Anyone doing a cycle in Jan????
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jacki - January 13

Great - let me know how it works for you. Some people have to leave it on a little longer. Leave it on for at least 45 minutes to ensure the effect works. You can use regular saran wrap to secure the cream so that it doesn't leak. Good luck!

Baby Dust to everyone!



sblanton2 - January 13

It worked like a charm, I do have a little redness at injection site that I have not had before though. But last night was also first time I have mixed the Gonal F and the reprenex together too. Could be a reaction to either. I am going to try the shot tonight without the LMX, and do the shots this morning with LMX since I do not use reprenex in the morning only Gonal F. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help!

When do you test?

++++++++ thoughts,


jackie - January 13

Great Sylvia!
I would bet that the redness at the injection site is from the Repronex. I took Repronex for this IVF cycle and it does cause skin irritation (redness and swelling). And it burns going in. I have used LMX for years on my patients, daughter and self and have never seen a redness occur. The area will be blanched because of the numbing effect. I am glad it worked. I wouldn't worry about that causing the reaction but better to be safe than sorry! :)

I take my test on 1/19 next Thursday. I have been on bed rest for the past 2 days and just praying for my embies to implant.

When is your retrieval?

Best of luck!



sblanton2 - January 13

My retrieval should be the 24th give or take a day or two. I truly hope your results are great on that day.
I travel 5 1/2 hours for treatment so I will be leaving Sunday spending the remainder of the time in DC until after ET. I am not sure about my internet options but I will try to get on to see how you are. Take Care and rest!!!!!!



Michele1 - January 13

I went for E2 today and second ultrasound, I have about 30 follicles. I will do HCG sunday night and retreival will be Tuesday with transfer on Friday. So only 2 more days of stims. I am not looking foreward to the dreaded PIO shots. My first cycle of PIO.


Wendy - January 13

Started Lupron 1/12. Second IVF, first one resulted in miscarriage 3 months to the day. I was so excited that it was going to be my last needle and we had made it this far. The RE had expressed concern at the first ultrasound about the size so I feel I never really enjoyed it. I have tried to come to terms that it was just a bad egg since my body held on to it longer than it should have. All meds start 1/24. The first time around I viewed this website but never commented. I feel that unless you have been through this no one really feels and understands how you feel. I now know more about the process (size of eggs,etc), not sure if this is a good thing. I'm still going to go with the flow and not pay to much attention to the scientific aspects, it seemed to work the first time. All I can say is try and relax and let the RE do what he is trained to do. Good luck and I hope to talk to you all through out this emotional and physical task.


Nikita - January 14

Hi Ladies,

Blastocyst transfer day has finally arrived :o) I am trying to drink a litre and a half of fluid which is starting to feel a little difficult!

All my injections so far have been a breeze .. but for some reason this morings made me cry like a baby. Perhaps i should make sure my better half is aware before he plays doctor!

Good luck everyone ...

Nikita x


jacki - January 14

Good luck Nikita! My hopes and prayers are with you.



asunflower - January 17

Where can you find the LMX 4%? These IM shots are killing me. I had my day 3 transfer on Sunday.


Michele1 - January 18

I just had Retreival today. 16 eggs were retreived. I get the fert results tomorrow.


jacki - January 18

Have your MD write you a script for it. All it needs to say is:
LMX 4% cream - it comes in 15g and 30g tubes.

If you have alot of days left for injections, get the 30g tube. Use plain old saran wrap to cover the cream so it doesn't leak.

Your Rph will probably give you Lidosense. It's another brand name for LMX.

Let me know how it turns out. Good luck!



jacki - January 18

That's great! What a blessing! I will continue to pray for everyone that everything works out in our favor. Continue to have faith.....even if it's the size of a mustard seed. That's all the faith you need!



dreamscometrue - January 18

Hi Ladies,
I am glad to know that I am not alone. DH and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years and have been through Clomid, Estrogen, Progesterone (different dosis) with only one PG. Unfortunatly this PG was an ectopic that during surgery was actually found in the ovary itself. After surgery my Doctor strongly suggested IVF due to my tubes. So here we are. This is my first cycle. I had the retreival on 1/12 (15 eggs). 11 were mature and 9 made it to day 3. Today was my transfer. 8 made it to today and they transfered 2 blasts. Tomorrow I find out how many were good for freezing.... So now i have to wait unit 1/26 for my PG blood test. This is nerve recking. I am a little concerned becase even though I am Prochieve 8% (Progesterone supplement) I am not getting the Progesterone IM shots which are added on to women due to an alergic reaction to peanut oil which they are made with. I just hope that the lack of the shots won't jeopardize all of this. I can only hope.


jacki - January 18

Hang in there Dreamscometrue! You had a great response. Let's keep the positive thoughts flowing. My beta is on Thursday. This has been the longest 10 days of my life. And hopefully it will be worth the agony! :)

Babydust to all!



asunflower - January 18

Thanks for advice. We tried ice and a heating pad last night and that helped a lot! I will try one more night and see if we need the ream or not! Best of luck to you! Where are you in this whole process>


dreamscometrue - January 18

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your words. Good luck tomorrow with the beta test. I have all my fingers crossed for you. Let us know.




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