anyone starting a cycle for IVF in Oct?
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nik30 - October 10

Still on lupron, waiting for AF so I can start stims! I'm getting soooo excited, I really think this could be the one! We are doing ZIFT this time. Anyone else starting stims soon?


Juniper - October 11

How is everyone doing? I am on day...6 of my stims. They just increased my dosage to 450 units of follistim per day and 15 units (same) of low-dose HCG. That HCG burns when it goes in!


christina - October 11

juniper that is exciting!! ;D

I go off bc on saturday then wait for AF so sometime next week I will be starting - GOOD LUCK!!!


dtomas - October 15

I started my Lupron on 10/13/05. They have me taking it for 10-12 days depending on when I start my period. I am very nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. We had our Mock ET on 10/10/05. I'm guessing somewhere between 11/4/05 and 11/8/05 will be the actual ET.


christina - October 15

dthomas - that is EXCITING!! we will be very close mine should be 11/4 (around that date) waiting for period right now off BC yesterday - :)



laura - October 17

Hi ladies,
I am having trouble logging on to make posts. It looks like everyone is progressing nicely. Just to up date, I am on my 5th day of stims. I am on 350 mg flistim. 10 units microdose ovidrel. 1mg dex., vitamins and asprin. I allways seem to respond fairly well to stims. I's my old eggs that are not viable. This will be our last try. I just hope for the best. take care, babydust !!


laura - October 17

Hi again,
Juniper- have you gone to retreval yet? How did it go?


Juniper - October 17

Hi Laura & the rest of you ladies! I had retrieval this morning and they got 7 eggs- more than I expected since yesterday morning I only had 5 follicles. Things can happen overnight! It was cake, I was out then awake and done. It only took 10 minutes. I pray they all fertilize. I came home and slept for 6 hours.

How is everyone else?


dj - October 20

I start Lupron tomorrow, this is my first round of ivf. I have PCOS, does anyone else? I got preg on my own once and miscarried at 12 weeks, we have been trying for a looonnnngggg time. I am 28 and husband is 36. We are jus so nervous about everything, this is my 1st time on a chat room so I don't know all of the lingo but i will learn. Good luck to all of you.


christina - October 20

juniper that is GREAT! let us know how the rest goes!!

DJ - I am glad you joined us!! I have one son 5 1/2 and got pregnant all on my own - now I have been TTC for almost 4 yrs - this is my first try at IVF also - there are a few of us doing Oct/Nov we are all doing different things on different days its so fun! I love that everyone is so open here! You will too!

I start Stims tmr ladies!! YEAH!!!!!!!! getting closer
Chrisy :o


christina - October 20

laura - how are you feeling?


desireej - October 21

thank you Chrisy for the note... good luck with everything, this is a great site, it helps to read reality. i have been ready for hours tonight on the site and it has been extremely informative. Let me know how the stim makes you feel. How long did you take lupron? My fingers are crossed.... Desiree


laura - October 22

Hi Ladies,
Juniper- how many embryo's do you have?

Chrisy- Good. Thanks for asking.

Today is day 10 of Stims. They have started me on antagon (prevent ovulation) for last 5 days. With the start of antagon, they increase the follostem to 400 and microdose ovidrel to 15 units. I have had an ultrasound 6 out of 10 days, estradiol 8 out of 10 days. Yesterdays estradiol was 1785 and I had 15 follicals >10mm. 7 out 15 follicals were > 16mm. So far it appears slightly better then my last cycle. I will probalpy be given the big HCG inj. Sun or Mon with retreval on Tuesday or Wensday.

Babydust to everyone! Keep in touch!


Juniper - October 23

I had one embryo make it to transfer. I am not hopeful, it was only a four-cell. I think if this cycle fails I will have to take care of my endo surgically again. Ugh.

Sounds like you have lots of eggs awaiting!


christina - October 25

keep us posted juniper!!!

FYI I changed my posted name from chrisy to shane007 - there was another chrisy/christy and I was getting confused :)

think postive++++ baby dust!


ElizabethS - October 25

Good Luck and tons of baby dust to all of you ladies!!



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