Anyone in April cycle? IUI and Gonal-f
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Lisat - April 7

Hi ladies,

Is anyone on stims for April? I stated my inj. Gonal-F yesterday. for my baseline blood work my e2 was 29 and the RE said this was good. I am only on 75 and I think that is low. I go back on Tuesday to see how everything is going.



shansy - April 10

Hey Lisa-

I am starting another IUI cycle this month...we are going to our new RE on Wednesday. I am expecting AF to arrive sometime this weekend, so I will most likely begin Gonal-F injections next week. We can be cycle buddies. :)



Lisat - April 10

Hi Shannon,

Yeah that sounds good to me. I go tomorrow for my second ultra sound and blood work. Tomorrow is day 8 for me. Is this your first cycle of Gonal-F with IUI? Do you have male factor at all?

Lisa ;D


Jaz - April 11

Hi there - just a beginner at all this.......

I'm starting IUI/Gonal F soon, on CD 3 today. U/S booked for CD 20 (28 April) if all well down reg nasal spray starts 29 April. Unexplained infertility, advised against Clomid and to go straight to IUI- I'm 36, DH 33 been trying for almost 4 years.

Completely stressing over the whole thing. Weird thing is not too bothered about injecting myself so far but scared of the side effects the drugs may have on me.

Keep reading about OHSS and worrying I'll end up really ill!! I know monitoring helps minimise risk but I always worry about the worst case scenario first.

If anyone has any reassurance it would be great to hear from you.



shansy - April 11

Hey Lisa and Jaz-

I did Gonal-F last month. The injections are easier if you ice the spot for a few minutes...just a tip!

Unfortunately, my RE missed my ovulation last month so our IUI was cancelled. I was very upset so we are switching RE's and I meet with my new one tomorrow morning...I am expecting AF anytime this week, so once that happens, we will begin the whole process again.

Lisa- my DH has sperm antibodies, which are attached mainly to the tail of the sperm and not on all of the sperm, so it is not a huge concern, but still something we think about. The IUI bypasses all of that with the wash. His count is really high, so that is a good thing. How are things going for you so far? Do you have any follicles showing up yet?

Jaz- I did not have hardly any side effects from Gonal-F- in fact it was easier than Clomid or Femara for me. Both of those made me extremely emotional. Hope you find it the same as I did! Also, yes, OHSS is a concern- especially for me b/c I have PCOS. However, your RE should closely monitor you. Are you going in about every other day for an ultrasound and bloodwork? The ultrasound will show how many follicles and if you hyperstimulating.

Well, good luck to all of us this month!!!


Lynne - April 11

Hey Ladies I'm probably joining you and cycling through April aswell I waiting for AF over the Easter weekend, then my new doc wants to do another IUI cycle without meds to reduce the stress on my body, I do ovluate on my own but with on ly one egg to work with I'm not holding my breath.

Baby wishes to us all. Lynne.


LisaT - April 11

Hi Ladies,

I went for my cycle day 8 u/s and blood work and the news was not great. I only have one folly on my right side and none on my left. The wierd thing is I ovulate on my own and reacted to clomid extreamly well. Clomid made my cervical fluid not good so I wanted injections. I also have been pregnant 4 times and all ended in M/C so I really wanted more for a better chance to carry to term.

Shansy wow I am really sorry they missed your ovulation. That is crazy! I thought on Gonal-F you almost need the trigger to ovulate? My hubby has no male factor. He also has a high count so that is good too. How did you find out about the tail of your hubby's sperm?

Lynne- no meds with IUI? Do you have male factor then?

Jaz-welcome and I am hoping everything goes well fro you!

Baby dust to all...
From Michigan


shansy - April 13

Hey Lisa-

I don't know if it the same as me, but when I went in on Day 7 I didn't have any dominant follicles...but after a week or so 5 follicles started to become maybe this will be true for you as well??

Yes, I just ovulated on my own. Lupron is a drug that can prevent your own ovulation, but I was not given that. We found out about my hubby's antibodies through a Semen Analysis...he had a high count of antibodies so then they did an immunobead assay which determines what percentages are on the head, tail, and both head and tail...very strange to me how they can figure all of that out...but it was good news that they were mainly on the tails b/c all it does is slow the sperm down a bit- if it were on the head, it would be hard for the sperm to dig into the egg.

We met with our new RE today. Our intial impression is positive. We really like everything he told us and we agree with the way he does things (2 day insemination vs. 1 day, etc.) We are starting Gonal-F shots Friday or Saturday- depending on if I can determine if this darn period has fully started today or if it will be tomorrow...I can never tell when it is officially Day One!!

Also, I saw you live in Michigan- where at? I live here too! Who is your RE?



LisaT - April 13


I live in Shelby Township and my RE is Dr. Blacker.

Where do you live and who was and is your RE?

I know about the whole day one thing. Are you going in for baseline work on day 3? I have a good feeling it will work for you this month.

For me I have a dominent folly but only one :'( I go in tomorrow for blood work and u/s and they said I would probably trigger tomorrow night and IUI Saturday. I have really no expectations this month.

I am really lookng forward to your results...
I check this site several times an evening..I am obsessed.


