Anyone starting an IVF cycle for May?
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LisainAK - April 29

Hello! I am getting ready to start my Lupron shots on Monday - just wondering if anyone was cycling out there with me!!! Good luck to you all!


laura - April 29

Hi LiasinAK,
I started luperon on 4/25. I am hopefully goning to start Follistem on5/6. This will be my second attemp. Is this close to you? It will be fun to have a buddy during this. My husband is great but its just not the same



LisainAK - April 29

Great Laura you are a week ahead of me!!!! Any side affects from the Lupron? I will start Gonal F on May 16th. Tell me about your first IVF cycle.


laura - April 29

I have not had any side affects from lupron or the rest of the medications. The progesterone in oil was the most painfull injection and made my leg sore for 24 hours. I had more unpleasentness with clomid. last IVF meds went like this:

Lupron 10 untis for 11 days befor starting other meds on CD3. Then decrased to 5 units for 9 days
Follistem 375 iu for 5 days, 450 for 3 days, then decrrease to 250- 9 days stimmulation
Microdose ovedrel (HCG) 10 untis during 9 days stimulation. Big HCG on CD12, Retrievel CD14, and Transfer CD 17. I had 18 eggs, thirteen mature, 11 fertilized with icsi, 9 embryos still developing on day 3. they transfered 5 of the best embryos (two 8 cell)
most being grade 3. I was happy about the cycle.

This time we are going to try to extend the stimmutation to 10 days and we wait for a blastocyst transfer on day 5 or 6. My age is our biggest factor(41).
How about you?


LisainAK - April 30

This is my first IVF - so we'll see how it goes - a little shy about possible side affects that i may experience with the meds - but we are going for it - i was fine on the clomid so hopefully this will go ok too.

Sounds like you stim well - lots of eggs!!! Best of luck to you - and lets be cycle buddies - keep me posted on your stats!!!!

Where do you live?


laura - April 30

LisainAK good morning,

I live in North Carolina. I am from Ca. I have never been to AK. I have always wanted to go and see the Bald Eagles. Are you from AK?


Trying in NH - April 30

Hi Lisa,

I am just had my IUI this morning so the 2ww begins. I will be able to test on May 13. I hope this works, the prep for IVF sounds so overwhelming keep your chin up. Hopefully this baby trend will continue with us in May!!!

Good luck with your cycle

Good luck to you too Laura, hopefully this will be our month!!!


SMS1129 - May 1

I will be starting my 1st IVF cycle in late May. I have to go on bc this week when my cycle begins, then I will start the Lupron shots around 5/24. I will be doing 300 iu's of Gonal F for stimulation. I was only doing 75 iu's when I did the IUI's. So, I am a bit nervous about that. I am also real anxious with giving myself shots. My dh was doing it for the 3 IUI cycles, but it was getting very stressful for him, so I took over the last cycle. I could never be a nurse...

I have to say that finding out recently that I can't get pg w/o IVF, sex has been much more relaxed and spontaneous. I guess there is always an upside to everything.

Good luck to you ladies!! Keep in touch.



Dee - May 2

I started my Lupron on 4/29. Do first u/s on 5/12 and start Follistim.
If all goes ok, prepared to do retrieval the week of May 22......

This is my first IVF attempt - hoping it works!!!!!!!


ElizabethS - May 3

GOOD LUCK to All of you ladies!! May buckets of Baby dust be poured out over all of you. :)


paige - May 3

Good luck to all of you I just finished what you all are starting. If you have any questions I've done it three times and this is my last!!!! On the 9th I will find out if I will be a mommy!! Paige


jeninak - May 6

I will be doing my first IVF - started lupron may 1, and start golanl f and repronex on may 16. possible retrieval on may 27 or so. looking at a blastocyst transfer hopefully 5 days later.

We are in alaska and will go to seattle for the proceedure.

we have 1 son (2000) and had one ectopic 2002 - lap to remove that tube, 2 surgeries for a uterin septum, and another to remove the other tube/hydrosalpinx. They say our son just was lucky enough to slip through and hang on!


LisainAK - May 6

Jenin ak - i would love to chat with you - I live in Anchorage and we look to be on the exact same cyle!!! I head to Seattle 5/22 with a poss retrieval on 5/27 also. Would be great tp talk with someone in my area. Are you in Anchorage?


jeninak - May 7

Yes Lisa (I also put this under the other subject of no lupron side effects) we are in Anchorage - same office - Denali obgyn (saprykina and carol hebert) and go down on the 19th. you can email me at [email protected]. I'd love to chat with you about the cycle! Sounds like we are almost on the same schedule!



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