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Karen123 - May 25

Hi to all the terrific people on this site. I've been reading things that have helped me in my fears but I am just beginning down this road and very terrified. I'm very afraid of the shots - just found out I have to have 2 a day and that nearly made me say forget it. But as only people here would understand, I'll do anything to have a baby. Sylvia, I read your post with interest and thought I too would introduce myself. I've read comforting comments from Meredith and am now cheering on Sue....this board may just get me through this. I'm also terrified of going through all this, having a huge credit card balance to pay and no baby. THAT has to be simply devastating. Well, I had 9 vials of blood drawn 2 days ago, will have my FSH tested on 6/6 and I'm on my way. I wish everyone here the VERY best of luck! And thank you for making me feel better without even knowing it! Karen


Lynne - May 25

Good morning Karen, the support and advice on this site are why we all coome back again and again, here we can find other women who can relate to our fears and understand our joys. I wish you the best on this rollercoaster ride and welcome you to vent when you need to and share your experiences so that others can benifit from your journey. Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


Karen123 - May 25

Thank you very much Lynne! I have a question for you. Is there somewhere on here to learn what all the abbreviations stand for? I am able to figure some out but others, I can't. Thanks! Karen


Lynne - May 25

when ever you run in to anything you don't quite get just ask, I'm still abit rusty on all the abbreviations since I am not doing a very trying or indepth protocol like some of the women who are on injections and such.

AF = "aunt flow", your menstral period
DH = dear husband, or darn husband depends on context
ttc = trying to concieve
2ww = the dreaded 2 week wait after ovulation before pregnancy testing
HPT = home pregnancy test
BFP = positive preg
BFN = negative preg

I don't know if this helps, usually I will just ask for an explainantion when a new one comes up.Best of luck. Lynne


Karen123 - May 25

That is such a huge help! Thank you! You know, I didn't know what ttc meant. Now I see that you've been trying to conceive for a long time. Here you are helping everyone in the process. I am so happy that I found this board, I can't even tell you. Well, I sure hope your wish comes true. I don't know what a clomid cycle is but I sure hope it works for you. I'm truly grateful for your responses and will keep you in my thoughts.


meridithhasfaith - May 25

Hi Karen :)

Welcome and good luck! I can relate to the scary part! The blood draw is overwhelming in itself! You're doing the right thing by posting questions and experiences here. Good luck to you :)



shaz - May 25

Hi Karen,

Welcome and good luck to you. You will get used to the needles and it will become second nature.....I was petrified of them also....

Take care



Karen123 - May 25

Meridith, thanks for the kind words!

Shaz, You've done this 9 times??? Wow!! Then I shouldn't be such a wimp I guess! You sure are an inspiration! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You know, I have to tell you one thing that pushed me into the decision to do this. My 16 year old daughter agreed to learn how to give me the shots and said that she would be able to put up with my moodiness if she was able to stick me with a needle each night. Well I lauhged at that of course and then seriously she asked me this, "Mom, if you had to go through with the shots to have me, would you have done it?" Now Of course my answer was a resounding YES! And THAT is what pushed me to go along. The kind words from all of you is what will keep me going.


bethann - May 25

Karen, we are all here for you! No one can understand what it feels like to go through all of this but others in the same place. I have a very difficult client to whom I am essentially 100% dedicated. She in many ways makes my life miserable and I have questioned a number of times if my professional life is contributing to my inability to become pregnant. However, I did feel compelled to tell her what I am up to because of the various dr. appts. I have to attend during work hours (she asked if I am ok, concerned that I was ill). I recently started my period after a month of clomid and injections. Today she said she hoped that things had worked for me. I said this had not been my month but that I plan to keep trying. Keep in mind that the hormones made me occasionally a horrible bitch with a bad attitude (I may be exaggerting a bit) but it did have an effect on my desire to remain motivated everyday (in other words, occassionally, I didn't give a .....). Anyway, when I said this hadn't been my month, she got immediate tears in her eyes, so much so that I had to give her a tissue. She continued to tear up as she explained that she too, 25 years ago, had gone through the same thing. Apparently she had a tubal pregnancy and then had to go through mulitple fertilility treatments to have her daughter.
So, I guess my point is, this journey is worth it and never forgotten. And it makes a person who never cries and is the ultimate "I am the job" shed a tear in memory of the pain and hope and joy.
It worked for her and it will work for all of us. Best luck to you, you definitely are not alone.


WantsBaby2 - May 26

Welcome to the site. You will find lots of comfort and understanding here on your journey. Wishing you the best of luck on your cycle. I will toss lots of baby dust in your direction. Take care and keep us posted!



Karen123 - May 26

Ok, now I'm all teared up! Thanks so much! I will be a regular from now on, I'm sure! :)

(PS: Bethann, what a great story!)


meridithhasfaith - May 26


Just had to tell you that my eyes teared up at your daughter's question about doing the shots to have her. Very sweet. I also cracked up at the putting up with moodiness if she can give you a shot. I wonder if my dh enjoyed that more than he let on. ;)

I did 143 injections from start until my 10th week of pregnancy back with my first cycle and I honestly don't really remember most of them, I just have that figure because I wrote it down back then. Since we are all gearing up to do it again, we can do it together! Take care!



Karen123 - May 26

Meridith, 143!! Wow!! Ok, I CAN do this!!! (I think lol) No, I CAN, I CAN!! :) I just talked to Uconn (the hospital in CT where I'm going) and they said that right after my FSH test on 6/6 or 6/7, call 2 days later and they will tell me when it all begins. Do you know when you begin yet? Sounds like we'll be very close. I'm SO glad to have someone to go through this with! Ok, please keep me posted! I've been feeling mostly scared and somewhat excited and now, the excitement is taking over! YEY!!! :)


Fortyfour - May 26

Karen123, Welcome to the site. I remember how nervous and anxious I was when I first sat in the docs chair and explained my not getting pregnant. I felt so nervous not knowing what this journey had in store for me. I hope you get your little bundle .

Could you post on the profile so we can know your stats. Then we wont ask you the same questions over and over.

Bethann. - I loved the story. After my m/c one of the older ladies at the gym just broke down and bawled when I told her I lost the baby. I was so shocked and touched by that. You never know what people have gone through. This lady had never been able to have a baby. Take care.


Karen123 - May 26

Forty Four - I wasn't sure how to put info in but I think I just figured it out so I'll post this and see if it works. Life story to follow!


Fortyfour - May 26

It worked. I married my second husband in Feb of 01. I was 39 at the time. Good luck to you. This is a very scary and nerve wracking journey. I do my 3rd IVF in July and am really nervous regarding the results.
I have an adopted girl. 16 years old.

Take care and keep in touch.


shaz - May 26


What your daughter said was just beautiful. You must be an amazing mother to have raised such a wise and kind daughter.....This will work for you, Im sure!

Yes, I did it 9 times and I would do it 100 more times if it meant that I would be greeted everyday by my little girls smile and hugs.....Oh and the terrible morning sickness I am feeling at the moment.




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