anyone starting a cycle for IVF in Oct?
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Alma - December 1

Malissa: Don't freak out. I also had a lot of cramping after the ET. When I asked my doctor they said that was a good sign because it means that your uterus is expanding to make room for the baby. I also asked my doctor how long does it ususally take from the ET to the implantation and they told me 48 hours. So just sit back and relax girl and hopefully this will work out for you and your husband. Take it easy and don't do a lot of straneous work around the house. It's so funny cause my husband has me on restrictions for house work. I'm still praying for you and all the girls.

All you other girls, I'm thinking of you guys and praying for you everyday. Hopefully the Lord will hear my prayers for you guys.


MCRONIN - December 1

Thank you!! my 48 hrs would have been yesterday morning.. i didn't think i would be this nervous and wacko.. my husband and my son (i have 14 yr old) both treat me like i'm 9 mo's preggo already.. its so sweet.


laura - December 2

Hi Ladies,
Mcronin- don't freak out. I had cramping the first month oif my first preg. I kept thinking my period would come any miniute. As for cramping after transter I think thats normal- rest and take care.

I have my first ultarasound on Dec.6 (41 days post transfer).

babydust laura


MCRONIN - December 5

I am nervous that my hcg bloodwork will be done wed the 7th which is only 9 days post transfer.. I could get false positive for many different reasons : HCG shot was 11 days before, so, i may still have that in my blood stream, OR it could be a chemical pg, (which i dont understand exactly what that is) . and my Dr is doing things different then you ladies.. if its positive the 7th then i'll be having an ultrasound the 27 or 28th.. which will be 30 days post transfer. i'm not going back again, to get blood drawn for doubling, etc.. I wont be satisfied til i see something on a u/s screen but what can you see after only 30 days?? no heart beat yet right? and when i talk with people around here about this, people who haven't gone thru this or know as much as you guys, all they say is 'dont be nervous' & 'try not to think about it so much' WHATEVER , how can i not!! anyways, thanks for listening and let me know what you think about my tests coming up.. i want to take HPT right now, but i know that could be comprimising also..



laura - December 5

Hi Ladies,

Mcronin- What ever you do - don't do a home pregnacy test. It will just confuse the issue. If its neg-it means nothing; If its postitive it's positive but you are testing so soon it will probably be neg. Why don't you check the bHCG 48 hours later if your first one is positive? If you do have doubling you could relax untill your ultrasound. According to Dr. Jacobs at 3 weeks after rettrieval you may see the sac. At 6 to 7 weeks you can see the heart.

good luck
babydust laura


MCRONIN - December 5

So, you think I could request to have another done? Not sure why they just dont do that automatically...If you go from retrieval date, then the 7th i'd be 2 weeks post retrieval, and would be considered 2 weeks post ovulation, ((I did read on another site that you should consider retrieval date as ovulation date)) so i'd be getting A/F at that time anyhow? right? then the 28th (if all goes well) then i'd be 5weeks pg? right?
How have you gone on so well not knowing 'for sure'?? i wish i could talk to some of you on the phone .. when i freak out i can just call you!!

thank you for helping me sooooooooo much ladies!!!

Desiree?? where are you? how are you?



MCRONIN - December 5

Laura, I'm sorry, i couldn't help myself.. i took HPT on my lunch.. it said positive right away.. !! so i have some hope sofar.. I wont put all my eggs in 1 basket though, i still have to wait for blood testing.. etc.. just thought i'd share
(again, i know you said not to but, i dont follow directions well) hehe


laura - December 6


That is wonderfull news!! I am so happy for you!
I hope your numbers are high tomarrow.

As for me, the waiting is over. My ultrasound was today and it looks like an empty sac.



Alma - December 8

Hi girls:

Just wanted to share with you girls the following. I went in for my u/s yesterday and I saw the sac and the little embroy. We think we also saw the heart beat but the flickering on the screen was confusing, so the Doctor wants to see me next Wednesday to do another u/s. They say they should be able to see more by next week and hopefully the heartbeat is more noticable.

Hope all you girls and doing good and keep us updated.


MCRONIN - December 9

FYI i had my 2nd beta done today (1st was wed) and my #'s went from 298 to 682!! woohoo! i have been having horrible stomach cramps though.. i think its due to constipation (sorry tmi) as i haven't had any spotting and its not constant. it comes and goes.

Laura, i am so sorry.. how do they explain this? as your numbers kept going up? its a very emotional rollercoaster... please let me know if you want to talk.. or just vent. are you trying again?

Alma, how far along were you when you had your U/S? i'll be almost 6weeks. congratulations on your little bundle.. let us know what you find wed..(so theres only one right?)



Alma - December 9

Malissa: So that must mean you are pregnant, right? If so, congradulations.

I am 7 weeks today. When I went in I was 6 weeks 5 days. And yes, out of the 4 transfered only one stuck. One is better then none. I tell my husband that the little one kicked the rest of them out because the little one wants to be the only baby to be pampered. lol :)

Keep me updated and take care. God bless


laura - December 12

Hi Ladies,
Congradulations Malissa and Alma ! I hope its smooth sailing for the next 8 months!

Malissa- My bHCG did go up but they did not double in 48 hours (6 tests). This can happen and be OK if 2 embryo's implant but only one is viable. In my case only one inplanted. The way I undersand is that there are two groups of cells. One group is to become the placenta (caused the bHCG to rise) the other group is to form the fetus. When the fetal cells are not growing corectly the bHCG dose not double. You see an empty sac on ultrasound. They have told me to stop all meds. If nothing happens in 14 days, I have to have a D&C(Ug).
As for trying again, that was our last (4th) IVF cycle. I never thounght we would even consider this, we will try one cycle with a doner egg. That is all we can manage. Me and my husband used to laugh. He wonted 4 children, I used to say "how many wives do you wont?" You just can nevery tell about thigs can you?
baby dust!


MCRONIN - December 13

Hi laura, just wondering how you are.. I am very sorry.. with your loss i think its amazing how positive you are for others..

i am hoping things go well at the u/s .. i am hoping there is a heartbeat, or two. and not just a sac.. ill be 1 day short of 6 weeks. so hopefully..

hope all you other ladies are doing well, its seems to be slowing down on this board.. sorry to see that i loved reading all the comments.



Alma - December 13

Malissa: So when is your appt for the u/s. Good luck and let us know the outcome.


MCRONIN - December 14

Monday!!!!!!! it feels like a month from now though.. 1st i'm nervous about a viable pregnancy... and baby in the uterus and not tube.. then i'm nervous once they tell me good news.. that its two.. and i'll pass out or something.. hehe



Alma - December 15

Hi girls: Here's an update. I had my 2nd u/s yesterday and we saw the baby and also his heartbeat. Thank God everything is going good so far.

Hope to hear from you girls soon and good luck.



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