august IUI cyclers
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baby4us - August 4

Is anyone on an august IUI cycle? I'd love to share the journey. This will be my first time with IUI.. start sometime next week once Day 1 has been confirmed. I am to start injections of Gonal-F.. has anyone had any side effects from using Gonal-F?

Anyone else afraid of doing this.. husband is excited.. but I guess I am fearing the unknown???


silli_kitti - August 6

Congratulations on your new journey - its gonna be a wild ride!

I guess I'm sort of on an August cycle; I had my 4th IUI today, so technically I'm in the 2 worst weeks, oops I mean 2 week wait.

I'm 37 years old too, and ttc for a year now. I'd be interested to know your diagnosis, if you have one. I'm also interested in what protocols you've already tried (before the Gonal-f), if any. I just like to compare notes, especially with someone my own age.

In my early days ttc, I often felt like the docs weren't doing enough for me, considering my age and the urgency to get pregnant asap. Now here you come along saying it's your first time doing IUI and you're already on straight Gonal-f injections?!
I had to do plain old Clomid for 3 cycles (which ended up being almost 5 wasted months) before they were inclined to give me injections. Even still, I'm using Femara on cd3-7, and 75 IU gonal-f (low dose) starting day 6. I'm finally making multiple follicles, about 6. I respond well to these meds; the only side effect I have is mild headache on the days that Femara and Gonal-f overlap. I also feel more pressure (not pain) "down there" a couple of days before ovulation - probably the swelling ovaries from the multiple follicles, but its not really pain. I've had 1 failed cycle and am in the midst of my second cycle on this protocol.

You have nothing to fear. The needles don't hurt more than a mosquito bite, if that. Get hubby to do them for you, don't look, and it will be over before you even feel it.

Of course, the stress of it all is what's killing me........


Trying in NH - August 8

Looks like I will be joining you on this one. Just got AF so 5 IUI's with clomid in 5 wasted months. I most likley will be starting injections this week (unless they insist on the lap surgury). The HCG shot is bad enough , I am NOT looking foward to 7 in a row in the butt! I am also 35. My husband and I joke all the time about how we spent our whole "young" lives trying not to get pregnant and it turns out I didn't have to worry. It is starting to NOT be so humerous anymore.

Good luck to all of us IUI and IVFer's


JenniferS - August 8


We will be going thru our 3rd IUI sometime this week......We will pinpoint a date tomorrow. The first cycle ended in a m/c, & the 2nd was just a plain old bust. Both times I took Letrozole & a shot of Ovidrel. This time they have decided to put me on Gonal-F. I have taken 4 shots so far & I have had a headache pretty much every day since I started taking them. But a headache is so worth it if this is what it takes! ;) I had 6 eggs as of Friday, but none were quite mature enough so that's why I had to take the 4th shot. We have been ttc for almost 3 1/2 years, so we're ready for some babies! Good luck to you all & may it rain baby dust!!!!!!



baby4us - August 8

Thank you to all the august cyclers who responded.. I wish everyone much baby dust.. please keep us all informed as to your progress!

I wanted to answer some of Silli Kittie's questions... you wanted to know what protocol we used prior to this first journey for IUI... we actually had just beeen trying on our own for about a year.. that is when I asked my OBGYN for the next step.. seeing as our age and already trying on our own for the year.. so after going through a few months of testing, blood work, etc to pinpoint the possible reasons for our infertility... which seems to be husband's slight low sperm motility (but obviously enough to affect our chances) and I have one blocked tube.. plus apparently our age is a factor too! Of course..If only I had known this earlier!

Anyway.. I am not sure if my treatment is diifferent because I am in Canada? I have gone to a teaching hospital in Toronto, and after one vaginal ultrasound to count my eggs (lots) (as well as all my previous tests).. they prescribed me the Gonal F injections (1050 IU), which I am to start once this cycle begins (first day of my period is to begin tomorrow.. or so)

So that is pretty well where I am now.... waiting and analyzing things and worring about my injections!

Anyway.. what had you gone through prior to this?


silli_kitti - August 11


I'm in Canada too. I've been lurking on various infertility sites and found that treatments are pretty similar across the border and around the globe.

We have unexplained fertility, age is our only factor. My natural cycles are long and irregular, but they are ovulatory, so there's no problem there, aside from being unable to time anything with regards to ttc naturally. The medicated cycles make me very regular, with about a 33 day cycle (still on the long side, but at least regular) Hubby's sperm are great little troopers.

I've been off birth control for 5 years, but we've only been actively ttc for 4 cycles prior to ART. Our OB/GYN put me on Clomid, but I did a lot of research on the web and didn't like anything I read, so I tried to get off it asap. I then went to an RE, who also tried Clomid + IUI for 2 cycles despite my protestations. He was "following the standard of care" which, apparently, is the same for a 25 year old or a 37 year old - that really ticked me off. After that, I did a cycle of letrizole + injectables (75 IU Gonal-f starting on cd6 - for total of 450 IUs) + IUI which made lots of nice sized follicles and good hormone levels, but it was a bust. I'm now in the 2ww of my second cycle on this protocol and going out of my mind.

But I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Best of luck to all of us!


baby4us - August 11

wow silli kittie.. you have been through a lot.... whereabouts are you.. I am going to one of the teaching hospitals in Toronto... my e-mail address is in my profile.. if you want to e-mail me directly and we can go through of all of this in much more detail.. please feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to do that...

I just came back from my Day 3 bloodwork and ultrasound and have started on my first round of injectables (105 IU Gonal-F) and will be back next Wednesday to check for follicles and to proceed with IUI later that week as well.

My ultrasound today showed no cysts and the requisite amount of eggs... so I am feeling positive.. but as well.. know that usually the first IUI is more a dress rehearsal.. so I am not holding my breath for this cycle to end in pregnancy.

I read alot of bad things about Clomid too.. so was very happy that I won't be going near the stuff (hopefully).. and seeing as this is my first day of Gonal-F.. not sure if I will have any side effects... ?

I know how frustrating it is to see all the happily blissful pregnant people out there and how insensitive they can be... "When are you going to have a baby" is a constant and very irritating question. I haven't wanted to tell anyone (except a very select few) that we are trying to have a baby because frankly it is nobody's business!) I just wish people would mind their own business.. I have had to avoid a couple of get togethers with the "girls" this summer as I have wanted to avoid happy new moms... and prying questions...because for some reason around here.. if you don't have a child.. you are some sort of two-headed freak!!!!

Anyway... here's to positive august cyclers all around!


JenniferS - August 11

I just wanted to say I will be thinking about all of you in the next several weeks! Our 2ww started today on our 3rd IUI, so we can all be anxious together!!!! :P Let's keep positive & pray that we all will be graced by some beautiful babies very soon!

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*BABY DUST!*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*



Fortyfour - August 14

Good luck Jennifer on your 2ww. Baby dust to you.


Juniper - August 22

I am taking far, so good. Not really any side effects. I am on 75mg/day. I do notice I seem to flush a little in the face since I started.



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