Anyone doing a cycle in Jan????
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Nikita - January 28


I have been fine until yesturday when I started getting waves of sickness. Today I have laid on the sofa feeling sick most of the day and I have a headache - I'm not complaining though ..... I would rather feel like this and be pregnant than not feel sick! Its hard to tell if its the Pregesterone and Estrodial patches.......

My skin is good .... I usually have a few spots but I have been clear for days now.

When is your scan?

Nikita x


hopeful2006 - January 28


yes i have been feeling sick for 3 days now - one day b/f pg test i started feeling horrible, but for like a week now i have been burpin like nobody's business -- i burp all day long - it is very annoying not to mention rude to my coworkers, but the getting nauseau did not start until thursday and i have gotten sick a few times from eating - i felt bad last night layin on the couch and hubby is gonna bring hyome diet ginger ale and wheat crackers for me to have on hand at all times.

You are right this is not the best part, but i still would not trade it for the world.

when is your due date?


fiso - January 28

hopeful2006, sorry for your nausea. I can get nauseous very easily, even without beeing PG!! But anyway, ginger is a very good thing to take when you are nauseous. I found at Trader Joe, but you can find them in health food stores or asian markets, ginger chews. They are like caramels with ginger. It could have a sharp taste but it really works for me. Ginger ale is not strong enough for me. But it makes you burp when you feel stuck... which is not your case! ;)

Nikita, have you heard the heart beat(s) yet?


hopeful2006 - January 29


thanks for the advice -- i will go tomorrow and get some ginger chews b/c just now i ate dinner about 45 minutes ago and just got sick -- so i definitely will try anything anyone tells me -- ginger ale does usually help, but i don't like to drink so much soda - I cut out my soda drinking about a year ago and lost a lot of weight and felt so much better so i don't want to get back in that habit again ..

I am so excited about seeing my numbers on Monday ..
will keep you guys abreast on the situation ..

baby dust to all,


Violeta Toteva - January 30

Hi Ladies,

I am 42 and this is my 2nd IVF. I am scheduled for aspirtion on Wednesday the 1st. Last night I was late by about 35 min with my Lupron injection, do you think I damaged the procedure, and my folicules will release, I have been taking the injection since last night on time. Do you have any experience like that? There is so much to remember and follow plus the stress I think I am too much involved in thinking about what will happen that I lost focus and was late.


rena - January 30

Dear Violeta,
I am 42 as well. My RE told me that if I try IVF the successful rate is very low unless I use donor egg. Is this your first child? Do you use donor egg? I am very confused now and try to decide if I should try IVF. I tried one IUI and failed and the RE suggested go for IVF but the other RE told me that the IVF chance for me is very low as well. I don't know what to do. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Jacq - January 30

Hi Everyone

I am 38 and this is my first IVF cycle. I have had 3 miscarriages so my RE thought this was the best route. I have been reading that the success rate is very low has anyone had success and if so how many cycle's did it take to get pregnant? Has anyone done PGD?


fiso - January 30

Violeta, according to my RE, it's Ok to be a little late with the injection. It's jut that you can't do that 2 or 3 hours passed the time you usually do it! But we have done that sometimes, when we have to go somewhere and the shot is in the way, we do that shot half an hour before the usual time.
Take a deep breath, you don't need to stress over that. For you peace of mind, you can always call your RE's office and ask the nurses.
What you call aspiration is the egg retrieval, right? If so, good luck with that. I'm crossing my fingers for you, I hope they will find not only quantity but super quality eggs!!

Baby dust to you. Fiso


fiso - January 30

Dear Jacq. Poke aroud this forum, and you will read success stories. Not everyone is lucky but you never know.
Not sure what PGD is.


asunflower - January 31

I received a negative beta yesterday. This is my first IVF cycle. How long do you usually have to wait until you can try anothe one?


Jacq - January 31


Thanks for the reply I will look around. I am having PGD which is Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis since 2 of my 3 miscarriages have been due to chromosonal abnormalites. I did my first set of stimulating meds last night and I am very red and sore around where i admistered two of the shots... anyone have this happen, I assume it is normal. With the Lupron I was only sore just after the shot but it went away.


jacki - January 31

Hi Asunflower,
I had my first failed IVF this month and I met with my RE last Friday. She stated that I should wait at least a month before I try again in order to give my body time to adjust. We are doing another IVF cycle in March. Good luck to you next time.



Nikita - February 3


How were your numbers yesturday??????

My nausea has more or less gone now and now I am worried that its a bad sign :o( I dont like not feeling symptons ..... it makes me feel like something has gone wrong. I would rather feel sick any day.

Not sure if its my hormones going crazy but I have been feeling a bit depressed today which is crazy as I am so happy to be pregnant - I dont get it! I have been really mean to our dog too :o(

Fiso - I was a little red after some shots..... today my husband gave me the weekly progesterone shot and I had a really bad shooting pain down my leg .... I guess he must have hit a nerve or something.

Nikita x


hopeful2006 - February 3

Hi Nikita:

My numbers were 2090 .. but i was having some pain on my right side so i went in for a sonogram to make sure everything was in the right place and i did not have an eptopic pg. Everything was fine and i don't have a cyst or anything. i also did UA for a UTI and it was neg as well. So i don't know why the pain is there, but i will keep an eye on it - my RE said it could be that my bladder and ovary on the right side are still just sensitive from all the stuff that went on -- the nurse who did the sono while the dr did the transfer was pressing really hard down on the right side to see the cervix so the dr could put in the emby and it hurt a lot.\

So we are going to keep our eyes on things and pay attention to everything. I am done with blood tests now and just have the sonogram to see the heartbeat. Today i saw the baby, but was too soon to see anything but the Gestational Sak . but still i did see it and everything is giong great.

Girl, I am so tired andirritable it is not funny - they are the first trimester signs - so even if you are not sick which i have not been in two days thank God don't worry and don't get depressed. I just keep thinking about the baby and the first kick and getting big and fat and i am actually really excited for the first time in my life to be fat -- l0l..

take care and your DH probably did the Progesterone shot to low - my DH did the same thing and hit my sciatic nerve - RE showed us wehre to do it - it needs to be high up on your hip - the meaty part of your butt - not low down your but cheek..

good luck - great hearing from you,



asunflower - February 4

I guess you and I are in the same boat. We meet with out RE on the 15th. Our plan was to try again in March. Did you do a day 3 or day 5 transfer? What were your embryos at when they transfered? We were thinking that was probably the main cause of a BFN. Our embryos were only at 5's when they transferred on day 3. Hopefully we can both get a positve in March together! Good luck to you. It is tough thinking about going through all of these shots again. I am only 31 and this is my first time but I wished it was my only time. Thanks for responding. I was having a hard time waiting until the 15th to get some of my questions answered.


Nikita - February 5

asunflower - I am so sorry things didn't work out this time. I think its a good idea to let you brain and body (and soul for that matter) have a break for at least a month before you go through the process again. We did a day 5 blast transfer (quality 'A' grade - not sure what '5' means). We were told that a day 3 transfer does not mean the emryo will grow to a blast in the body. Apparently there are all sorts of political and financial reasons why clinics prefer day 3 transfers..... Have a look at this website article ...




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