Am I crazy?
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4baby4us - December 13

OK--I know Im new to this board BUT Ive seen y'all advertise left over meds for sale. I see nothing wrong with that. I was kinda curious as to what I should do with my left overs. Glad I kept them, Im doing another cycle.

BUT I think y'all are crazy for selling them for those prices. :o

1 VIAL menopur - $20 (I thought this comes 5 to a box-how can you break up the "kit" and say its "never been opened"

600 iu Follistim - $250

Good grief! Do these meds really costs that much or are y'all trying to make a profit?? :-X

My last cycle consisted of
1800 follistim (3 boxes)
2 boxes of menopur
2 kits of lupron
all the needles
4 diff meds for ER and ET

And my ins paid for most of it and only costs me $250 for all of it. How much do these meds go for? I guess I had good ins.

(Please dont shoot the messenger-Im just curious)



BondletMom - December 14

For some these meds really cost that much. You paid less for all your meds than I did for one injectible pen ($650). Just my prometrium alone cost me almost $50. Having insurance that pays anything much less all but $250 is a huge blessing and I'm glad you have that coverage. For those of us paying out-of-pocket if we are unfortunate enough to not find meds here or elsewhere online then we're forced to pay up the whaazoo (is that spelled right?) and then try to recoup costs when we succeed (which I personally have not) or give up (which I'm close to doing).

I guess there could be those trying to make a profit, but if their profit still translates to me saving $ then I don't care. :)


Arabsrcool - December 14


I understand your concern. I have tried many, many cycles and just cannot take anymore. I am selling my meds and trying to recoup some of my cost also. I know it seems like alot for meds, but if you price them from the pharmacy and don't have any insurance or insurance that doesn't cover them, you can get them cheaper here. Just to give you an example, my meds were almost $4000 and I am selling them for about 1/4 of that. I hope that the lady that is buying them has success and gets pg and I'm glad if me selling my meds help her......otherwise they would just go to waste in my refrig.


vligertwood - December 17


Be very glad you have insurance. My first time around, I didn't know about this board, I found it after I'd taken most of my meds and had my cycle cancelled due to the fact that my estrogen started dropping right before I was due to get the trigger shot. Our insurance doesn't cover infertility at all. After spending an entire evening on the phone with various pharmacies, (there's not one that will give you pricing online). I was able to save about $1500 from one pharmacy to the next and still spent just about $6,000 for my meds. When they cancelled our cycle, my DH and I went on vacation, and I spent a good deal of time trying to find the meds in the carribean where we were going. Hoping to find them cheaper. I wasn't thrilled about using out of country meds, but another hit like the first one if it could be avoided. I literally spent about $100 calling pharmacies in Belieze and not even being able to find them available. When we got back, I was looking for menopur online and found this website. I'm so glad I did! I have just about all the meds I need for my new cycle, (down to my last 9 vials of menopur) and have spent less than $2000. I'm ecstatic.

Being able to get the drugs this way is the only way some of us would be able to keep trying.

Baby dust to you.




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