Anyone in April cycle? IUI and Gonal-f
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shansy - April 16

Hi Lisa,

Oh boy, what you experienced with the Oakwood dr.'s sounds like what I just experienced with the dr.'s from U of M- which is why we left them....we had two recommendations to go to Dr. Jones. I guess we'll see if your experience matches our when we do an IUI (maybe) next month with Dr. Jones.

I do take Metformin...1500 is my dose. What is yours? When do you take yours? I take mine after dinner and haven't noticed any difference...but I have heard that it works wonders for others. I'm wondering if it is the way that I take mine? Also, do you follow a low-carb diet? I've heard that is what you are supposed to do when on Metformin. I've tried here and there, but it is so hard. I have also heard that many people lose weight on Metformin, have you? I haven't yet but I don't know if it is b/c of all of the shots and now birth control pills that are messing up my system.

As for Gonal-F...if we start it again next month, if my cysts are gone, the Dr. said he would start me off at 75 units and move up to 112.5 units per day b/c of the PCOS...last cycle I started at 75 for a few days went up to 112.5 for some more days then up to 150 for a couple of days then back down to 112.5 and then back down to 75 units the last day. However, my new dr. feels that 150 was too high for me as my estrogen level soared to 1489 and that is when I ovulated on my own and the RE missed it. Also, that is probably why I have the cysts now- b/c my estrogen level was too high. So he said he wanted me to stay on a lower dose next time so I don't ovulate early on my own again. What dose did you do? I had 5 follicles last month.

Try to stay positive- I know how hard it is, but there are many success stories of IUI's getting women pregnant!



lisat - April 17


I really hope that you have a great experience with the new Dr.

I was taking 1500 of metformin and my RE said that is really not even a theraputic dose. So now I take 1750 a day. I take one in 875 in the am and one in the pm.

I have been on it for so long now. I did not really loose weight and I seem to not be able to follow a low carb diet either. The only real benefit that it has done for me is allow me to have a cycle.

As for the Gonal-f I did 75 for five days and then they upped it to 112.5 for two days and then I triggered. I only had one folly. They said if it does not work I will do 150 for two days and then go down to 75. How often do you get monitored? Also your last month did they tell you to obstein from relations? Do you use any ovulation monitor? I still can not believe that your other Dr missed it. I thought that you do not ovulate without the trigger? My other friend was overstimulated the first time and she couldn't trigger and didn't have a cycle for 50 days. I will say that she is now pregnant on her second month with gonal-f and there is help :D

I really really wanted to have more follicles. I guess I am just looking at the cycle as at least I will have a cycle fast if it did not work.

Please keep me posted on your progress...when do you go back to see how the bcp are working?



shansy - April 17


I was being monitored every couple of days at first and then towards the end it was everyday. They didn't tell us to abstain throughout the earlier part, but they wanted a 2-3 day abstinence right before the IUI. I don't use an ovulation monitor b/c they said it wouldn't be accurate due to the PCOS- my LH level goes up and down all the time b/c of the many cysts in my ovaries that are producing LH. I know, I still can't believe they missed my ovulation... :( My new Dr. said that he can't believe that they were pleased with my E2 level going up to 1489- he said that is way too high and he asked if they had told me this...they hadn't. He said that would be a huge clue that my body was going to ovulate any minute. I guess you can ovulate without the trigger if your hormone levels go so high.

All it takes is one folly..I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!



Valerie - April 17

Hi Girls. I am a past infertility patient. Wwe now have 2 beautiful babies and I am thrilled with the results. I have 3 sets of 75 IU's of Gonal F that I am willing to give away minus the shipping and handeling. They did expire in Feb 2006, and due to that reason that is why I am giving them away. If you are interested and would like to have them, Please send me an email at [email protected]
A little background infor... My RE was in Modesto Ca. We tried 3 IUI's with our first baby and 1 IUI on our second baby! I used clomid for the fiest 2 cycles and the gonal f on the third. It worked. For our sedcond baby, we went straight to the Gonal F nad IUI and it worked.
Baby dust to you all!!!


Valerie - April 17

Sorry about all the typos... I am not focusing very well right now!! Have a great day!


shansy - April 21


How are you doing? I haven't been on for a few days and just wondering what is going on with you...I think you are close to the end of your 2 ww?? Let me know!! I am keeping you in my prayers. :)



LillyO - April 22

Hi, everyone
I am in a April cycle. I go in on the 26th for pg test.. Crossing my fingers.. This is our second time.. 1st time transfered 4 at day 3, and they didn't take.. This time we transfered 5 at day 5..


PS good luck to everyone!!


lisat - April 22


I am 8dpo and will test next week. I do not believe that this was our cycle though. I am sure that I will be with you next month for May cycle. I went for my progesterone test yesterday and it was only 14.6. Oh well.

You will be able to go on gonal-f next month as long as the cysts go away right? When do you go back to the Dr.'s?
Thank you for all your support as my family and friends just don't understand all of this.

Lilly- Wow five I have everything crossed for you and you will also be in my thoughts and prayers. You test Wednesday are you feeling any symptoms? Make sure to let us know. This side is great and we all supportive.

I am thinking of you all!


LillyO - April 22

Thanks, and yes 5, did 4 last time, so why not?? ;D. Its better then just letting it die.. We choose not to freeze any that were left. This is our 2nd and last time.. If it was meant to be it will happen.. If not then we can always adopt. Symptoms? boobs are sore, a little spotting, a little cramping.. nothing else... this sight seems to be very informative, even more then my own doctor would tell that is sad..



shansy - April 23

Hi Lisa,

Hang in there...try to stay positive. :)

If the cysts go away then yes, we can try another IUI in May. If not, then we are contemplating going straight to IVF starting in June (actual IVF would be in July as they would put me on the pill for a month prior), we would do this b/c I want to do IVF when it is in the summer and I have time to go to dr.'s all the time.

