby2 - August 27

Sue and Justme,
Good luck with your 2ww and I hope all your baby dreams come true for you! We are all rooting for you!

I am so sorry about your cancellation. The same thing has happened to me twice this year and I know how devastating that can feel when you are all excited and geared up to go through with IVF. Last month they did not even turn my IVF into an IUI because my estrogen levels were so low... they said there wasn't anything there to even get pregnant with. :(

I hope your doctor can find the right protocol for your next cycle. From what I understand, lots of cycles get cancelled for this reason. It doesn't mean it's not going to work next time!



justme - August 28

Hello ladies! sorry for not being around, i was on bedrest without a computer handy. It is upstairs! I am doing well. We transferred 1-10 cell (excellent quality), and 2-4 cell (low quality, fragmented). I am hopeful though. I just had higher expectatations I guess. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

The Emla Cream works fabulous!!! Thanks for the wonderful advice!

Best of luck to each of you!


SMS1129 - August 28

Just Me,

That is fantastic!! I am so pleased to hear that! I hope that 10 cell keeps dividing and dividing! I assume your pg test is right before mine, maybe the 4th?? Mine is on the 6th.

How do you feel physically and emotionally? I feel very bloated and tired alot. I am not sure if the bloating is the medications or the fact that they retrieved so many eggs. I am still sore. I also feel down, I guess the waiting gets to me...and the weight gain....and the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow after having the past week off....oh well, I'll survive.

Take care-



justme - August 29

Hi Sue! My pg test should be next Monday which I believe is labor day, so maybe I will have it on Tues. unless they will bring me in on the holiday.

I am glad your transfer is done and you are waiting like me. I too feel very bloated and big. I am sensitive about my size so that bothers me too. It is for a good cause though. I know it is mostly water and if I get pg I will just get even bigger!!!! My soreness is finally gone! Yippee. I hope you get relief soon.



Karen123 - August 29

Justme and Sue, Best of luck and tons of baby dust to you!! I sure hope to hear wonderful news from BOTH of you soon. Karen


laura - August 30

Hi ladies!
Well, BFN on monday. We will try one more time in Nov.

Baby dust!


Fortyfour - August 31

Sorry for the BFN - It is so heartbreaking. baby dust to you in November.


justme - August 31

Laura, I am very sorry for your BFN. I am glad to hear you are trying again. Hopefully it will be the lucky number 3! I hope you are doing ok.



RJ - August 31

Hang on when doing lupron - try to off set with clomed, talk to doc about it ... emotional roller coaster.


WantsBaby2 - September 1

I am so sorry for the negative....I thought sure with them transfering so many embies that at least one would hold on! What a heartbreak. Good luck on your next cycle and lots of babydust to you.



justme - September 1

You were up way to early this morning. Your post time, my time, was 4:40 am. I hope it was later where you are from!!!



sussie88 - September 7

Hey there everyone .... U/S this week showed not one, but two gestational sacks!!! TWINS!!


SMS1129 - September 7


That is wonderful news!! Best wishes to you and the two little ones!

Stay in touch.



justme - September 7

Sussie88, congrats! That is great!!!!


Karen123 - September 8

Sussie, GREAT news!!! Congratulations!!! that is just terrific!! Karen


sblanton2 - September 8

Congrats Sussie....I am thrilled for you!

Happy, healthy 9 months ahead,



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