4 close friends pregnant while I'm TTC for 2 years!
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tinkerbell - April 4

hello all,

first of all, I'm so glad to find this site and it gives me some feeling of comfort knowing that i am not alone in this TTC journey...

i am on my 2nd IUI, and really hoping that this time it will work. I am on 2ww right now, and each day is excruciatingly slow. What makes matter worse is that during this 2ww, i had 4 of my close friends find out that they are pregnant unexpectedly!!! Four of them?!! the announcements came in succession, that I wanted to cut my phone line for a while. The thing is, all of them are not expecting their pregnancies, and were somewhat disappointed that their pregnancy happened! What an irony, if only they knew. They might be my close friends, but I never told them that we are undegoing fertility treatments. They know that I want to get pregnant, but not that much to the extent of undergoing fertility treatment. So I think they are not aware how much it hurts me, them announcing of their pregnancies.

I am happy for them, but can't help but to feel sad for me. I can't help to think of the irony of it all.

One of my preggy friend wants to have lunch with me. I don't want to, because all the talks will just revolve around pregnancy. I am thinking of a good excuse not to have lunch with her. I am not trying to avoid them, but I think that's the best thing for me to do right now.

I apologize for venting... I just wanted to share this,


tinkerbell - April 7

hello all..

one of my pregnant friends, let's call her preggy-1 (damn! too many of them pregnant!) wants to go to my house this weekend for a gathering... i'm sure we'll talk about her pregnancy, and how she enjoys her 2 kids.. i love this friend dearly, but at this point in time (after receiving news from other 4 pregnant friends) I'd rather spend the weekend with DH, do some gardening to relax and unwind.

These 5 pregnant friends of mine are not friends with each other, so they don't know about each other's pregnancies. I can't believe that having such a huge circle of friends can be a curse too, especially at times like this. :'(

anyway, what should i tell her? she is excited to see me and have a long talk about her 3rd pregnancy... but seriously, i want to run away from her (from them!) for a while! Next weekend, preggy-4 is inviting me to her child's first communion... i'm planning of getting sick around that time :P


meridithhasfaith - April 7

Hey Tinkerbell

You could try to say that another weekend would be better as you aren't feeling like you would be good company at the moment. Nothing wrong with telling her that 5 friends including her have become pg in the last month and you are still trying and it has you down. Let her know you love her and will be feeling better soon enough and that you hope she understands. Then the ball is in her court to be a good friend and understand.
Good luck!



Fortyfour - April 8

I would let her know that you have other plans. If you give in to her and others you will end up resentful and angry. There will be plenty of time to talk about babies with her. Especially when you are pg. Take care of yourself. Noone else will. Keep in touch.


maria32 - April 8

I happen to agree with Meridith. Be honest. Explain to them how your feeling at this point. Honesty is the key. True friends stick by you no matter what. Lay the cards on the table and then let them decide what they want to do next. Don't stress over it. Don't feel guilty if you just want to spend the weekend with your honey.



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