anyone starting a cycle for IVF in Oct?
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Alma - November 17

Hi girls. Thank you very much. Just wanted to let you girls know that I am praying for you guys so that the Lord may also bless you and your spouses with children. Don't lose the faith and just take a couple minutes out of the day to pray to God and you will see that he will also answer your prayers.

I have an appointment for my first ultrasound on December 7. At that time, we will find out how many embroys stuck and how many little ones we will be having. At this point if God blesses us with one or all four, it really doesn't matter as long as they come out healthy.

Keep me posted and once again God bless.



Desiree j - November 18

well my follicles are growing slowly but surely, they have me on so little gonal f b/c i am pco with a ton of follicles. they stopped the gonal f and started low dose hcg to make follicles grow but not increase my estrogen because i am 4200 on my estrogen levels. they also put me on cetratide to make sure i do not ovulate b/c my follicles are 1.7's and 1.8's some are still 1.5's and 1.6's... this has been such a looonnnnggg process. we are so tired of going to the dr, almost everyday for 3 weeks. and now they are talking about doing a freeze all because i am overstimulating so they don't want to put them back in me if i am not healthy. so this will be more money and more time.... this is just getting so frustrating i am just hoping that we will get a positive result from all of this. good luck to everyone.... baby dust to all of you.


MCRONIN - November 18

Hi ladies, This process is so unreal.. every specific step has to be perfect.. one little thing wrong, and *poof* your done. Its kinda crazy. Makes it more of a miracle when it does work out. I just started my antogon last night.. that one kinda hurt. Keep your fingers crossed everything is going ok sofar. (just dont have alot of follies)
also, not every follicle contains an egg? is that right? so when i look on the u/s machine and see the round follicles, theres no saying until the retrieval that there are eggs in there?

desiree: what is 1.7 and 1.8 is that cm? or a grade of egg? or do Dr.'s have different ways of explaining things.? I am so sorry this isn't a good experience for you. I am still hoping for the best.
Laura: when do you go back to the dr? When will they know for sure what is going on?

where do you guys live? I am in Wisconsin.


anita0615 - November 19

I had a 3day transfer on Thursday and also started with the PIO. I've been using ice to numb the area and then rubbing and massaging the area afterwards and having no pain or problems with the injections. Is the Ice a "NO NO" or does anyone have any other suggestions. On the other hand, I've been feeling REALLY REALLY bloated. Is this a symptom of the meds or is it just me? Has anyone else felt this way ?


laura-1 - November 19

Hi !

Alma - Let us know what happens on Dec. 7.

Desiree- Best of luck!

Anita0615- Fealing bloated is normal; Its OK in use ice to num the area before injections

Mcronin- Every follical is suppost to have an egg. The follicals have to be about the same size. The follicals that are to big will have eggs that are to mature, to small and they are not mature enough.

As for me, I had my 20 day post day 3 IVF bHCG was 435. Is is still going up but not doubling. The Dr. says that there is still a chance but that we still may not know for sure untill 5 weeks after tranfer (UG). I go back for another bHCG on Monday. If the HCG levels off or decrease the its history.

baby dust!

PS I live in NC


MCRONIN - November 21

Hello ladies,
I went to Dr. yesterday.. i have 16 eggs!!! woohoo!! and they are great sizes and i had my HCG shot last night, and my transfer is in the morning!! i am so excited.

Laura, oh my your nerves are probly shot! Still think positive ok?

Anita, POI shots? is that the progesterone? i sure was surprised last night because my HCG shot didn't even hurt.. and before he did it i was mad because i forgot to ice it.. but it was fine.

Desiree, I'm still thinking of you.. hope everything is going well



DesireeJ - November 21

Well we had our egg retrieval this morning they got 19 eggs and my husbands sperm count was a little low, so they are going to do ICSI. We will know tomorrow morning how many get fertilized. They are planning to do transfer on Saturday as long as I don't overstimulate because of the PCOS. Good luck tomorrow. It was very easy, I just feel a little drugged up so I am in bed for the day. Keep me posted Marissa and I hope everyone else is doing well, try to stay positive and do things you enjoy that relax you, it helps.


