anyone doing iui cycle in nov.???
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hopeforbaby - October 21

i start my cycle for iui on nov. 3rd ( taking repranex and femera) i would love to have a cycle buddy (or buddies)
last month i went through it alone... i could talk to friends and family but no one really understood....

well i hope everyone is doing well and everyone on cycle
this month...GOOD LUCK!!! and lots and lots of baby dust...


WantsBaby2 - October 22

Hi Hopeforbaby,
I will be doing an IVF cycle in November. I will probably be starting stims the second or third week in November. I am trying to remain positive...but it's sooo difficult. Lots of babydust to you as you prepare for your IUI!



hopeforbaby - October 22

i have a question this is going to be our 3rd iui attempt... if it fails my RE is considering moving us on to IVF... since you been through both can you tell me what to expect.... i am sooo sorry to ask you that... but i am just soo scared... my thinking is "i am only 25 and i am having all these problems" i am scared of moving too fast and not moving fast enough...
anyways, sorry for rambling. i wish you the bunches and bunches of baby dust for ur next IVF... please keep me informed..... kristy :)


WantsBaby2 - October 22

Hi Hopeforbaby,
I don't have much advice to give on the IVF front. I haven't been really successful in responding to the stims unfortunately. As far as how fast to go...I would just listen to your doctor. If you really like your clinic and you trust them....I would go with what they reccommend.

I would think at your age, you really have a good chance of IVF working for you. Time is soooo on your side!! That is a very good thing! It's probably because of my age (eek! :o) that I am such a poor responder. I have felt comfortable going the pace that my doctor recommends. I like him a lot and I feel he knows his business.

I have heard that the best thing you can do for success before and during IVF is RELAX. So anything you can do to achieve this goal is recommended. I have been doing acupuncture for many months now...and there are certain points he puts needles in that help with calming you down. Let me tell really helps!

I really hope you don't have to go the IVF route. I hope this time is the charm for you. It would really be a lot easier! Tons of babydust to you! It will be nice to be cycle might be a week or two ahead of me though!




Hope for baby & Wantsbaby2

I am going to the doc on Wed the 26th for a sonogram to check out the size of my follicles so within a couple days after that if everything is good I will do my second IUI attempt. So my cylcle will kinda be close to yours.. I am trying to relax and even thought about acupuncture too.. (I dont think my insurance covers it and I didnt know how costly it gets.. I was also wondering how many IUI's should you attempt before going with IVF?
My thoughts will be with you both in NOV. Hopefully we will all be getting good news!!


WantsBaby2 - October 23

I am sure your RE would recommend to you how many they want to do based on your age, history and whatever male and/or female factors you may be experiencing. Our RE suggested trying IUI 5 times before moving on to IVF. So we did. :-\

My first stab at an IVF was cancelled because I only produced one follicle, so they turned it into an IUI. My second attempt at IVF I had 6 follicles, but none of them matured, so that one was cancelled as well. Because there were no mature follicles, they did not even attempt IUI at all. :(

I then had a clomid challenge test a couple of months later which I stimmed pretty good they decided to try IUI with that cycle too. All total we have had 7 IUIs. Sadly, I never achieved pregnancy with any of them. :(



BethMX - October 25


I´m sorry for jumping into the thread but I will be starting IUI in November too and would like to share stories with you and also help- as far as possible- you in going through all this! ;)

My husband has low sperm count, so we have been TTC for three years now with no luck. It turns out our RE suggested IUI because of his numbers and we already went through all the tests- tubes, sperm, hormones, etc. Luckily everything seems to be right for the procedure.

So, I´m only waiting for AF to show this month, as I have to start on injectibles on the very fist day....
I would like to share my next couple of weeks with you...and be able to hear your stories too.

Baby dust to all of you and hopefully we will have a Sweet November!



WantsBaby2 - October 27

Welcome! Yes, it would be sweet if we could all achieve pregnancy! Glad you are joining us on our little venture in November.



BethMX - October 27

Thanks a lot, Wantsbaby2.