So I guess we'll see...I am so tired of all of these treatments- ya know?



lisat - April 25

OMG tomorrow is your day...good luck. I have everything crossed for you.

Shannon- I completely understand your frustration. we have been trying since 1-04 and we have been pregnant four times all mc...since my last one I can not get pregnant. Does your insurance pay for IVF? Heck you are already on the pill you mine as well go for IVF. I just can not see paying that kind of money for a what if. I am also terified if I do not get pregnant with DH our marriage will be over. He comes from a huge family and wants a large one himself. Yeah did he marry the wrong women huh? Oh well its in God's hands.

I am 10 dpo and I tested this morning since I had high temps and had to pee so often but it was a bfn! I woke up this morning and my temp dropped and now its back up. I know its in the middle of the day so that does not mean anything. Also I think my high temps are because I was sick for a couple of days.

Shannon when do you go to the Dr to see if the cysts are gone?

lilly make sure to let us know how tomorrow goes...



colcol - April 26

Hi Shansy,
I saw your post about missing the Ovulation... I had this happen too...
What did your RE say?
I think that they missed my ovulation due to the inexperience of the doctor (we go to Penn Fertility in Philadelphia). My CD12 U/S had two follicles at 13mm and one at 10mm. My E was at 260. But the doctor that day (a Sunday) was a resident/fellow... never saw him before and he seemed overwhelmed with the number of patients in the office that day. When I went in on CD 14, I had already ovulated.
I'm depressed and see this as a sign (this was our 8th IUI cycle -- 9th if you count our success in 2003) that our journey is over. My husband is so upset, both on the emotional aspect and the financial (nearly $2000 in drugs for not) --- he said that could better accept a failed attempt or a cancellation due to medical reason, than a missed ovulation.
Is this the reason you switched REs?

[quote author=shansy link=board=8;threadid=2197;start=0#17099 date=1144773785]
Hey Lisa and Jaz-

I did Gonal-F last month. The injections are easier if you ice the spot for a few minutes...just a tip!

Unfortunately, my RE missed my ovulation last month so our IUI was cancelled. I was very upset so we are switching RE's and I meet with my new one tomorrow morning...I am expecting AF anytime this week, so once that happens, we will begin the whole process again.

Lisa- my DH has sperm antibodies, which are attached mainly to the tail of the sperm and not on all of the sperm, so it is not a huge concern, but still something we think about. The IUI bypasses all of that with the wash. His count is really high, so that is a good thing. How are things going for you so far? Do you have any follicles showing up yet?

Jaz- I did not have hardly any side effects from Gonal-F- in fact it was easier than Clomid or Femara for me. Both of those made me extremely emotional. Hope you find it the same as I did! Also, yes, OHSS is a concern- especially for me b/c I have PCOS. However, your RE should closely monitor you. Are you going in about every other day for an ultrasound and bloodwork? The ultrasound will show how many follicles and if you hyperstimulating.

Well, good luck to all of us this month!!!


shansy - April 26

LILO- any news??

Lisa~ I am sending positive vibes your way as I am sure you need them right now...I know it is hard. No, my insurance doesn't pay for the actual IVF but they do cover the shots which is great... we go back in a couple of weeks to see if the cysts are gone...then we have to make the decision to do another IUI in May or wait until June to start the IVF process...I don't want to get cysts again from the May IUI if we do it and then not be able to do the IVF in the summer if they don't go away, ya know? It is a gamble...

colcol- My RE had no explanation for missing my ovulation (he was also a fellow working under a main dr.), I had 5 follicles (most at 16 mm) and my E2 level was 1498 on CD 17 (that night I ovulated). I have been told by another Dr. that my E2 level was way too high and it should've indicated to my RE that I was going to ovulate- but they never said anything, they just said it looked great and to keep on waiting...Yes, it is why we switched RE's- we were just so frustrated and had been feeling that way with that hospital for awhile. Have you decided to try another IUI or do IVF?

Good luck to us all!


LillyO - April 26

Hey everyone
Just got the news and not pg. It didn't work.. not sure what to think? All the embryo's were so good..Just told husband he is alittle upset too.. Just not meant to be I guess..



LisaT - April 27

I AM SO SORRY. I just do not understand how or why this happens. I also tested and it was BFN and I am about to throw in the towel. I started my period today so i need to make up my mind if I want to try for another month on gonal-f (higher dose) and IUI...

Did you meet with the Dr to see what they think?

I hear that if you have the trigger with the inj it is less likely you will develop cysts. That is what my RE said anyway. WHo knows. I am just so beside myself at this moment that I just don't know. Everyone around me is pregnant on top of it. My one friend just called me and said oh by the way its a girl. I am happy for her but I cant help be sad for people like us. Do you know what the problem/issue is with you guys why its not working?

i am at work and will chat tonight.



shansy - April 27

LisaT and LillyO~

I'm very sorry to hear your disappointing news...I hope whatever paths you choose from here on out, that neither of you have to continue to be let down.

LisaT- are you going to try another IUI? I am debating that myself right is either do another IUI in May or wait and begin IVF process in June when I am off of work for the summer.

LillyO- are you now going to look into adoption? I have also thought ahead into the future about this if we do IVF and it doesn't work. Please keep me posted.

Gosh guys- I wish I knew what to say...just know that I know exactly how all of this feels and IT SUCKS. How are your DH's?




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