anyone starting a cycle for IVF in Oct?
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Alma - December 15

Hi girls: Here's an update. I had my 2nd u/s yesterday and we saw the baby and also his heartbeat. Thank God everything is going good so far.

Hope to hear from you girls soon and good luck.


Joey - December 16

I have dign with ovary endo 2 yrs ago. I went for two lap and now i am on femara and follitropin alfa inj but no luck. Have anyone r on this medication or has been on this type of medication can u share some information? Does anyone know how much it cost for IVF and IUI in British Columbia Canada? Looking forward to hear from u.


good luck


MCRONIN - December 20

Alma : I had my 1st ultrasound yesterday and its TWINS.. woohooo! i go for my second the 4th of jan. we did see one heartbeat already.. and we are only 6 weeks today! Dr is very hopeful and so are we.. he sd one is 3.2 mm and other is 2.8 mm soooo small.. i read on some internet site that next week they'll be sizes of a BB.. and at 8 weeks when i have my 2nd u/s they'll be size of a pinto bean. so we're growing fast!

talk soon


Alma - December 20

Malissa: Congradulations! I am so happy for you and your husband. Did they provide you with a picture of the u/s? If not ask for it at your 2nd u/s, it's such a precious memory. My little one is a size of a pinto bean right now and it looks so cute in the u/s. Everyone is so excited.

Hope to hear from you soon and take it easy. God Bless.


Alma - January 4

Hey everyone: I have not heard from any of you for a while. Keep me posted as to what's going on in your lives.

Take Care.


MCRONIN - February 14

Hi Alma, and everyone else... things have been crazy with me... 2 days after that first u/s, on dec 21, when we found out we were having twins, i started to bleed.. dr immediately put me on bed rest and i was on bedrest til jan 3. They found a hemmorage 2mm in my uterus.. finally jan 3rd it had started getting smaller, so i am bk to work now on light light duty. the good thing is i was getting u/s every two weeks during that time and i got to see how big they'd get each week. its amazing actually. hope everyone else is doing good...



maria - February 27

Hi just transfered 2 ivf embroysone 8 cell and the other 9 cell day s transfer on feb 19th today is feb 26 i have cramps like my period will come anytime. Period is due tomarrow feb 27th preg test is on Mar 2nd. Is their any possiblities that i could still be preg?



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