Anyone get PG from meds bought from other people?
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CPacino - April 3

Sorry, I just have to ask this question.

Has anyone here with known fertility problems, ever become pregnant as a result of using meds they bought from other people through sites like this one?


Hoping2BMum - April 3

I have a friend who has twins with meds she bought off another site. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work, provided they are legit meds.



tam3 - April 4

I am pregnant with twins from meds!!! Thank you cpacino it was partly what you gave me!!


CPacino - April 4

Thanks A, I think that's the big question though isn't it. Are they legit? If they don't work it can just be put down to our infertility.

I do know though that people should be wary of buying their HCG etc. from sites with anabolic in the title or pro bodybuilder sites. I have heard from people who got desperate enough to buy from them. Counterfeiting is usually rife on sites like that & that's if you even receive anything at all. Be ware that you may also receive meds intended only for use on animals in the farming industry.

Wow, I am so happy for you Tammy. I wish you lots of luck for a long, healthy pregnancy.


Daria - April 4

I did, twice. The first time it ended in a miscarriage and D&C, and the second in a chemical pregnancy, but I did get pregnant.


CPacino - April 6

Thanks Petey.

I'm sorry for your losses.


KariV - April 7

we just got our BFP and all of the meds that I used this cycled were eith donated or sold to me by others. I have no insurance coverage for IVF or meds.


CPacino - April 7

Congratulations Kari :)

I'm not quite sure how insurance works in the US. In the United Kingdom we pay taxes towards a National Health Service. Which doesn't cover any of our treatment :( . It only realy covers medical emergencies/ general illness etc. & on a high/low priority basis. Infertility is not seen as an illness (even though it can cause excruciating pain) & most people have to pay for all of their treatments. Except the lucky few who may get one free cycle from the NHS. If they fit all the criteria, there is enough funding in their area & they have come to the top of a long waiting list. Not many people have private health insurance, because the NHS covers most peoples needs. And who expects to have fertility problems! When you get your diagnosis it's too late to get private health insurance to cover it.


Daria - April 8

Thanks for your thoughts, CPacino. We do have a DD from our first IVF that I am so incredibly thankful for, but we'll be doing cycle #7 at the end of this month, and it will be the final time.

Congrats, Kari. That is soooo awesome. Best wishes for a great pregnancy.


repsac - April 8

I cant ell you that I got pregnant the first IVFcycle out but I miscarried. I could nto afford all the meds and someone turned me onto this and another site. Two kind women helpe to save me over $1200, which helped to pay my cycle costs.

I was fortunate enough to be able to return the favor for a few others, when things got financially better for me.. and now Kari, who was one that I donated my extras to, is now pregnant...

We all know the struggle, and it is such gift sometimes to have empathetic and caring folks on these boards available to help one another when the rough journey takes its toll on our lives and our finances

Good luck petey


CPacino - April 9

Wishing you lots of luck Petey.

repsac I totally agree.

And I would like to say a big thank you to the people who I have bought from, they saved me a fortune.

It's nice that people still have the decency to help each other out if they can. I guess i'm just a bit suspicious because I don't see it happen a lot where I am.

It still seems strange to me though, to buy prescription meds not only from a total stranger. But also without having to show a prescription or even asked about your treatment etc. Though I don't think anyone is going to be keen to show a prescription & possibly get themself in a whole heap of trouble. I guess this may be why some people aslo send/receive via someone else.



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