anyone doing iui cycle in nov.???
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BethMX - November 23

Hello Souls,

WONDERFUL!!! Great news for the holiday :D
Congratulations!! I wish you a safe and lovely pregnancy!!

I was so excited to hear about your BFP and please let us know how many are there! I will follow your advise and won´t let my mind playing games to me, although you sure know this is soooo difficult. But I´ll wait until Nov. 30, when I have to do my beta.

I don´t live in the US, but close- Mexico. But I wish you and all a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Hopefully the 10 people won´t be too much ;)

Baby dust to all!
And Happy Thanksgiving



allegonda - November 24

Hello there,
So good to read your posts, I do get so much encouragment from all your replys and posts.
Well we had natural IUI this month, this is what the clinic in New Zealand recommends (I ovulate normally). But AF came, actually late by 4 days, which is abnormal for me??? better not read too much into it.
So we will be doing another IUI this month, as I cycle short (23 - 25 days).
Keep you posted.


bugdiddle - November 25

It's so encouraging reading all of your messages. We have just done our 1st IVF cycle and I am a nervous wreck! I am 5 days away from my blood test and I don't feel a thing. I don't know if I should feel something or if it's all in my head, or what. I don't know how this couldn'twork. All of our problems have been male factor. I've responded so well to all the meds. Not sure how Christmas will be this year if I don't get the BFP.

Thanks again for all of the encouraging words and Congratulations.


BethMX - November 29

Hello!! How are you all doing???

Just wanted to let you know tomorrow is the big day. I will have my Beta tomorrow and I´m feeling anxious about it.

I don´t want to think about how I´m feeling or what will happen tomorrow..this wait has been awful!! But I´m hoping to have great news.

Wishing you are all doing great....keep me posted.
Best of luck and lots of baby dust!!!!!!



hopeforbaby - November 29

morning ladies.... hope this finds everyone well!!!
i am sitting here going crazy!!! i had my 2nd p2 levels done yesterday and am waiting on results... they said they will come in anywhere from 7am to 2pm today.... so i am very anxious... i have lots of nervous energy...

beth, i am soooo sorry i haven't been posting... i have been reading your posts... my computer has been haveing problems and is very sluggish.... when i try to post, it kicks me off... anyways, how is your last leg of the 2ww treating you??? i think the last 24 hrs. is the worst... well, please let us know.... tons of baby dust to you!!! i am sending you "positive" thoughts.... keep me posted....

bunches and bunches of baby dust to all...


BethMX - November 29

Hi Kristy,

Nice to hear from you!! I can imagine how you feel... I guess that will be my case tomorrow ;) but hang in there, I will be sending positive thoughts your way too! and hopefully you will have great results. Please let us know!!

Thank you for your words, it is so important to have someone during this time...the last couple of days I´ve tried not to think about this....not to search for anything on the Internet!! because I was going mad....

Lots & lots of baby dust to all!!!!



hopeforbaby - November 29

hey ladies, just to let you know i got my results (BFN)
i am feeling sooo low... i just want to curl up in a little ball and cry... i was sooo holding out hope, i was suppose to get my results this morning and didn't get them till 3:30pm... i was hopeing i had a low positive and they had to run it again or something.... but no, she called and told me that my progestrone and dropped off to 2.5.... so anyway, just wanted to let you guys know... i will be starting another cycle on dec. 29th...

beth, i have a feelin you want be my cycle buddy next month...hopefully you can be tellin me how the first month of mommyhood is...hehehe. i am sending you loades of baby dust and i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers... thank you sooo much for being there... if you ever need anything i am only a few clicks away... girl, i wish you the best of luck tomorrow... i am sooo excited for you.....

bunches and bunches of baby dust,


BethMX - November 30

Hello Kristy and all,

Just to let you know my first IUI resulted in BFN.... I guess I was prepared for it, as since the IUI my RE said it was not a good sample, but anyways, hope dies last.

SOOOOO...moving forward. I will be starting my Gonal-F shots tonight and going for second IUI someday around Dec. 15... Live can be difficult some times.

But let´s keep our hopes and our spirits high!
Baby dust...




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