August IVF Cyclers
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Fortyfour - August 14

Oh Meredith, -- i am so sorry for your cancelled cycle. I hope they find the right combination for you. How disapointing.


justme - August 15

Meredith, I am so sorry you were canceled. That really stinks. I hope you are doing ok.

Laura, I hope all of your embryos are doing great.

As for me, I am on day 3 of stims and all is well. We are keeping things as they are for a couple more days. Retrieval will be some time at the beginning of next week if all goes as planned!

Good luck everyone! Baby dust to us all!


Karen123 - August 15

Meridith, I'm SO sorry that your cycle was cancelled! You amaze me with your strength and determination and I pray that it pays off for you. Karen


Debie - August 15

Meridith I am sorry for your cancelled cycle. Someday this will all be worthwhile. Wishing you more strength and peace at this time.


laura - August 15

Hi everyone,
ET went fine. We ended up with 5 embryo's ( one 8 cell, one 7 cell, one 6 cell, and two 4 cell). They were grade 4 &3 (4being the best). They transfured all of them. The embryo quality appears to be my second best out of 3 IVF. We will try one more cycle of IVF. We have decided that donnor egg is not for us.

Meridith- I am so sorry!

baby dust!!



WantsBaby2 - August 15

I'm sorry about your cancelled cycle. I just know things will be better for you next cycle!

We are all rooting for you girl! Good luck with all those beautiful embies. Just stay calm. That seems to be the ticket to success. I will say prayers for you that this time will give you your little bundle of joy.



SMS1129 - August 15


I am so sorry to hear about your cancelled cycle. That must be so frustrating after taking the Lupron and all. My 3rd IUI was cancelled due to poor stimulation and my first IVF resulted in a miscarriage, so I can relate tot he disappointments. Do whatever feels right for you. I know it's hard.


Congratulations on the ET. I wish you the best!!



Karen123 - August 16

Laura, VERY best wishes going your way for the results you are looking for. I hope and pray that you are blessed with a baby (or babies!). Karen


Fortyfour - August 16

Good luck laura - It sounds like you have a great shot at a BFP. Baby dust to you.


meridithhasfaith - August 16

Thanks Wantsbaby2 and Sue.

Sue, I see from the post to the doctor that you are in the middle of another cycle. Good luck to you with that. I pray this is the one that sticks for you.

Laura-Good luck with your 2ww. I hope you get your bfp this cycle

Take care, everyone


JudyY - August 18

Hi All-

Sue - I am on day 10 of Lupron and the headaches hit me 2 days ago and I can't seem to get rid of it. On top of that I am experiencing some nausea. I go to the clinic for U/S and bloodwork Monday and will hopefully start stims. When do you expect ER? You are getting close. My prayers are with you.

Meredith - Sorry you were cancelled. Hopefully you will find the protocal that works. Where were you in the process? I am on Lupron and I hope on Monday my bloodwork is what it should be. This is my first time with this so who knows.

Justme - You are getting so close. How are you feeling with the meds? Keep us posted as you get closer to the ER. My thoughts are with you.

Laura- Glad the ER and ET went well. It sounds like all 4 are healthy. Take it easy. My prayers are with you as you go thru this 2 week wait.

Best wishes to all -



justme - August 18

Hi Judy, I hope you can get started soon and the headaches subside. I will be doing ER the early part of next week. I am ready to get this show on the road! The stims are fine this round. I have been a bit emotional (tearing up easy!) but besides that not too bad. I have not been as moody as before, but my DH may disagree! :P My ovaries are starting to feel a little tender today. I can't imagine what a couple of more days will do!

Take care everyone! Let's make babies!


SMS1129 - August 19


My headaches subsided once I started the stimulation shots. In the meantime, you can take Tylenol, just nothing with Ibuprofen, according to my RE. Good luck on Monday, let us know how it goes.

JustMe, we are on the same cycle. I am now on Day 8 (or CD 10) of the stims. I go back on Saturday to see when the trigger shot is. I am hoping Saturday or Sunday, so I will have ER early next week. I took the whole week off from work because in June I was very stressed and didn't want to deal with it this time. Keep us posted!! I'll say a prayer for you!!



justme - August 19

Thank you so much Sue! I am scheduled for ER for Monday. I just went for my pre-op this morning. The dr really wante to me to make it to Wed. but there is no way I think. I go in tomorrow and check it all out again to make sure. If the dr can get me to Tues I think he will, but for now everything is scheduled for Monday. I am excited!!!

Best of luck to Sue and everyone this month!!



SMS1129 - August 19


I am hoping for Monday too. I am getting pretty uncomfortable. I am going longer than last cycle because the RE wants slower growth/better quality.
We'll see. It's so exciting and nervewracking at the same time...

Good luck!!



JudyY - August 19

Justme and Sue-

I am so excited for both of you. Wow, ER next week. Keep me posted on the process. I am just a few weeks behind you guys and it is nice to have you guys to chat with as no one at work understands the anxiety with this process.

Best wishes to both of you, let me know how all goes next week. I am praying for lots of healthy eggs and fertilized embryos for you both.




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