Any one started the 2ww???
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jamielee - March 12

Hi I had my transfer this morning and was wondering if anyone was with me? I am officially couch bound for 2 days just to be safe. I know I'm in for a long 2 weeks!!



destinybaby - March 12

Hi Jamie,

I am pretty sure there is someone on the 2 week wait. go to support group and you will see the board for 2 week wait.

This is soooo exciting. And I am here when ever. :D

So check it out. Baby Dust :)



jamielee - March 13

oops, I thought I was posting on the 2ww board.........


amyjoy - March 16

I am, just had my IUI yesterday.


refinnej - March 20

I am in the midst. I find out on the 28th! BEST OF LUCK!


jamielee - March 21

Thanks Jenn, same to you!! How are you feeling??? I test on Friday! Only a few more days!! My breast have become more sore and I have had more cramps today so I'm getting nervous!!


NewYorker - March 21

Me...had an IUI the wait begins...did your doctor prescribe for you to take anything in the mean time? I just posted a question about Prometium...never took this before and was curious about it....


jamielee - March 21

I had IVF and am on progesterone injections, not sure about the Prometium?? Good luck!!


jamielee - March 27

I got my bfp on Friday! My beta was 227! I had a little spotting which scared me a bit but I think it passed! I also had and have mild cramping, which is a good thing! My breasts became more sore 1 week into my 2ww and towards the end they were firm which I had a good feeling about because they are normally still "smooshy" towards the end! It sounds like you are on the right track! There are very few symptoms at this point so its hard!
Good luck!!! keep me posted!!


KariV - March 27


Congrats on your BFP.

That is the news we all pray for.

You will be in my thoughts.....



jamielee - March 27

Thank you KariV. I really hope you get your good news, I read your post and you have been through so much!! I hope this is it!!
Good Luck!!!



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