August IVF Cyclers
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JudyY - August 25

Justme- You poor thing. I just went and looked in my box to ensure I do not make the same mistake. The 18 is so big. I will ensure that I use the 22's when I start. I am so psyched out about the PIO shot anyways. Let me know if the cream helps. I plan on asking my doctor for it too.

Susie88 - Congrats, I am so excited for you. Hopefully the heparin shots aren't too bad.

Sue - 14 fertilized, how many are you going to implant?

I have just finished day 2 of stims. I wish my headaches would go away. My re will only let me take Tylenol and it isn't touching them. I will ask him again on Friday. A funny story today, my DH could not give me the Follistim shot this morning and I was sure I could do the SubQ shot myself. They don't even hurt when DH does them. Well, I psyched myself out so bad I couldn't poke myself. After trying for an hour, in tears, and desperate as I was late on the shot. I had to get dressed and rushed to my clinic (a 25 minute drive). I walked to the counter in tears and told them I couldn't give myself the shot. LOL> The secretary's seemed a little nervous having a distraught hormone induced women crying at their counter. My IVF coordinator was so sweet and brought me into a room, calmed me down and gave me the shot. She even told me to plan to use her in the mornings when my DH couldn't give the shot to avoid anymore stress about them. It is funny, the shot doesn't even hurt but poking myself just wasn't happening today. I am pretty disappointed in myself as many women do the IM themselves. I am getting more and more worried about the PIO shot as the time nears. No way am I trying that one myself. :)

Positive thoughts to all-



laura - August 25

Hi ladies!

Susuie88- I just new it! Congradulations!
I am still on my 2ww. Beta on 8/29.


justme - August 25

Well, I am going in to ET today. It was supposed to be blast on Sat. Things don't look good, I only have one embryo that look ok out of 11. The rest are fragmented. I am so bummed and sad. I will just pray for my one.

Please pray for me and this little embryo.



SMS1129 - August 25


I am so sorry to hear that. I am still hoping for you and will say a prayer for your little one. Please take care and let us know how everything goes.



Karen123 - August 25

Susie88 - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What fantastic news!!!!!

justme - I'm so sorry about your results but I'll be hoping that you have one fighter embryo!

I used EMLA cream ( I dont know if it's the same cream as you guys discussed) and it helped SO much. I would use the cream 45 minutes ahead then ice for 10 minutes and it was easy to get the shots most nights. Sometimes it hurt but I guess it depends on the spot. (like mentioned earlier) I was pretty sore all the time though after weeks of shots but I just realized how strong I could be if I set my mind to something. Women are amazing. Karen


sussie88 - August 25

Just me - I am so sorry about your news, but it only takes one!

As for me, still feeling bloated, uncomfortable, getting heparin shots to thin my blood, and trying to drink as much as possible to stay hydrated. (which is awfully difficult when you are bloated!)

Doc says we may be able to do a scan next friday to see if we have one or two ::)


Fortyfour - August 26

Good luck just me with your transfer.


WantsBaby2 - August 26

Wishing you lots of babydust on your transfer. Tell that little one to bring the superglue! Are they only transferring one back? Sorry to hear about all of the fragmented embies. Why can't anything go smoothly for us?



SMS1129 - August 26

Just Me, how are you feeling? I hope everything went well yesterday for you. I don't even know you and I was telling my husband last night how hopeful I am for you. It's very cool to share this experience.

I got a call from my RE this morning. I have 6 embryos still growing out of the 14 (3 are 8-cell; 2 are 7-cell and 1 is 6-cell). It is much better than last time. They want me to come in today for the transfer because at my age, they want to put back the three 8-cells and possibly one of the 7 cells.

Wish me luck!!



Karen123 - August 26

Sue, That's terrific!!! Best of luck and baby dust to you! Karen


JudyY - August 26

Sue - Best look at ET today. Wow, sounds like the embryo's look great for transfer.

Justme- How did ET go? I have been with you since your first post and want only the best. It only takes one. Many positive thoughts your way.

Well it looks like my cycle will be cancelled. 1st stim check and my left ovary has 1 large follicle and my right has 2 large follicles. Re is concerned that they will be dominate, particularly the left and no more follicles will grow. He is waiting for estrogen levels before final decision, if it is very low he may have me try a couple more days but it did not seem likely. I am a little bummed but would rather know now then at ER or after. We need more then 3 as we need to do PGD. I will keep you all posted on my new protocal/timing.



Fortyfour - August 27

Sue - good luck with the transfer.

Judy - sorry about the cancellation. That sucks.

Baby dust to all


SMS1129 - August 27

Judy, I am sorry about the cancellation. That happened to me when I was doing IUI's and I know how disappointing it can be. Hopefully, next time they can get more to stimulate.

They transferred 4 embryos yesterday, so now I wait until 9/6 for the pg test. The doctor said 2 of the 3 8-cells were "near perfect", so we'll see. I don't like to get my hopes up, but DH and I are more comfortable this cycle, maybe just knowing what to expect along the way. I now know what the hcg level should be, so I will patiently (???) wait it out.

Good luck to everyone!!



tinkerbell - August 27

oh Sue! goodluck to you! the nyumbers look great! I would jump for joy when everything turns out positive for you!!!


sussie88 - August 27

My thoughts are with you Sue! Waiting is so hard - you want to be positive, but also need to prepare for the worse - at least that is how I felt!

JustMe - how are you doing? Thinking of you as well - is the cream helping?

As far as me, I am still in hyperstim mode. My abdomen continues to fill with fluid. Now, it is pushing on my chest cavity. Today, I am very short of breath. I just took mail out to the mail box at the end of our short driveway and feel as if I ran a marathon! I am going to the hospital tomorrow AM for more bloodwork and to be checked out again. Yesterday, the Doc said that my blood work is looking good / stable. I continue with the heparin shots. They are nothing - just like the lupron except I am getting very black and blue from them. My HCG was up to 285 yesterday.

I mentioned to my husband yesterday how most people get to have sex and then find out weeks later they are pregnant. Why do we have to torture ourselves with all of these injections and procedures? Luckily it worked for me - so far so good, but I am still too sick to be as happy as I should be!


WantsBaby2 - August 27

Sue and Justme,
Good luck with your 2ww and I hope all your baby dreams come true for you! We are all rooting for you!

I am so sorry about your cancellation. The same thing has happened to me twice this year and I know how devastating that can feel when you are all excited and geared up to go through with IVF. Last month they did not even turn my IVF into an IUI because my estrogen levels were so low... they said there wasn't anything there to even get pregnant with. :(

I hope your doctor can find the right protocol for your next cycle. From what I understand, lots of cycles get cancelled for this reason. It doesn't mean it's not going to work next time!




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