A Faint 2nd Line???
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pj - September 28

i'm so excited for you. (it gives me hope for friday and my own test. ;) )
i'm sure the anxieties around the doubling numbers are hard to fight back, but please do take time to be elated over the positive beta. :)


silli_kitti - September 28


I guess you'll moving downstairs now - hope to see you there soon!


baby4us - September 28

Thanks everyone.. DH said the same thing.. just enjoy the news.. and quit fussing about the 2nd test.. but I can't help it... this has been such a long and painful process for us... (as for everyone) .. that it all seems very unreal.

Plus.. I know this might seem hokey... my friend swears that raspberry leaf tea is a major fertility booster.. so to humour her last month I started drinking it regularly.. It might be a stretch.. but maybe it worked???

Anyway... I am holding my breath until Friday!

If I do move downstairs.... I want everyone to join me... soon!!!! Baby dust.. baby dust.. baby dust


SMS1129 - September 28


Congratulations!!! That is great news and I know your emotions are whirling right now! As the others said, try to enjoy it. Friday will come and whatever will be, will be.

I wish you the best!! Let us know how it goes.

Take care,


Juniper - September 28

Congratulations!! That is fantastic news!!! I am sooo happy for you! Enjoy!!


shansy - September 28

YEAHHHHH!! CONGRATULATIONS, I wish you the best of luck. Don't stress yourself out- sit back and take in the moment... :)


Fortyfour - September 28

Congrats baby4 us. Just take it day by day so that your memories are of good things and not of stress - no matter what happens. Worrying wont change anything. Congrats again.


WantsBaby2 - September 29

YIPPEE!!!! Congratulations! That is wonderful news! I am sooooo excited for you! Don't worry...I'm sure everything will be just fine. This is your time to be happy so just enjoy it. I really hope that more of us can join you soon. Take care.



justme - September 29

WOW!!!! Congratulations!! What great news. I bet you are flying on cloud 9.



Karen123 - September 29

Baby4us, I can't believe I missed this post - CONGRATULATIONS to you and DH!!!! ABsolutely wonderful news!!!!! BEST of luck with the second test and a ton of baby dust to you!! YEY!!!!!! Karen


sblanton2 - September 29

;D I am with Karen123 I can't believe I missed this....I am sooo excited for you. Call me crazy but with each bit of good news it is like a beacon of hope. Relax and enjoy the feeling....

Best Wishes,


baby4us - September 30

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support... I had my second blood test today and looks like everything is good to go!

I am in shock of course! But I just wanted to thank all you gals.. without your wise words and laughter.. and even tears.. and these forums.. I would have been so lost during this journey.

Thank you again.. and tons of baby dust for everyone!!!


Karen123 - September 30

baby4us, WOOHOO!!!! YEY!!!! WONDERFUL!!!! I am so happy and thrilled for you and wish you only the best during these next 9 months. Take care! Karen


silli_kitti - October 1

Congratulations mom!!

Hope you have an uneventful pg and enjoy every precious second of it!


christina - October 1

CONGRATS!!!!!!! Wonderful news! ;D I wish you the best in your pregnancy journey!!!

Happy thoughts to you!



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