It is so much easier to walk through this with someone to understand and support you.

Good luck to all of you and babydust!!!



megahurls - October 27

Gina, I am new to this website and saw your posting. I had my second IUI this morning -- so it seems we are on the same schedule. I have low hopes of success b/c of DH's low count in his specimin today. (BUMMER) Time will tell -- its into the 2WW now.

My RE this morning said he'd try one more IUI round with more advanced meds before moving us on to IVF given our male factors. He'd even be open to going straight to IVF if this one fails.

It is truly comforting to know so many women are out there experiencing this frustrating phenomenon. Sometimes you just want to scream, sometimes cry.... this website is a blessing. I'll check it every day for support.



Fortyfour - October 27

Good luck megs. Baby dust to you.


Julie - Hoping - October 31

Good luck everyone! I joined today after reading and reading... I have had 3 Clomid/IUI cycles but this is my first Gonal-f/Ovidrel cycle - the shots really scare me and they start tomorrow. My DH will be doing that part. I'll likely be having my IUI on/about 11/6 a bit after you but not that far! I hope everything goes well for you and I'm happy to talk anytime.


megahurls - October 31

Hi Julie. Best of luck to you this month. You'll get through the shots -- I know it -- its worth it right? I'll probably have questions for you if this IUI fails for us, as we'll start IUI with injectibles next month.

here's to "positive" thoughts.....


allegonda - November 2

Hello there guys,
I have read so many of the posts and want to say how encouraging it is to read your stories.
We had our first IUI on the 1st of Novemeber, it was a natural cycle as a ovulate normally - got to see the mature follicle (21 mm) the day before too on ultrasound. Was abit dissappointed to find that on ultrasound there was a probable polyp... after all the tests they only found it then (have had hysteroscopy and ultrasounds before).
Any one starting to feel any signs of pregnancy, morning sickness?
Thank you for having this opportunity to talk.


Fortyfour - November 5

Allegonda - Baby dust to you. I am not on a 2ww just a 2 month wait to try again.


hopeforbaby - November 10

good morning everyone,
how is everyone doing... i am sooo sorry that i have been out of touch... we have been really busy... well... i had my appt to check my progress yesterday morning and i have (3) 11mm and a 10mm on my rt side and hardley anything on the left... they said everything looks great so far... :) so i started my inj. of repronex yesterday.... i can't wait!!! it should be sometime next week when we get to do the iui.... i hope it works this time... money wise i don't know how much more we can do.... it just gets to be sooo frustrating....
sorry to ramble... i have soo many mixed emotions right now...
soo, how is everyone doing??? anyone else getting close to doing there iui or ivf???

Allegonda- best of luck this cycle and bunches of baby dust.

julie - have yiu had your iui yet?? how did your inj. go... this is our 2nd mth. on inj. and it's not that bad... but it took me about 5 min. to stick myself the first time...

megs - did you find out yet... here's hoping for a BFP!!!

beth- did you start on your meds yet??? if soo how is it going???

wantsbaby2- thank you sooo much for your advice... i am sooo sorry i haven't posted to thank you earlier... i have been in such a funk lately... i don't know what it is... how is everything going?? hope it is great!!! do you know when you get to start your ivf yet?

tickingclock- how is everything??? how where your follicles? did you get to do your iui? i checked on accupunctue a couple of days ago and found it to be expensive here... they said i would nned 8-12 visits and it would be 60 for the 1st visit and 48 per visit after that... (i think i almost fainted) but i have heard great things about and people at my RE swear by it... good luck... and let me know how everything is going...

good luck and baby dust to all !!!![tt][/tt][code][/code]


BethMX - November 11

Hi Hopeforbaby and all,

I started my needles (GonalF) last Friday and everything seems to be going well, I´ve been feeling great!! And today, in about an hour I will go for my first ultrasound to check on my follicles. I will let you know how it goes! I´m so excited and a bit nervous.

Seems like I should be having my first IUI next week too, either Tuesday or Thursday. I´m excited!

I will keep you posted, baby dust to all of you.



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