Anyone doing a cycle in Jan????
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jacki - January 26

That's WONDERFUL!! :D I was praying so for you. That is great news. Take it easy and don't over do it. There is HOPE!!
Keep us posted on how you are doing.



dreamscometrue - January 26

Hi Ladies,
I had my beta test this morning and the numbers went from 15 (3 days ago) to 141 (today)! My doc called and said "CONGRATULATIONS you are VERY PG!" I can't believe it yet. DH is SOOO happy. I am SOOOO nervous. I want to believe but I also don't want to get ahead of myself. Afterall I had the ectopic last time and the numbers were doubling as they should.
Thank you guys SO much for all your support. I couldn't have done this with out you this last month. I will keep you posted. This weekend I have my DH grandfathers' funeral to attend and I have another beta scheduled for tuesday.


fiso - January 26

dreamscometrue: Congrats!!!!!! I'm always cautious congratulating a new mom until I know that she is out of the woods. So it's a congrats with all the hopes that it will stay that way!!!!
Now, continue to be good to yourself and rest as much as you can.
You are giving me hope!!!


hopeful2006 - January 27

dreamscometrue :

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your DH ....

My D-day is tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. -- I am soooo nervous, but feel really good about it .. i will go home tonight and pray and then go to sleep and then wake up and it will be time to find out if I too will be a mommy in October ..

Good luck with everything I now you will be fine ..

Talk to you guys tomorrow as soon as I know you all will no matter what the results.



Nikita - January 27

FANTASTIC news dreamscometrue! Looks like the dream is a little nearer to reality.....

My first beta was 384 and then today (two days later) it was 883 ..... the doc suspects the high numbers could be a hint of twins!!!!!!! We debated sooooooo hard about transfering one or two blasts beacause of multiple issues but now that it COULD be happening, we really want twins. Its so hard to keep our feet grounded at the moment ..... I mean you ladies know better than most how many more hurdles there are still to jump. i case we will have to wait for our two week appointment to see if there is one or two and if there is a heartbeart.

hopeful2006 +++++++++++++++++ vibes for your beta tomorrow

Babydust to you all...



hopeful2006 - January 27


It was a BFP - we are so happy and beta was 602 so we are excited to see what the numbers on Monday ..

I can't believe we did it first try - just praying for an uneventful healthy pregnancy.

Thanks for all your support ,


fiso - January 27

Yoooohooooo!!! :)
So happy for you. See, it was worth the wait!! Actually, you had no choice. Now, are you going to tell everyone or are you going to wait a little? DH wants us to wait 3 months before we announce IF it's BFP. I don't think I can do that!

Once again, congrats and you know you are giving all of us hope. I'll find out for me next Friday...!!!!


fiso - January 27

That's the smiley I wanted for you: :D :D :D !!!


hopeful2006 - January 27

:) Fiso:

Thank you so much -- yes the wait was horrible, but the end result is so wonderful.

I know he wants to wait until 3 months like to tell my mom b/c of the m/c we had she would not be able to deal if that happened again, but i told my sister - we are close and she is the only one in my entire family and DH's family who knows ..

I have told most of my friends though b/c they all knew and they are very good friends - more like sisters - they cried right along with me when i got the BFP b/c we were so relieved ...

you guys are wonderful and thanks for those late night conversations when i could not sleep b/c of worry ..

Much baby dust to you for Friday -- just don't stress or worry - and if you spot like i did and it is not red blood no worries - i freaked out and RE told me 85% of her patients do that and it could be implantation bleeding which is a good thing.



Nikita - January 27

Hopeful2006 - Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooo I just knew it! That figure is kinda high you know .... how many embies did you transfer?

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Fiso - Good luck for Friday ++++++++++ vibes coming your way!

We have told imediate family and friends that knew we were going through the IVF process. They all know about the previous m/c so they all have their fingers crossed still.

Now lets all get strong heartbeats ladies ...

Nikita x


allegonda - January 27

Congratulations Carrie,
That is such good news for you and your DH.
Congratulations Nikita too...
All the best Fiso for your blood test.

Thank you for keeping us posted.

I read on most of your posts that your IVF cylce requires progesterone injections post transfer, is that for 2 weeks daily? In NZ we do progesterone vaginal pesseries, 3 times a day.

Well you must be pleased to know with all those injections the result was worth it.

Have a good day, today it is Saturday morning 0930 hours.


hopeful2006 - January 27


we transferred one grade 8 and a grade 5 and a grade 4 all on 3-day transfer...

I am pretty sure that the grade 8 is my little miracle, but i don't know much about those numbers either and they told you that 800 was possible twins? Omg mine is already 602 and they want a 66% increase by MOnday .. we go in Feb 9th for the heartbeat.....

I amm soo excited -- I have not even had the opportunity to say I'm Pregnant yet to anyone and when I do I think it will sound so strange ...

fiso -- much luck honey


Nikita - January 27

Hopeful2006 - Arrrrh i'm so excited for you. I reckon its definately more than one with those figure!!!!!!

Allegonda - I have been having dairly progesterone shots and as of this sunday I transfer to a weeky shot which releases slowly over the week. I am also taking baby asprin and vitamins. oh and estrodial patches every other day!!!

Nikita x


Nikita - January 27


Do you have any symptoms of pregnancy yet???



hopeful2006 - January 28


hello - the only signs i have are feeling extremely tired and have been sick 4 times when i eat for the past two days only .. i would say it was the medication, but it did not start until yesterday afternoon and with previous pg i was sick for most of the first 3/4 months

how are you feelin??



Nikita - January 28


I have been fine until yesturday when I started getting waves of sickness. Today I have laid on the sofa feeling sick most of the day and I have a headache - I'm not complaining though ..... I would rather feel like this and be pregnant than not feel sick! Its hard to tell if its the Pregesterone and Estrodial patches.......

My skin is good .... I usually have a few spots but I have been clear for days now.

When is your scan?

Nikita x



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