Anyone doing a cycle in Jan????
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Sylvia2 - January 1

Hey all,
Just wondering if anyone will be with me in January? My baseline is the 9th. The bad part is that while I am in DC for my treatment I will not have access to the internet which will drive me insane. Once the ET is done I will come home and do the 2ww. So who is gonna be going through it with me?

Baby dust to us all!!!!


michele1 - January 3

I am cycling in Jan. I started Lupron on Christmas. I will go for baseline and ultrasound this week.


megahurls - January 3

I too am in a January cycle. Started Lupron on 12/27 and am taking follistem and menopure shots each night. My bloods show a poor response to the stims so far, but I'm hopeful that my levels have improved with today's blood tests. Its my first IVF cycle -- shots haven'tbeen bad so far. We hope to have egg retireval in the next 5 days.....

I'd be happy to chat during this exciting/nerve-wracking/emotional time. Lets get through it together.

Lots of ababy dust in 2006!!!!!!!


michele1 - January 4

You are already on stims? I go tomorrow for my baseline E2 levels and ultrasound, then i will start my stims. I am doing to do menopur and bravelle. I think my retreival could be around 1/16 or so, just depends how i respond. This is my second IVF. My last cycle was in Sept/Oct 2005, BFN. :( I had 17 follicles, we did ICSI. 10 fertilized and 8 divided. We put back two. Two made it to be frozen. i will do a FET if this IVF doesnt work. What Clinic are you cycling with? I am in florida at the Florida Fertility Institute.
Good luck!


megahurls - January 4

Hi Michele, yes I am on stims -- started on 12/27 on Bravelle too but my pharmacy had touble receiving their shipment last week and had to switch to Follistem (supposedly does the same thing). My E2 levels were low last Friday and I should hear today if they have improved----- crossing my fingers. I hope to get 17 follies -- looks like I have one large one on each side that could be problematic for the little ones to grow. I hope to have 2 good embryos to transfer---lots of hope!!

Hope your levels look ok too! Keep in touch as to your progress and I will too. Lets all have good luck in 2006!!!



Karen123 - January 4

I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to all of you!!! I truly wish you the best and hope you do well through the process. We all want you downstairs soon!! Karen


Latina - January 6

Im doing FET this month as well. I just went for my cycle day 3 blood work. I hope to start my injections this week. Good Luck sisters and tons of baby dust to us all!


Mic hele1 - January 6

Good luck on the FET. I started stims tonight! Lots of +++++++ vibes to everyone!


sblanton2 - January 11

Hey all,
sorry I have been out of the loop, I have to travel 5 1/2 hours for treatment so have been out of town.
I had my baseline yesterday and will start Lupron Tomorrow and then stims on Thursday. I hope we all have a great experience and get the results we all desire.......

Think ++++++,


chynnadoll - January 11

Good Luck to all you ladies, I wish you all much success. :)


Michele1 - January 11

Good Luck Sylvia, good to have you check in. I went for my ultrasound today after 5 days of stims and had pretty good results. So far 12 follicles on the right and 7 on the left. A few of the ones on the left are small so they might not mature. I go back again on Friday for another ultrasound and E2. RT most likely Monday and Transfer next Thursday. Still doing Menopur, Bravelle and Lupron. Not looking foreward to PIO shots. THis will be my first time with these shots. My RE gave me 22 gauge needles for it. Ouch!


sblanton2 - January 11

;D Good Luck Michele, great number on the follies. At my baseline they found 9 on one side and the RE stopped counting at 12 on the other. I guess it just gives us more chances of having a few more good eggs huh!!! I start stims tomorrow. Keep me posted!

Loads of babydust!


jacki - January 12

Hi Ladies
I am finishing my first IVF cycle this month. I am actually on my 2ww and am wracking my nerves. I am 39, dh is 37 and we have had 5 failed IUIs with clomid and injectables so we figured we were running out of time and had to get more aggressive.

I had 15 eggs, 12 were mature, 10 of the 12 fertilized and 4 made it to day 5. So based on my age my RE suggested that I trasnfer all 4 with the risk of multiples (triplets and quads) being less than 1-3%. We are ok with twins.

I am a pediatric nurse and I will share something with you all that can help reduce the pain from the injections. There is a cream call LMX 4% and it numbs the skin area in 30 minutes and truly decreases the anxiety of painful sticks. Our pediatric patients lives by this cream and so did I. It works!


Nikita - January 12

Hi Ladies,

We have been TTC for over 3 year. Had 2 IUI's with BFN and now doing our 1st (maybe last) IVF cycle! Egg retrieval was Jan 9th and of the 10 eggs 9 were mature .... 5 have made it to day 3 ( 10 cells .... is that good?) so now we have re-arranged appoinment for a day 5 blastocyst transfer. I have my fingers crossed that the embies make it to day 5.

Good luck everyone ..... baby magic to you all.

(literally 'Sleepless in Seattle')


jacki - January 12

That's good. From the research I have done, usually only 50% make it to day 3 and if you had ICSI only 30%. As you know these percentages vary according to treatment center. But that's great! Blastocyst transfer is the best route because you are sure of the egg quality going in, whereas this is up for grabs when doing a day 3 transfer.

Good luck to you. I am 2 days post transfer. Just taking it easy these next few days and praying that some baby dust falls on me next Thursday (pregancy test day).

Jackie (nervous in Houston) :)


sblanton2 - January 13

Best of luck with the 2WW, and thank you for the tip about the LMX 4 I picked it up today and am about to see how it does. Time for my shots.....

Baby dust to us all!!!


jacki - January 13

Great - let me know how it works for you. Some people have to leave it on a little longer. Leave it on for at least 45 minutes to ensure the effect works. You can use regular saran wrap to secure the cream so that it doesn't leak. Good luck!

Baby Dust to everyone!




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