August IVF Cyclers
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justme - July 27

Anyone joining me here????? This will be my first cycle of IVF. I will start stimming around the 13th. I am excited and scared all at the same time.



laura - August 6

Hi everyone!
This will be our 3rd attempt. The Dr.'s have changed my proticall from the long lupron proticall, follistem, and low dose ovidel, to 3 weeks of BC pills then starting follistem, low dose ovidrel, and antagone.
This is day 10 of stims. My estradiol yesterday was 1172. I have about 12 follicals ranging from 17 to 12 cm. Ten of the follicals appear to be about the same size. My first 2 attempts on the same proticall were every different( estradiol went over 6000 and stimmed to long, orher cycle stimmed to short). I can't tell anymore about this cycle. I haven't had any problems with my meds. I wish everyone baby dust!!
I will keep you posted.


Fortyfour - August 6

Good luck Laura - baby dust to you.


elizabeths2 - August 6

Good luck to all August Cyclers. GO EGGS!!!!

I know many babies will soon be on their way! Pamper yourselves!


justme - August 10

What is everyone up to? I am on day 5 of Lupron and gearing up for stims this weekend. Lupron is going great, no real side effects yet. I am excited!!!!!!

Laura- good luck, keep us posted

Judy-how is your Lupron going? when do you start stems?

Meredith- where are you in the cycle??? Do you have a retrieval date yet?



JudyY - August 11

Tonight will be day 3 of Lupron for me. I am on Lupron for 2 weeks before stims. No issues with Lupron so far. My DH is doing great giving me the shots.

Laura, best wishes with your retrieval.

Justme-glad all is going well. What meds will you be using for stims? I will be on Follistim.



justme - August 11

I will be on gonal-f. That is what I used for my IUI's and I respond well to it, so I keeping my fingers crossed that I will respond well this month!



Karen123 - August 11

I just want to wish all of you the best of luck with your cycles. Lots of prayers going your way. I hope you can all be strong through this and I truly hope to hear great news from all of you soon. Take care. You are all definitely in my thoughts. Karen


meridithhasfaith - August 11

Hi everyone

It's good to see everyone is doing well so far!

I am on day 5 of stims and it's a slow start so far. My AF showed up almost 6 days after stopping the bcp so my E2 plummeted (normal). I have only had b/w so far and will have both b/w and u/s on Saturday morning. I am doing a lupron flare and started out at 20 units a day...when they saw my low E2 on day 4, they cut the lupron way back to 2 1/2 units per day and the same stims dose. looks like my ER will be the end of next week as this point. As you know, that could all change with the wind so I will keep you updated.

I can't wait for this heat and humidity to end! My local news station did a story on the heat and the wiseguy had the forethought to tape a little segment back in January but addressing the heat complainers of August. LOL He was standing there in January, in the whipping wind and snow saying, "Now, why are you guys complaining, remember this?" Then they cut back to him in the present and he laughed and said, "Stop complaining." I got the message when he did that but now, after 2 weeks of this high heat and humidity, I'm thinking a little snow looks good to me!

Take care, everyone


JudyY - August 12

Meredith - I will keep my fingers crossed that the ER will happen as planned.

Justme- Day 4 of Lupron is itching me like crazy. Last night my DH bent the needle giving me the shot and left a bruise on my leg. LOL He is being such a good sport. At 8:30 each night he says time for the shot and starts getting it ready. We will see what happens when the needle gets bigger :) I am sending positive thoughts your way. Glad to be going through this with everyone. No one else quite understands what we are going through. My peers/bosses at work are all men so they don't care about the details and really have no idea how anxious this process is. My Biological clock is ticking so loud I am suprised everyone can't hear it. LOL

Laura - It sounds like my protocol is like your first attempts. B/C, long Lupron, Follistim, Ovidrel. When did you know that it wasn't working for you? 12 follicles sounds promising this time around. Is ET 3 or 5 days for you? We are doing PGD so ET will be on day 5 for me if we make it that far.

Keeping you all in my thoughts - keep posting, it is great to have the support.



Fortyfour - August 12

Meredith - wow the retrieval is right around the corner. I wish you lots of eggs.

Judyy and just me - Good luck with this cycle.

Baby dust to all.


laura - August 12

Hi everyone!

At retreval time I had 10 follicals >16mm. They retreved 7 eggs. Today, day 2, there are 5 embryo's left: 2 embryo's at 2 cells, 2 embryo's at 3 cells, and 1 at 4 cells. I am hoping that at least one will be 8 cells on 8/13. Right now they are at the best quality. If all 5 servive untill tomarrow, they will transfer all of them(becase of my age of 41). This is my second best retrevel. My first IVF I had 9 embryos on day 3 but only 2- 8 cell embryo's.

Judy- My first long lupron proticall went well with 9 embryo's on day 3. When we tried this proticall again 2 months latter, my estradial went above 6000. I had lots of empty follicals. I stimmed too long and had to coast with out meds for 4 days. I was lesft with 5 embryos on day 3 but they were 4 cells or less and of margenal grade. I guess they figured with only 2 more cycles left, the long lupron proticall was not worth the risk of over stimmulation. I hope this helps. Baby dust !!

Fortyfour- I hope your ultrasound go's great!! I am so happy for you!


meridithhasfaith - August 12


Good luck at transfer tomorrow. I hope they all survive to day 3. Praying for you....



JudyY - August 13

Laura - My thoughts are with you for your transfer tomorrow. My fingers and toes are crossed that all embryo's are healthy in the morning. Lots of baby dust your way. Thanks for the info on the long protocal. I still don't quite understand how they chose a protocal. It seems that most everyone is on some variation.



SMS1129 - August 13

Good luck to you, Laura. I am praying for those embryos to keep on growing.

I will say a prayer for Judy and Meredith and all of the August cyclers!!

I am on Day 3 of the Gonal-F. The Lupron was giving me some pretty wicked headaches, but since starting the stims, it has subsided. I didn't have that last cycle in June. The RE lowered my dosage this time from 300 to 225 b/c I was overstimulating last cycle. He also gave me full strength hcg for the trigger shot b/c the Ovidrel didn't do the trick last cycle. Only 1/2 of the eggs released. I go for my b/w and u/s tomorrow morning to see how it's going.

This cycle is harder emotionally for my DH and I, maybe because of the miscarriage. I am really hoping this is it for us.

Baby dust to everyone!!



meridithhasfaith - August 14

Hi Ladies

Well, I was cancelled due to poor response. Lupron is evil to me. It completely supressed me even though it was a flare protocol. I have never had an issue with E2 being so low. If anything, mine is always on the higher end. So, needless to say, we learned a lesson the hard way. I don't know what's next for me until I see the RE again. I was cancelled on Sat. so I have to wait until Monday to call for a follow-up appt. Take care and I will be pulling for all of you in the August cycle.



Fortyfour - August 14

Oh Meredith, -- i am so sorry for your cancelled cycle. I hope they find the right combination for you. How disapointing.



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