MCRONIN - November 21

I meant my retrieval is tomorrow.. not transfer.. i was typing so fast and being so excited, I typed wrong word. They retrieve my eggs tomorrow, they are also doing icsi , his count was good, mobility was good, but morphology was a little low. Desiree, its pretty cool that we are both at the same time frame in all of this. Good luck to you! and ill cross my fingers for you saturday..



DesireeJ - November 22

they retrieved 19 eggs and 6 were too small so we had 13, then they ICSI'd them and 12 fertilized. So they are hoping for a 5 day transfer on Saturday, however I have to be on standby for Thursday if it ends up being a 3 day. We are so excited but can barely stand to wait... how is everyone else doing??


Alma - November 22

Desiree: That's a good amount of eggs. How did you feel after your retrieval? Hope everything goes good. Keep us posted when they do the transfer. Good Luck.

Malissa: Hope your retrieval went smoothly and that your not in a lot of pain like I was. Keep us posted as to how many eggs they retrieved.

As for myself, excited and counting the days to go to the doctor for the ultra sound.


DesireeJ - November 23

They fertilized 13 of the 19 the other 6 were too small. They did ICSI and 12 of them took. They will call on Thanksgiving morning if I have to go in for a 3 day transfer, if not it will be saturday. i feel okay, i feel like i am bloated and sore and i am sick to my stomach, like i could throw up. they have me on 3 prometrium pills a day, 4 estrogen patches and switch them every other day, mederol, and tetrycycline, so i feel a little drugged up. How are you feeling? What do I need to expect from here on out? How far along are you? Was this your first ivf? Good luck to you...... let me know how you are doing..

Malissa how was it? How are you doing?? Thinking about you.



MCRONIN - November 23

Hello.. my retrieval went well.. they got 15 eggs.. i am waiting on a call to see how many fertilized. I came home yesterday around 2-2:30 and slept til 6 , I am a little sore. They have me on 1cc of progesterone shot (yeeouchieeee does that puppy hurt today) I also am taking an antibiotic pill and estrogen pill.

Desiree i am so glad 12 fertilized holy cow thats alot! i am also hoping for a 5-6 day transfer. I told the nurses up there about you, that your my online friend going through this at the same time as me.. they hope the best for you as well.

We are having about 20 people over for Thanksgiving, so I am glad nothing will be going on that day for us at the hospital.

I'll write again once the doctor calls.


MCRONIN - November 23

Also, Laura how are you? What did you find out on Monday?
Alma is the 2ww as bad as they say? good luck!



Alma - November 23

Desiree: I'm feeling good and excited. I'm nauseated during the day, but that's okay its all worth it. From here on just try to relax and not stress yourself out. I remember that after my transfer took place, there would not be a day that I would not cry of fear that we would not be successful. I cried and prayed, prayed and cried. I was a nervous wreck for the two weeks after the transfer. My husband and boss would asure me everything would be okay and that the Lord would bless us with children. Once I found out that I was pregnant I was so relieved. The retrieval was on the 2nd of November transfer on the 5th of November, found out I was pregnant the 16th of November so I guess 5 wks from LMP or 3 weeks, I still can't figure it out. I'll find out exactly when I see the doctor on December 7. Yes this was our first IVF attempt and it was successful, so don't lose hope and I will keep praying for you.

Malissa: It was for me, but I recommend that you keep busy. While I was at work everything was okay but once I went home and went to bed, I could not sleep. I would be tossing and turning anxious to know what the outcome was. But try to do as many things as you can so you can be occupied and distracted.

Well girls God bless and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


DesireeJ - November 24

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I am thinking of all of you. Baby dust to everyone and keep me posted... i can't sleep at night either, my dh and I miss our dozen eggs is what we joke about!! Malissa you did good, how many fertilized?? My thoughts are with you and Alma, I can't wait to find out the news in December, how many did they put in??

Happy Turkey day, enjoy your friends and family and relax...



DesireeJ - November 25

The embryologists called today and said that out of the dozen fertilized embryos 7 look good. There were 4 that were 8 cells and 3 that were 6 cells. 1 that was a five cell and two that were 4 cells and one bad one.... does anyone know exactly what this means?? They are going to transfer on Saturday at 9am



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