anyone starting a cycle for IVF in Oct?
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ElizabethS - October 25

Good Luck and tons of baby dust to all of you ladies!!


laura - October 25

Hi ladies,

Juniper-Try to keep positive. may be they will find another protical that will work better for you.

Well, my estadiol was 3473; I have 18 follicals but only 10 are of the correct size. I had th HCG inj. last night and retreval will be on Oct. 26.
I had a bit of a scare last night. I didn't have enough medication and the IVF clinic is 2 1/2 hour drive. I was calling pharmacys franticly trying to find the medication. After 3 hours and calling every pharnacy in town and other near by towns, I found it!!

I will keep you posted!



christina - October 26


geesh!!!!!!! like you don't have enough on your mind and to stress about meds... what we go thru!!! ;) good luck with everything - I want to hear about everything since my egg retervial will be in about 9 days... I am getting anxious - let me know how you felt afterwards too -

GOOD LUCK wear one pink sock and one blue one :)



laura - October 27

Hi ladies!
Retrevel went good. !4 eggs! I will find out of Friday haw many fertilized. I'm hoping for 10 embryo's with at least two 8 cells by Sat. transfer. Keep those fingers crossed.

The transfer itself went fast. They put in an I.V (This took 2 tries) They gave me Fentenal and verset mixture in the I.V. and the next thing I know 30 min have passed and they have retreved 14 eggs. They wonted to do P.G.D. on the embryo's. We declined it. After I had quite a bit of cramping that woud stop if I layed down (for the 1st 12 hours. This Is my 4th IVF. This was the most pain I have felt after the procedure. The other 3 times the pain was controlled easly with tylenol.

Good luck every one!
baby dust


christina - October 27


BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fortyfour - October 27

Good Luck laura, Baby dust to you.


laura - October 28

Hi ladies,
8 embryo's still growing. My transfer is on 10/29.



christina - October 29

hey laura - how are you feeling today?


christina - October 29

B A B Y D U S T !!!!!
* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * *
* * * * *
* * * *
* * * * *
* * * * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* *

(someone did this from a different post and
I LOVED it!! )


laura - October 31

Hi ladies,
Shane, I love your "baby dust". I feel great.
Transfer went great. they transfered one 8 cell, three 6 cells, and one 4 cell. All grade 3 or 4 (4 being the best). Out of 4 IVF attemptes this is our second best batch of embryo's. It's good to end on a positive note. Baby dust everyone!


Fortyfour - November 1

Happy 2ww.


christina - November 1

Hey guys - my levels dropped... so we are not going in for eggs Thur. They want us to try "naturally" and then progestrone for 14 days - not feeling THAT will happen at all - so it's been nice chatting with you all - I'll check in and read how you Oct people are doing! ;)

Good luck Laura and all of you ladies~
Baby Dust


dj - November 2

i started my stims today, very nervous... we are not quite sure if we are giving accurate dose with the pen?? what have you experienced as far as side affects? baby dust to us all...


MCRONIN - November 2

Hi, I've been reading your posts, and was hoping to join you. We are trying our first attempt at IVF.. i start my follistum shots the 9th of Nov. we have had our IVF class, ordered our Med's, and i'm on birth control pills til 5th. I had surgery on my fallopian tubes in May to clear some blockage.. and found out PG in Sept.then at 7 weeks, through an ultra sound we found we had a tubal pregnancy. I lost my right fallopian tube. They suggested we not try again naturally, due to the damage i have in my left tube. I'm looking forward to talking with people who have gone through this, or is currently going through this, my friends and family are great but haven't gone through it. .. ok i'm done, thanks for listening. I hope to hear from you soon.


dj - November 3

I started my stims yesterday, this is my first ivf. We tried clomid forever, iui's etc. I got preg. naturally once and then I m/c. I have PCOS so I decided to try ivf instead of trying to get preg on my own for who knows how long. lupron has been no prob. My husb gives the shots b/c I am chicken. The stim pen was confusing at first but he figured it out. I am so nervous that it wont work. I think it is normal. Just try and relax and not worry. It is hard. I am trying accupunture and it has really helped me. Good luck to you. Keep me posted on what is going on.


MCRONIN - November 3

My husband will be giving my shots also.. I'm nervous about those and the side effects. I still have 6 days to start them. I am scared and excited and nervous all rolled together. I love that i found this site, so i can confide in women who have gone through, and are currently going through this. Good Luck desiree! and to all of you!




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