anyone starting a cycle for IVF in Oct?
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DesireeJ - November 25

The embryologists called today and said that out of the dozen fertilized embryos 7 look good. There were 4 that were 8 cells and 3 that were 6 cells. 1 that was a five cell and two that were 4 cells and one bad one.... does anyone know exactly what this means?? They are going to transfer on Saturday at 9am


MCRONIN - November 25

Hello... sorry it took so long ...
We had 12 fertilize!!! out of the 15 they retrieved.. so thats pretty good.. 2 were too small and one was empty.. we are doing our transfer on Monday.. the office is closed to see how many cells are what and how they are doing...
Desiree: what does all that mean? what do you want the cells to be? They are going to transfer 2 tomorrow right? thats what they're doing for us.

its kinda funny , my husband can't take off work again, so my mom will be taking me to get pregnant.. hahaha

GOOD LUCK tomorrow.. i'm excited for you..



bugdiddle - November 25

I am kind of late joining this group, but now is the time I could probably use the support the most. We had our ET on Sunday 11/21 and I have my PT on Tuesday 11/29. I am a nervous wreck. Every little thing I feel makes me wonder if it's the meds or implantation. I hope all of you are having successful times with your IVF cycles. How did you handle a failed IVF cycle. It seems like so much work and I am not sure I can do all of those stim meds again. I had over 30 follicles at one u/s. They retrieved 13 eggs and 9 fertilized. Of the 9 2 made it to blastocysts and were transfered. 2 more were frozen. The rest didn't make it. We've only had male factors that have been found so I don't understand why this wouldn't work. I guess I'll be keeping everyone posted on Tuesday.


DesireeJ - November 26

we went in this morning for the transfer and they choose to freeze them instead b/c i am overstimulated and have lots of fluid in my uterus, kidneys, liver, etc... i feel so bloated and my ovaries are the size of TEXAS.

we are sad but we froze them and we will go back in a month to get them put back in.

how is everyone else doing??


bugdiddle - November 27


I have just 2 days until my pregnancy test after our 1st IVF attempt. It sounds like you had a similar experience. Did you feel anything during the 2ww? I occasionally have some cramping, but overall I don't think I feel a thing one way or the other. I wish there was some way to tell. Tuesday feels so far away? Any advice you have or anything you can recall from your wait would be great. Thanks and congratulations!



DesireeJ - November 28

I think you did not read my post correctly we are not in the 2ww. They were going to transfer them yesterday, however they did an u/s and found fluid so they froze them instead. Today they called and said we only have one 5AA and one 4AB and one 2/3??? whatever that means... does anyone know?? The others arrested. We will go in a month or so and have them put in.


bugdiddle - November 28


I am sorry about that. I realized after I posted that I put the wrong name. Good luck with your frozen transfer. I know that had to be a little disappointing. I think the 2/3 grades are the best. Those should be your best bet for the transfer. I started with 9 and only 2 were able to be transferred. They thought two more might be able to be frozen, but as it turns out none made it to freeze. That was disappointing to me because if this cycle doesn't work I won't have any to transfer with out doing all of the stim meds again. UGH! Good luck to you and keep me posted. Again, sorry for the confusion earlier.


DesireeJ - November 28

Good Luck... I am thinking of you, please let us know as soon as you find out. Our fingers are crossed for you.


Alma - November 29

bugdiddle: Wish you luck tomorrow. I hope you obtain the same results as I did. Keep us updated.

malissa: So how did your et go? Stay in bed girl. The doctor had told me 3 days bed rest but my husband insisted that I remain 4 days in bed and look what happened, I'm pregnant. Good luck girl and I'm praying for you as well as all the other girls going through this.

Desiree: Don't lose the faith. God has a plan for everyone so don't get frustrated. Keep on praying and you will see that the good Lord will answer your prayers.

Baby dust to all of you and God bless.


laura - November 29

Hi Ladies!

Desiree- Thats wonderfull new! Let us know what appens at the end of your 2WW.

