Anyone in April cycle? IUI and Gonal-f
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shansy - April 27

LisaT and LillyO~

I'm very sorry to hear your disappointing news...I hope whatever paths you choose from here on out, that neither of you have to continue to be let down.

LisaT- are you going to try another IUI? I am debating that myself right is either do another IUI in May or wait and begin IVF process in June when I am off of work for the summer.

LillyO- are you now going to look into adoption? I have also thought ahead into the future about this if we do IVF and it doesn't work. Please keep me posted.

Gosh guys- I wish I knew what to say...just know that I know exactly how all of this feels and IT SUCKS. How are your DH's?



Lisat - April 28

I am not sure what the heck I am doing. I need to decide today. My DH really wants me to keep doing the iui's back to back if possible. He also wants to do IVF and I just can not see paying all that money. My insurance pays for a good portion of the IUI so that is ok. I am also concerned because not only did I start this period iit s not right. It is brown with "tissue" sorry TMI. Has anyone had this? I just do not understand why this is happening. I got pregnant 4 times no problem at all. Are you a teacher? Is that why it would be perfect to have IVF in the summer?

My DH is fine. He is supportive but he is the type to stay really strong and not let me see his dissappointment. I hate this because it is all me that can not provide children for him.

As for you is there anything they can do for your blocked tube? Is that the cause of your IF? With one tube does that mean that if you have follys on the that side it will not work? This whole process realy does suck. Oh and by the way I also have PCOS. Do you take Metformin? I am starting to think that because I am overweight it is adding to my infertility.



lisat - April 28


Also do you know when your cycle would start? Also are you leaning toward to IUI one more time or IVF? What does your DH think?



shansy - May 1


How are you doing? To answer some of you earlier ?'s- yes, I am a teacher so that is why it would be perfect for us to do the IVF in summer.
We haven't done a Laparoscopy yet which will determine for sure if my tube is blocked or not- just doing the HSG does not fully confirm that it is blocked or why it is blocked. I have been putting that off- if you do IUI or IVF there really isn't a reason to have to do the Lap (in my opinion)- it is not really the cause of my IF b/c I do have one that is open, so it probably just makes it harder for me to conceive. If you get follies on your blocked side, my RE told me that your other side can "pick up" the follies from the blocked side and carry them down the open tube...I know this sounds strange but they said that it can happen at times- however, it is not guaranteed. Yes, I do take Metformin. I am not sure what we want to do...I am on week 3 of bc pills to try to get rid of my cysts- we should be going back next week sometime to see if they are gone- that will help us to make our decision. My DH is very supportive and wants to do what I feel is the right we will discuss it once we find out if the cysts are gone or not...hoping they are!!!



LisaT - May 2


I had a lap last year and it was not bad. The only reason i think the Lap may still be a good idea for you is because it can also tell if you have any endometriosis. If there is endo there even if you get pregnant it may not attach to the uterus. Just another thing to think about.

I really hope your cysts are gone. Even if you decide to go straight to IVF you will still be stimming with me.

I am cycle day 5 and go back again on Thursday to see how I am responding. If it doesnt work this time I need a break and enjoy the summer. I work at DaimlerChrysler so no time is good to try.

I am so happy to hear that your dh is supportive. Mine can be but I do not think he understands how hard this is. Please keep me posted on your journey and decision.




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