LisaT - April 13

Hi ladies,

I went today for bloodwork and u/s and the report is my folly is 18 and estrogen 219. I trigger tonight and IUI on Saturday. Please say a prayer that this works. I really not that hopeful this month but who knows.



shansy - April 14


I am in Livonia...our RE was out of U of M, but now we are at Oakwood in Dearborn. Unfortunately, I received bad news today when we went in for my Day 3 Ultrasound. They found that I have 5 large cysts on my ovaries due to the Gonal-F shots from last month... :( We are sooooo bummed out...they are putting me on the pill (starting tonight) and then I'll have to see if the cysts go away for next month.
But good luck to you!!!! I will be thinking of you on Saturday. :)

Does anyone know anything about cysts? The nurse said that they go away 99% of the time after being on the pill for a cycle, but I am still worried.



Lisat - April 14


I AM SO SORRY. I had a huge cyst on my ovary last year at exactly this time. I went in and they told me to take the pill and I just couldn't do it. I also have PCOS and I understand why you are so upset. In my case I didn't take the pill and my cyst never went away so i actually had to have lap. The good news is that I did hear that the pill really does help remove the cysts. Can I ask what your Dr.'s name is? I went to a RE out of Oakwood first and I know they have an office in Dearborn. I was not very happy with them and my friend also went there and had the same bad experience as I.

I am so sad :'(for you and I can relate to how bummed you and your dh are. How long have you ben trying? Do you know why you guys it hasn't worked?

Thank you for thinking of me tomorrow.



shansy - April 15

Hi Lisa,

Our RE is Dr. Jones- is that who you had?? I hope not! :-\

I hope your IUI went well today...relax and take it easy- now the hard part of the 2 ww is here...but try to pamper yourself during this time. :)

My DH and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years. They don't know specifically why it hasn't worked, but think PCOS probably plays a factor in it as ovulation is not normal with this condition.

Why didn't your cyst go away? The nurse told me 99% of the time they they know why it didn't in your case?? Now I'm worried... :( I have 5 cysts and you only had one. How was the lap? I fear that I might have to do that...

Anyways, let me know how everything went for you today!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)



Lisat - April 15


I believe Dr. Jones is one of the Dr.'s in the group that my friend and I did not have a good experience with. I had Dr. Magyar (sp?) and my friend had Dr. Jones I believe. Check to see if they have an office in Clinton Twp.

The reason my cyst didn't go away is because I choose that I was not going to take BCP.

The lap was pretty easy and they say that you normally get pregnant within 6 months of the lap. That was true for me too I was preggo twice right away. I M/C though.

I also have PCOS. Do you take Metformin? It works wonders!

As for me I had my IUI this morning and it was completely painless but now I have cramps.
My Dh had 98 million with 98% mobility and they said that was great. I only have one good folly but they said my estrogen and lining is grade A which I guess is the best??

When do you go back to the RE? Are they saying you can try next month?



shansy - April 16


Sounds like your IUI went very well!! :) I am keeping my fingers crossed for you...

What bad experiences did you have with those dr.'s? :-\

We are going to go back in next month to see if the cysts are gone and if so, we will probably do another IUI with Gonal-F...if that doesn't work then we are moving on to IVF.

Well, I hope everything works out for you this month. Have a Happy Easter!



lisat - April 16


My experience with those Dr.'s was primarily they are not agressive enough for me. For my friend she feels that she wasted valuble time with Dr. Jones. She has both Male factor and female factors. Hers is her lining is not good to carry a baby. Her hubby has very low sperm count. She went to this Dr for a year and they never tested him again. She went to a new Dr he has pretty much zero sperm. She feels she wasted lots of time and money there. When she went to another Dr she was diagnosed within in one month and told she would never have a biological baby. They have just adopted a beautuful baby girl.

I also did not like that you only talk to the nurses. It was hard after the initial visit with the Dr to talk to him.

Do you take metformin? Also what dose of gonal-f will you be on?
Thank you for your kind thoughts. I really do not have much faith in it though.



shansy - April 16

Hi Lisa,

Oh boy, what you experienced with the Oakwood dr.'s sounds like what I just experienced with the dr.'s from U of M- which is why we left them....we had two recommendations to go to Dr. Jones. I guess we'll see if your experience matches our when we do an IUI (maybe) next month with Dr. Jones.

I do take Metformin...1500 is my dose. What is yours? When do you take yours? I take mine after dinner and haven't noticed any difference...but I have heard that it works wonders for others. I'm wondering if it is the way that I take mine? Also, do you follow a low-carb diet? I've heard that is what you are supposed to do when on Metformin. I've tried here and there, but it is so hard. I have also heard that many people lose weight on Metformin, have you? I haven't yet but I don't know if it is b/c of all of the shots and now birth control pills that are messing up my system.

As for Gonal-F...if we start it again next month, if my cysts are gone, the Dr. said he would start me off at 75 units and move up to 112.5 units per day b/c of the PCOS...last cycle I started at 75 for a few days went up to 112.5 for some more days then up to 150 for a couple of days then back down to 112.5 and then back down to 75 units the last day. However, my new dr. feels that 150 was too high for me as my estrogen level soared to 1489 and that is when I ovulated on my own and the RE missed it. Also, that is probably why I have the cysts now- b/c my estrogen level was too high. So he said he wanted me to stay on a lower dose next time so I don't ovulate early on my own again. What dose did you do? I had 5 follicles last month.

Try to stay positive- I know how hard it is, but there are many success stories of IUI's getting women pregnant!




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