August IVF Cyclers
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JudyY - August 19

Justme and Sue-

I am so excited for both of you. Wow, ER next week. Keep me posted on the process. I am just a few weeks behind you guys and it is nice to have you guys to chat with as no one at work understands the anxiety with this process.

Best wishes to both of you, let me know how all goes next week. I am praying for lots of healthy eggs and fertilized embryos for you both.



Fortyfour - August 20

Baby dust to you all. Happy retrieval.


sussie88 - August 20

Hello everyone.

I was directed to this board by a friend and wanted to let you all know that it has been helpful reading your comments. Today, I decided to share my story as I too could use some support during this difficult time. I am an official 'lurker' coming out of the closet!.

I just finished my first full IVF cycle and am in the painful 'waiting' weeks. (test on Monday the 29th)

I started an IVF cycle in May, only to have it canceled right before I started my lupron bleed because of the hospital's issues (embryologist on maternity leave - go figure and too many starts is what I was told). That was a very deflating experience.

Anyway, I geared up and started again on July 2nd with the lupron injections. I overstimulated / responded to gonal f too well causing my E2 level to skyrocket over 8,000 with 40 immature follicles. I 'coasted' for 4.5 days without meds and was advised to cancel the cycle. I couldn't do it! We went ahead.

As it turns out, I had 21 mature eggs retrieved! The Doc was astonished! He said that the patient is always right. 17 of those eggs fertilized - However, 6 of them with more than one sperm - making them not viable. That left us with 11.

Last Sunday was my transfer. We transfered 2 embryos each of high quality with 8 cells. We allowed 2 of a lesser quality to keep growing in the lab (5 cell and 7 cell) and had to discard a 2 cell that had stopped growing- I just found out yesterday that the remaining 2 did not continue to grow and were discarded :'( That was a bit of discouraging news. Now I am wondering, if they did not survive, what are the chances that the ones we transfered survived???

We have 6 frozen embryos as well.

So, here I am waiting. The first week was not emotionally difficult, but that is only because I physically felt terrible. Due to my hyperstimulation, I was feeling horrible and really did not even think about the transfer. Yesterday, I started to finally feel better, received the news about the 2 embryos not surviving, so now I am feeling again deflated.

I want to feel positive, but I also want to feel guarded and plan for the worse.

I know this is definately not recommended, but does anyone have any info on the early pregnancy tests? You all know that I won't be able to wait until the 29th!!!

Thanks again for allowing me to enter your group!


JudyY - August 21


Welcome, glad you joined us. I haven't started stims yet. I have an apt on Monday and hopefully will start then.

It sounds like you had a tough time with stims but your results sounds positive. 2 high quality transfers and 6 frozens. I know that the 2 week wait is tough. Hang in there and keep posting. I am going to have a real hard time waiting as well.

My thoughts are with you and lots of baby dust your way. Think positive thoughts.

Take Care-



SMS1129 - August 21


Thanks for sharing your experience with us! You came to the right place. Your IVF cycle sounds very positive..I know it will be hard to wait until the 2 weeks are up. Just keep posting and you will get through it. I didn't test early, but I know many women have. It's up to you.

Judy, thanks for the well wishes! Same back to you!!

JustMe, my RE is pushing me to Tuesday. I go back tomorrow morning and hcg is tomorrow night (Sunday). I am doing IM hcg this time, as opposed to Ovidrel. It is supposed to release more eggs, we'll see.

Good luck on Monday!! Let us know how it goes!



justme - August 21

Welcome Sussie!!! Glad you found us. Are you doing prog injections? How are they?

Sue, I am doing my hcg tonight at midnight! I will be going in Monday morning!!! Wish me luck! I am excited, but really scared of the prog injections. Ughhhhhh!



sussie88 - August 21

The proj shots are not bad at all. The key is to make sure you have lidocaine cream. You rub this cream on about an hour prior to the injection, and you won't feel a thing. Next, I excersise my muscle a bit after the shot by moving my leg up and down and then sit on a heating pad for about an hour. The worse part is actually in the morning when your muscle is a bit sore.

If you don't have the cream, insist on it! I have 3 tubes and joke that I am addicted! You will do fine. As with everything else in this process, the worse part is the anticipation!!!



justme - August 21

Thanks for the advice!!! I will ask my doctor soon aboutthe lidocaine cream!!!


Fortyfour - August 22

sussie 88 - good luck with this cycle. you can never predict how this will turn out. The 2ww is very hard and I usually go wacko about 2 days before my pg test. The earliest I would do a home pg test would be 2 days before the test. Get one that detects the hcg levels down to at least 25. I hope that you get big fat positive.


laura - August 22

Good luck to you!! We had our ET on the same day! Our 2ww ends the same day! Is't that grand! From what I know about the early pregnacy tests, If its positive -its positve, If its negitive- It could be positive or negative.

Bsbydust evryone!!



SMS1129 - August 22

Just Me,

How did it go today???? I am dying to know. I did my hcg shot last night and go for the ER tomorrow morning at 8 am. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I did the IM hcg shot this time, so hopefully it will yield better results.

As for the prog shots, they are not so bad. I put ice on before for 5 mins. and it seems to help. My DH has the worst of it. I don't think I could put that needle in someone!! He's a trooper.

Good luck to sussie88 and Laura in the 2ww!!



justme - August 22

Things went well today. They retrieved 15 eggs. I am much more sore than I anticipated. I have a very high pain tolerance so I thought it would be nothing, but I guess when they poke you 15 times you are going to feel it!

Sue, I hope yours goes smoothing tomorrow and you have a lot of eggs!



JudyY - August 23

Just me- 15 eggs retrieved. That is great. I hope that you feel better real soon.

Sue- Best wishes for your ER.

I received the green light to start Follistim tomorrow morning. Currently they are guessing 10 days before ER. I am glad to be moving into the next stage.

One question, at the suppression check the Dr. told me that I had 4-5 very small follicles on both ovaries and said that all looked good. I thought that the suppression meds stopped follicle formation. Does it mean that only the ones they saw today will grow or will more mature with the stimulation medication?



justme - August 23

Thought I would give you all todays news. We have 11 fertilized eggs. I am still sore but not nauseated today. I can stand the pain, just not the nausea! I took my first proj injection this morning and it was ok. My neighbor is a nurse and has done IVF, so she is giving me my big shots for now. I am thankful for her!

Thanks for all your well wishes!


Fortyfour - August 23

Just me - that is great - Happy transfer.


SMS1129 - August 23


WOW!! That is great that 11 out of 15 fertilized. I hope all of them continue to grow for you. Let us know how the ET goes. I assume it will be Thursday or Saturday.

I had my ER today and they retrieved 18 eggs. Last cycle, there were only 8, so hopefully the odds will increase...who knows?? I wil find out tomorrow about the fertilization results.

Laura and Sussie88, hope the wait is not too unbearable for you !

Take care all!




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