As for me, my bHCG,s are still increaseing but not doubling. I am do for an early ultrsound next week. The doctors are still hopefull that I had 2 embryo's implant but only one embreo is viable(that is the most likely way the bHCG goes up but dose not double). I am not that hopefull. I will let you know what happens.

Good luck everyone!! keep in touch

babydust laura


MCRONIN - November 30

Hello ladies... everything is going great sofar... out of the 12 eggs they retrieved, all 12 made it to the blastocyst stage!! 3 were eggcellent <<haha some were good, some were ok and two were not real they transferred 2 eggs monday.. I stayed in bed monday and rested at home tuesday, I am at work today though.. (i work in an office, so no strenuous work) My husband didn't want me doing the dishes, or anything! I go get a blood test done next wed already? that is insane i think.. My sister is coming home from Iraq in 2 weeks so i hope we know for sure by then if we are pregnant.. I am sooo positive about this. I have been patting my belly for 2 days saying "hold on for deal life in there little ones!" I sure hope they are listening.. OH, and get this, i have pictures of the 2 eggs they implanted!! its awesome, if it works then i have their first pictures for their baby book!! haha
*Desiree, i am sorry you have to wait.. but at least they can implant next month and you dont have to start over from scratch.
*Laura, I still have positive thoughts about you.. all you need is one!!
*bugdiddle, welcome! how did it go yesterday???

I want to thank you all again for your support and going through this with me!!


bugdiddle - November 30


BFP for me yesterday! I am so nervous. I wish I could check my own bHCG each day to make sure it was going up up up ;o)

Sounds like you are on the good track. These next 9 days will be the longest of your life. Good luck and keep me posted!

I am going to take it easy this week until next Tuesday. That's when they check my levels again. I talked to my belly everynight between transfer and test. It seemed to have worked for me :o) This is my first pregnancy. I've never had a postive before. I really hope my body likes both of the little ones they put in. I have pictures of my 2 blastocysts too. That was so neat. I almost named them, but I held off since I didn't know boys or girls HA! Think positive and don't over analyze any feelings.

Laura, I know how you feel about the bHCG levels. I wish I could watch it climb. Good luck and think postive. Enjoy the BFP right now.



Alma - November 30

bugdiddle: Congradulations! So are you on the progesterone shots? If you are let me know how you are doing with your injections. I am so bruised from my buttocks its not funny. My husband feels so bad for me that he hurts with me each time he gives them to me. But like I tell him its all worth it. We still can't believe were pregnant its like a dream come true. We both say we'll believe it once we see the u/s next week and more when my belly starts growing.

Malissa: Hope your feeling fine and take it easy girl. Try to rest as much as you can and good luck.



laura - December 1

Hi Ladies!
Congradulations Alma and Bugdiddle! I hope you are graduated permimatly down stairs for 9 months!!

Desiree- Sorry that you have to wait. It sounds like the froze at lest 2 blasts? I think that is great. If you look back in Dr. Smiths posts, I think he talks about Blast grading.

As for me, I am having my fisrt ultrasound 38 days post transfer. I don't know what they expect to see.

Keep us posted.

babydust laura!


MCRONIN - December 1

Hello .. I am kinda freaking out here... i am having a little cramping.. like twingy, menstral type cramps.. what does that mean? bad? good? ... ugh!!

laura, when is your u/s? good luck.. are you still taking meds? progesterone? prenatal vit? etc.. hopefully they'll see a little guy in there. ((or girl))

please let me know about the twingy cramps.. ps no implantation bleeding.



Alma - December 1

Malissa: Don't freak out. I also had a lot of cramping after the ET. When I asked my doctor they said that was a good sign because it means that your uterus is expanding to make room for the baby. I also asked my doctor how long does it ususally take from the ET to the implantation and they told me 48 hours. So just sit back and relax girl and hopefully this will work out for you and your husband. Take it easy and don't do a lot of straneous work around the house. It's so funny cause my husband has me on restrictions for house work. I'm still praying for you and all the girls.

All you other girls, I'm thinking of you guys and praying for you everyday. Hopefully the Lord will hear my prayers for you guys.



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