anyone doing IVF this month (Oct.)?
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casey - October 2

I'm doing my first IVF cycle this month. I'm already on the Lupron shots, I started them 9/22. I go to the RE on Friday, 10/6 and should start stims that day. ER is scheduled for 10/18. Just looking for some buddies to share this with.


kbat24 - October 4

I am also doing my first IVF cycle. I am at the very end of it now going through the dreaded 2ww. (6 more days and I should have an answer)
But I am here if you have any questions. I know what its like to do injections, not feel well and just wonder what the outcome is going to be :) I wish you lots of luck :)


casey - October 4

I wish you the best of luck!
I have felt very crappy but from what I hear the worse is yet to come!
Sending you lots of postitive vibes and baby dust!
Keep me posted on your progress!


Nke - October 8

Hi there, I am new to this site and also new to IVF. I went through my first IVF cycle this month. I was originally doing an IUI and switched to IVF mid-way based on recommendation from my RE. I was not on heavy dosage of meds, and responding very well to the meds. There were alot of follicles developing during CM.

It has been a very surreal experience to say the least. Very different from IUI, which I did 6 times (2 seperate clinics).

On the day of retrieval they extracted 22 eggs, of which 12 fertilized. Two made it to blastocycst stage and they transferred those today. They will continue to develop the remaining 10 and freeze any that make it to the Blastocycst stage.

So, now I am doing the 2ww game! Being an extremely active person, I've made a conscious decision to stay away from weight training for the next two weeks and just focus on relaxing and resting.

We are really hoping that a pregnancy takes this time around. It would be such a blessing on our first try through IVF.

I wish you both the same success!


GINAMARIE - October 10

Hello everyone!! I just went through my first IVF cycle in June(got pg m/c 8w do to clotting disorder) I going to start a cryo tranfer in a couple of weeks. I'm very nervous because I only have two embroys left, but I'm praying for the best.

Nke, i definetly agree with the taking it easy after the transfer. I truly believe that as hard as it is we have to stay relaxed in order for our bodies to become pg, also that fact of after a fresh cycle the ovaries are enlarged. I will be praying for you, keep me posted.

Casey, How are you doing with the stims?? If you get bloated during the stims drink gatorade it helps. I was so bloated that i couldn't button my pants and I felt like i couldn't breathe the day befor my reterival, it was horrible. Gatorade helped.I wish you lots of luck and keep my posted on how your doing!!


HarrietV - October 16

Hey, I am starting this week. What a new world! Our issue is Male Factor, but thankfully my DH has loads of sperm! :) I am on BCPs until the 18th, then start my meds on the 23rd if all is well. My nurse said 8-12 days on this normal????? Anyone know where you can gets med cheap???? Glad you are all here, as I am a bit nervous.


jmr67 - October 17

I'm right behind you HarrietV - this will be my 3rd attempt. I finish BCP the 21st and start meds the 24th. Since I was a poor responder last cycle I will find out the 30th if I can continue this one. My first IVF I was on stims 10 days and your nurse is correct - 8-12 days is normal. Unfortunately I do not know where to get cheap meds but I've noticed alot of posts selling leftover meds.... I wish you the best! Keep in touch!


HarrietV - October 18

Thanks for the answers! I went ahead and ordered my meds today. Some of them I can get for free due to BCBS having all generics free, but that doesn't take the pain out of paying for Gonal 900!! :'( I'm not taking Lupron....I guess just the BCPs alone, slowed my ovaries down so much that my RE was concerned. I have never taken BCPs before, so maybe that is why! My RE seems quite hopeful......

I will be thinking of you on the 24th! :)


jmr67 - October 18

Every little bit helps! Do they not have a generic for Gonal? A friend of mine was able to substitute one of her meds with Follistem which they say is cheaper - I thought it was the Gonal but not sure. I'm going to ask my RE about not taking Lupron - especiallly since I was a low responder the second time, it might make sense for me not to be supressed any more with Lupron. They were all baffled that I responded really well the first time and hardly at all the second. I've been wracking my brain to try to figure out why but I guess I will never know. All I can do is hope for the best this time! I was curious that you said your issue was male factor but your DH has plenty of sperm?? Do you have to do ICSI? Our issue is male factor also....well, it was until I responded poorly last time now we have another issue! Yet somehow I am filled with hope as I sit here and type!


HarrietV - October 18

My nurse said that gonal was the cheaper of the two, and indeed it was....I did a cost comparison between the two pharmacies, and ended up going with the gonal pharmacy. My DH has obstructive azoospermia, so, no vas deferens....makes getting pregnant a bit tricky! I knew this when we got married, so it didn't come as a shock. We have 20 month old adopted twins who are the light of our lives, but we have always longed for a big family, both when we were single, and now as a married couple. Anyhow, the docs were skeptical about the amount of sperm, but when they did the testicular aspiration, there were loads, all healthy and fast swimmers. Yes, we are doing ICSI. My DH comes from a family of surgeons, so all of this is a walk in the park, but I come from family where you avoid meds and doctors....strong Irish stock I suppose! :) I hope they get the lupron thing settled out. I guess the BCPs supressed me so fast. Have you had any odd reactions to the meds in the past? I hear everyone say how they have gained loads of water weight. ARGHHHHHHH Oh well, it's so totally worth it, isn't it???? Take care....I'm glad to have met you! HarrietV


jmr67 - October 19

Well that's good to know as I'll be taking gonal too. It's funny I always wanted a big family too. I always took fertility for granted but then I married a man who had a vasectomy (now reversed but still poor count and morphology). Never thought it would come to this but here I am 39yrs old and no children! My DH does have 2 grown children (yes he started young) and a grandchild (who will be my child's nephew, but older than he/she is! how strange is that!)) Anyway, when I was on the meds...I had sensitive ovaries and some bloatiness. I probably only gained 2-3lbs. Personally I found Clomid (which I took for IUI's) to be much worse for weight gain than the IVF meds because I never got it off! But yes, it will be so worth it.....I would walk through fire to hold my baby in my arms!! I have another question for did your RE determine you were so suppressed by the BCP? Please feel free to check my profile and email me personally.....I'm so glad to have met you as well!



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