Antagonist Protocol
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Juniper - September 19

Have any of you been on the antagonist protocol as opposed to the long or flare? I am taking Ganirelix rather than Lupron. I just read that Ganirelix results in slightly lower eggs retrieved and available for transfer, which has me concerned. It said that it is typically used for poor responders, however I am young and my doctor said I am a good IVF candidate. Anyone familiar with this?


fanka - October 8


I am starting my 2nd IVF with the antagonist protocol. My first was with Lupron. I too am considered a good IVF candidate and am young for this protocol(32) . My first IVF produced 5 eggs, 2 which fertilized but neither developed into a pregnancy. My doctor described the antagonist protocol as kind of screaming at your ovaries to produce quality eggs. He advised that this protocol, while may not produce eggs in quantity, produces higher quality eggs and increased chance of fertilization and implantation. Since I didn't respond well to stims the first time, I'm praying that this works well. Let me know if you learn anything else. Hope everything goes well for you!


Juniper - October 9

Thanks for the info! That's great to know. I hope this works for you and I both! I started my stims on Wednesday night. I have been taking 300 of follistim per day and 15 of low-dose HCG. The HCG stings when the medicine goes in, and I've been getting headaches this time (I didn't with the IUI on Follistim alone). A girl from my meds class had the same protocol as us and she got preggers first cycle (two weeks ago)! I am taking that as a good sign. She said to eat fresh pineapple after retreival and transfer...she heard it helps with implantation. Worth a try!


fanka - October 9

Looks like I'm going to buy some pineapple. Good luck with your cycle. Sounds like your a little ahead of me. I started by pcbs on Monday and have my 1st appointment on the 17th. If all is well, I'll start Femara pills on the 19th or 26th with my shots soon after (Ganirelix, Bravelle and Menopur). Can't wait for the 17th to get things going. I remember that sting from HCG last time. Let me know how things go for you. Best of wishes!


Juniper - October 11

I went for monitoring today and there has not been much change. My bloodwork looked good and my estrogen is rising so the growth should be coming. To push it along the increased me to 450 units of follistim per day and continue the 15 units of HCG. After these I will be taking the ganirelix and then ovidrel. Good luck to you!! I know, you feel so much better once the injections start and you are on your way!


WantsBaby2 - October 11

Good luck Juniper!
Keep us posted on how things are coming along. Lots of babydust to you girl!




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