August IVF Cyclers
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SMS1129 - August 23


WOW!! That is great that 11 out of 15 fertilized. I hope all of them continue to grow for you. Let us know how the ET goes. I assume it will be Thursday or Saturday.

I had my ER today and they retrieved 18 eggs. Last cycle, there were only 8, so hopefully the odds will increase...who knows?? I wil find out tomorrow about the fertilization results.

Laura and Sussie88, hope the wait is not too unbearable for you !

Take care all!



justme - August 23

Ok, another proj injection question. The shot was fine this morning, but now is sore and knotted. I am concerned about when I run out of unsore spots. :-[ What did those of you that have experienced this do? It has to hurt to go into a sore spot. I know the heating pad or hot rag thing, but after a while it is just a lost hope???

Sue, 18 eggs is great!! How are you feeling? I can not wait to hear your news tomorrow. WE are looking to ET on Sat morning.


sussie88 - August 23

Hello everyone.

Judy - I too had follicles when I went for my ultrasound prior to stim. I had about 19 total! I too was shocked and not expecting that! Keep in mind I then 'over stimulated', but I ended up before retrievel with approx 40 follicles - 21 of which were large enough to actually retrieve. So I believe you will grow many more follicles!

The proj shots do make you sore. However, I am not sure if you get used to it or build up a tollerance or if it is the spot that is hit or what, but some days I am very sore and others, not at all. I continue to use the heating pad at night which has helped me.

As far as my personal situation, my blood test is monday. I believe I will be giving in and testing at home this weekend - what do I have to lose? If it is positive it is positive! If it is negative, perhaps it will still be positive on Monday! Plus, I have a spare test in the cabinet in my bathroom - that is just WAY too tempting!!

I was feeling better over the weekend, but now I am all blown up and bloated again. My stomach is quite enlarged and sore, not to mention hard as a rock! I feel nautious and have pain and discomfort. If I do too much - like walk from one end of the house to the other, I get short of breath. These are all the results of my hyperstimulation. Has anyone else had this? I can't wait for it to go away!!!


justme - August 23

I just read your second post about the lidocaine cream, my friend nurse and my dr say it won't really help. I want it but don't know how to get it!!!! Any suggestions?


justme - August 23

What are the percents of meds on your cream? I think I just found a way to get some!


sussie88 - August 24

The Lidocaine cream is 2.5% / 2.5%.

If they say it doesn't help, they never used it. I am telling you - I put it on an area pretty thickly, then I cover it with plastic wrap and sit around for about 45 minutes. (my nurse told me the covering it part is key) I do not even feel the needle at all! Just be sure to wipe it off with a tissue and then use the alcohol pad before the injection.

Let me know how you make out! Otherwise, I have some re-fills, I am tempted to mail you a tube!!! I would demand it. If they think it won't help that's ok, but it certainly can't hurt.

Good luck.


laura - August 24

Hi everyone!
Lots of eggs (18) at ER!! Sounds like good numbers to me! Happy ET Ladies!

Sussie88- I am sorry you are still fealing bad, but I think its a good thing. The simptoms of hyperstimulation stay longer if you have become pregnate!

babydust, laura


SMS1129 - August 24

Just Me,

14 of the 18 eggs fertilized. They are most likely going to push me to day 5 too (Sunday). Although, the nurse said they won't know until Friday morning. Now, I wait... I start the progesterone shots tonight. They weren't bad last time and I did them for about 3 1/2 weeks. I did get knotted on one side. I put ice on it before the shot and that really helps. I massage the area afterwards too.

Good luck to you on Saturday! I can't wait to hear the details.

Sussie88 - hang in there!!



sussie88 - August 24

I went to be checked out today due to all my symptoms. They took 6 tubes of blood for all kinds of tests - I noticed that one of the tests checked off was for HCG!!! (I do believe I just had a pregnancy test!)

The Doc told me that I was initially sick from the HCG injection, but since I got better over the weekend and now am sick again - even worse than before that it is a good indication that I am pregnant!!!! OMG!!!

So, the Doc is going to call me tonight with my results.

