Anyone doing a cycle in Jan????
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Nikita - February 5

asunflower - I am so sorry things didn't work out this time. I think its a good idea to let you brain and body (and soul for that matter) have a break for at least a month before you go through the process again. We did a day 5 blast transfer (quality 'A' grade - not sure what '5' means). We were told that a day 3 transfer does not mean the emryo will grow to a blast in the body. Apparently there are all sorts of political and financial reasons why clinics prefer day 3 transfers..... Have a look at this website article ...



jacki - February 5

HI Asunflower
Yes, I think we are in the same boat. But let's remain hopeful with alot of faith that our time is coming.

My RE did a day 5 transfer because I responded great to stimulation. They retrieved 15 eggs, 12 were fertilzed. On day 2 we had 10 eggs that were successfully fertilized. Because I had so many and the quality was good, my RE did day 5 transfers. By day 5 I had 4 embryos. (2) were extended blastocysts - grade 5 (which I am told is the best you can get) and the other 2 reached blastocyst stage as well and were grade 3. (My REs grading is 5 is great and 1 is not good). So overall my RE felt that the quality of my eggs was great for me being 39.

I guess that's why I was so disappointed and shocked about my BFN because everything went so well. When I met with my RE after the negative test result she stated that I was just in the percentage where the odds weren't in my favor. She stated that she didnt believe that it didn't work because of an issue. She continues to remind me that even a normal couple with no fertility issues only has a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month. So with IVF your odds are much greater but there still are odds to consider. So, I have to keep that in perspective.

Hopefully we can by cycle buddies in March. Keep me posted on when you are going to start. We can offer each other emotional support and certainly get more support from all of the great ladies on this site.

Talk to you soon!



asunflower - February 6

Thanks for your support. My embryos were a grade A but were only at a 5 cell division on day 3. They gave the talk that it was better for them to be in me. I am sure they just didn't want to end up with nothing to transfer. How did your transfer work out?


asunflower - February 6

We really were on the same page. I responded well to the drugs too. I had 19 eggs retrieved, 11 fertilized and they transfered 3 on day 3. Only 2 more made it to blastocysts. We had them frozen. I was always ready for the BFN but it hit me harder than I thought it would. I will keep you posted on my start date. Hopefully we can get a BFP together! Best of luck to you!


Nikita - February 6

Hi asunflower,

My transfer went really well - BFP :o) We find out this Thursday if we have a heartbeat (I have had 1 previous BFP but not heartbeat at week 7 and then m/c). So fingers crossed this time!

Compared to you and Jackie I only had 10 eggs retrieved which I was really concerned about. Magically the odds were in my favour and 9 fertilised 2 made it to blast on day 5. They were transfered and a further 5 made it to blast deep freeze a couple of days later. Like Jackie said, it really comes down to a lottery of odds. Thats what mades it sooooo frustrating - because it really is out of your control.

Good luck honey +++++ vibes for the frozen embies

Nikita x


Asunflower - February 7

It sounds like you had a great IVF experience. I hope things go wwell for you on Thursday. Keep me posted. It is nice to hear success stories. Was your first BFP with IVF? How long ago was that?


Nikita - February 8


This is my second BFP. The first happened just over a year ago, strangly the month after a failed IUI cycle.... the embryo did not grow after week 6 and it did not get a heartbeat. It was a really painful time, but you know I would do it all again if this pregnancy works out!

It really is down to odds .. especially with unexplained sub-fertility (there is very rarely 'infertility'.

Nikita x


Nikita - February 9

Ladies ....

GREAT NEWS - we have a strong heartbeat .... 129 beats per minute! We are definately not having twins ... looks like only one embryo implanted as there was no evidence of the other one at all. DH and I are over the moon, just can't stop smiling at each other.

A bit of a relief about no twins - was a little concerned about carrying 2 as I am fairly short.

Babydust to everyone ++++++++++

Nikita x


Asunflower - February 9

Great news about the baby! I hope everything continues to go well! It sounds like you got everything you were waiting for! I hope I can follow in your footsteps! Although we would love to have twins! I am short too though. Keep me posted on your progress!


jacki - February 10

Congratulations on your good news! You are well on your way. Tell your dh congratulations as well. You all should be very thankful for your blessing. Keep sending that babydust to the rest of us. I pray for the day when I can post such great news......and I know one day it will happen. Just have to keep the faith!! Keep us posted on how you are doing. Take care of yourself! REST, REST, REST. :)



Nikita - February 28

Hi Ladies,

Just had 2nd ultrasound and everything is on track - heart rate is now 179 which is apparently normal for week 8/9. We could also see little limb buds where the arms and legs were starting to form :o)

Carrie - any news?

Babydust to everyone ++++++ vibes

Nikita x


hopeful2006 - February 28

hey Nikita:

Good news !!! -- I have had a ton of sonograms and everything is going perfect.

we are almost 10 wks pg -- i have been sick as a dog, but don't care -- i lost 9 pounds from feb 15th wheni had my first OB appt but everything is fine ..

We go in again on March 14th to make sure baby is ok - they are doing the down syndrome test b/c i am 39 - i refused the CVS or Amnio though - so they are doing the one where they measure the baby's neck or somethig like that via sonogram.

will let you know = but i know everything is going to be great .. we have already started looking at all teh baby stuff - my 15 year old is sooo excited.

good luck to you and congratulations .... how do you feel?? how many weeks are you now??

talk to you soon,



Asunflower - March 20

How are thing with your cycle? I just started Lupron today so I am a little further behind than I thought I would be this month. My transfer will be in April.



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