The bad news is that I may need some heparin to thin my blood, they are worried about my kidney function and liver enzymes and she said I will probably get even worse before I get better! The agony ... however if it is a positive, I will be able to get through it!!!


meridithhasfaith - August 24

Good luck on your beta, Sussie.



sussie88 - August 24

Pregnant!!!!! My blood is thick and I need heparin shots, my stomach is filled with fluid, I am sick as a dog - but I am pregnant ;D

OMG!!!! Someone pinch me!


justme - August 24

WOW!!!! Congrats Sussie 88!! You are pregnant! WOW!!!

Sue, that is great that 14 fertilized!!! Congrats to you too! Best of luck!!! There is so much celebration today!

Laura congrats on you ER! 18! That is fabulous.

Sussie- I got my RE to give me a prescription for the cream! Can't wait to try it tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

What gauge are your prog. needles??? Mine are 18 gauge, which is larger than what I had to pierce my naval years ago. That is TOO BIG! ha ha


sussie88 - August 24

You need to have a talk with the MD of yours!!

I use 18 gage to draw it up (proj) and then switch to 22 gage for the injections (slightly smaller).

Good luck with the cream - I hope it makes a big difference for you like it does for me - Now, I still have sore muscles, but I don't feel the injection at all.

Way to advocate for yourself!!

good luck! Hope you have happy results like me!

I just gave myself my first heparin shot (blood thinner) and I must go for more bloodwork and to see the doc tomorrow again.

Happy thought to everyone!


SMS1129 - August 24

Sussie88 - Congratulations, that is excellent news!! I hope the heparin shots are not too much trouble. I have a friend who had to do those also. She has 2 beautiful children through this process.

Just Me, I agree with Sussie88 about the needle size. 18 is way too big for injection. It should be for drawing it up, then switch to 22 for injection. I also found that if I sit the prog bottle in a cup of hot water, it isn't as thick to draw up or inject.

Again, congratulations and good luck to everyone trying!!



justme - August 25

Sussie and Sue,
You are not going to believe this. I have 22's in my bag. I was sick when I read your emails and almost in tears that I have been sticking that huge thing in my bottom and you guys weren't. I was mad at my dr, but now I realize it was my fault for not paying attention. I am still upset because my rear is very sore from my first two injections with an 18. Ughhhhh!

When I had my injection class I was only doing IUI and didn't have to learn all of that, but I didn't think it would be any big deal to figure it out. Well it isn't if you go through all the things in the bag carefully. My nurse neighbor is giving me the shots right now and she said she feels bad that she didn't figure it out since she just did this herself 3 years ago. Oh well.

Thank you girls for helping me. Luckily I found out early.

Justme :-[


JudyY - August 25

Justme- You poor thing. I just went and looked in my box to ensure I do not make the same mistake. The 18 is so big. I will ensure that I use the 22's when I start. I am so psyched out about the PIO shot anyways. Let me know if the cream helps. I plan on asking my doctor for it too.

Susie88 - Congrats, I am so excited for you. Hopefully the heparin shots aren't too bad.

Sue - 14 fertilized, how many are you going to implant?

I have just finished day 2 of stims. I wish my headaches would go away. My re will only let me take Tylenol and it isn't touching them. I will ask him again on Friday. A funny story today, my DH could not give me the Follistim shot this morning and I was sure I could do the SubQ shot myself. They don't even hurt when DH does them. Well, I psyched myself out so bad I couldn't poke myself. After trying for an hour, in tears, and desperate as I was late on the shot. I had to get dressed and rushed to my clinic (a 25 minute drive). I walked to the counter in tears and told them I couldn't give myself the shot. LOL> The secretary's seemed a little nervous having a distraught hormone induced women crying at their counter. My IVF coordinator was so sweet and brought me into a room, calmed me down and gave me the shot. She even told me to plan to use her in the mornings when my DH couldn't give the shot to avoid anymore stress about them. It is funny, the shot doesn't even hurt but poking myself just wasn't happening today. I am pretty disappointed in myself as many women do the IM themselves. I am getting more and more worried about the PIO shot as the time nears. No way am I trying that one myself. :)

Positive thoughts to all-




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